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Travel humidors are some of the most convenient add-ons to purchase if you’re a collector of high-quality cigars.

They’re not only great at keeping expensive cigars sound and in mint condition, but they’re also no hassle to lug around when traveling. Travel humidors come in various sizes and designs, making them a must-have if you're a cigar enthusiast who is always on the go but still likes to have a puff or two.

Why Buy a Travel Humidor for Cigars?

Travel Items with cigar

A travel humidor is a convenient and necessary way to move from place to place with your precious cigars. It offers a premium build using lightweight materials while still preserving your cigar humidor’s airtight and moisture-free environment. 

Travel humidors are ideal for carrying around during vacations or business trips. It makes a difference when you can smoke cigars in the right conditions anytime and anywhere.

Imagine an excellent barside Scotch on the rocks with a fantastic cigar you’ve waited to smoke for months. It’s an added luxury to a summer vacation you’ve been looking forward to for so long. Besides, a good break away from the hustle and bustle of life gives you the opportunity to test run your travel humidor cigar combo.

Travel Humidor Benefits

Travel humidors pose multiple advantages and are one of the most reliable cigar storage systems if you’re a cigar lover who’s always flying from one place to the next. 

  1. This type of humidor is made especially for travel. That is why the materials are less dense but robust enough for superb shock-proof performance.
  2. Travel humidors for cigars are meant to resist being easily crushed during travel when large suitcases are constantly tossed around at the airport. 
  3. Some of the best travel humidors are also waterproof, adding an extra layer of protection to your expensive cigars during rigorous trips to dry or humid locations, such as boating, camping, and even motorcycling.

Consider Travel Humidor Alternatives and Combo Packs

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Aside from being shatterproof and waterproof, excellent quality travel humidors come with alternatives that give cigar enthusiasts more value for money. Everyone knows cigars don’t come cheap as well as the humidors that keep them in pristine condition. 

  • Travel Humidor Cigar Combo

Consider the travel humidor cigar combo that offers a substantial yet tailor-fit build for cigar smokers. Other humidor cigar combos also offer a sampler, ashtray, and a cutter for an even better cigar experience while traveling.

It would also make a great set to give to a new cigar collector or someone in your circle who wants to get into the hobby. For first-time users wondering how to use a travel humidor, the humidor cigar combo provides all the components and accessories necessary to help kickstart your cigar smoking journey.

  • Boveda Humidor Bags

If you’re more of a light packer, alternatives to travel humidors for cigars don’t have to break the bank. Try out Boveda humidor bags that could aid in your packing qualms. They’re one of the most affordable ways to preserve a handful of cigars.

Humidor bags come in multiple sizes and can store 5 to 12 cigars, or even as much as a couple of boxes in a single bag if done right. They are perfect for backpackers or those who prefer to spend a few days away with only carry-on luggage.

As convenient as these humidor bags are to pack in a suitcase or backpack, do not just toss them inside and zip away. Ensure that the Boveda humidor bags are placed in a more rigid box for extra protection. This arrangement also provides an extra cushion when you’re hiking or kayaking during camping trips or outdoor excursions.

Inspect the Travel Humidor’s Seal and Latches

Cigars in a Travel Humidor

Although protection and cushion are initially guaranteed, travel humidors for cigars should be double-checked. Make sure the seals and latches are correctly aligned and tested with several tugs and pull.

Many cigar humidor combos include a key for secure storage without worrying about any ticks or other insects trying to get in. This additional feature offers convenience, especially when traveling to humid places with a lot of greenery.

The best way to test your travel humidor’s locking performance is by putting a humidifier with a hygrometer inside and closing it immediately. When fluctuation occurs in the humidifier or if the temperature appears to be too low, there is likely a leak that you should fix.

Another way to check the seals is by closing the travel humidor for cigars then squeezing it. Ensure the seal is made from ABS molded plastic to avoid immediately damaging the unit. If a hissing sound is emitted when pressed, then air will leak out even without the pressure. 

Thus, you need to thoroughly inspect all the components of your travel humidor before placing your precious cigars inside it.


When it comes to enjoying vacations or relieving the stress of business trips, having the best cigar travel humidor can make a difference. A quality cigar doesn’t have to be smoked on joyous occasions or large gatherings only. Treat yourself after a long day away from home with easy-to-carry travel humidors for cigars.

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