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Air Purifier for Schools

Schools are one of those places where hundreds of kids of all ages come together. If you don’t have adequate ventilation systems, it could cause several problems. Breathing poor quality air causes multiple infections in young kids. It could lead to long-term health problems. Thus, purchasing air purifiers for schools is necessary. You can find the latest commercial air purifiers at our site. These purifiers thoroughly remove allergens and germs from every corner.

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Why is there a need for quality Air Purifiers in Schools?

The air around us is polluted and has various allergens and germs. From smoke particles to chemical fumes, you will find it all around you. When children breathe in such air, they become more vulnerable to diseases. So it is necessary to protect your kids. If you manage a school, you should ensure that children study in a clean environment. Maintaining hygienic conditions is necessary, and you must install air purifiers. Commercial air purifiers or room air purifiers are a need in every class.

Moreover, with the recent incident of the Coronavirus, the need for cleaner air is more than ever. You must have a system to change the air so that air-borne viruses are not transmitted. The best way to ensure a clean environment is by using top-quality industrial air purifiers for schools.

Apart from removing germs from the atmosphere, air purifiers in schools help minimize humidity and prevent mold.

Where to place Air Purifiers for Schools?

An important issue is the placement of air purifiers in schools and classrooms. Your school has corridors, classrooms, staffrooms, and various other blocks where clean air is needed. Thus, you need to place your purifiers in a position where they work efficiently.

For example, placing air purifiers near a wall or in a corner is better because they will directly draw air and have abundant space. Also do not place such air filtration devices near windows and avoid placing objects near them. The more space a purifier has, the better it performs.

How to find the right Air Purifier for your School?

A classroom has bigger dimensions than an average room. Thus a miniature air purifier or smoke eater won't perform a good job. It might not even be powerful enough to remove any visible particles. To tackle the issue, you should go for a commercial purifier.

A commercial purifier has HEPA filters with a higher MERV value. It will remove particles of even the smallest size. The best way to find an accurate air purifier is by measuring the classroom dimensions. Once you have the overall volume and area of the classroom, find the CADR value. A higher CADR value rating ensures quicker air purification of space.

After finding the CADR value, get some information on the HEPA filter used in the air purifier. Always opt for a purifier with the best filter and avoid any Add-ons. Since you are going to install the purifier in a school, you need noise-less systems. You can't go with anything that disturbs kids.

Often purifiers get loud on higher settings, and it's not a desirable option. Air purifiers should clean the air in a classroom and not create a disturbance. Never go for anything over 60 dB because it will create an unnecessary disturbance.

How much do Air Purifiers for School cost?

When it comes to the cost of air purifiers, keep in mind that it can vary. If you go for a small air purifier with specific functionality, the price tag will be lower. However, quality air purifiers can cost thousands of dollars. When buying air purifiers for a school, you should go for a commercial or industrial scale air purifier because these will efficiently get the job done. With a purifier your children are well protected.

How does one maintain Air Purifiers in Schools?

Like any other gadget, one must maintain air purifiers as well. From time to time, you will need to clean its filters and other parts. If you do not perform timely cleaning, the device will lose its efficiency. The three parts to clean are the surface, HEPA filters, and pre-filters. Cleaning a purifier is not an ordinary job, so you must hire trained people for the task.