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Cigar Lighters

Elegant Cigar Lighters, available at the best online prices. These Torch lighters are reliable and have a long life span. Keep refilling these lighters and keep enjoying your cigars.

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Using the wrong lighter for your cigar doesn’t just look out of place, it can cause the flavour to fade away before you get to enjoy it. There are better ways to light your cigars without matches, or cigarette lighters, or anything else you can find around the house.

OurXikar cigar lighter collection has a wide range of options for the modern cigar connoisseur, no matter where and when he enjoys his cigars. Some are designed to complement your in-home humidor, while others accompany you to the golf course or out and about on the town. Whether your personal style is sleek and minimalist or sporty and showstopping, we have theXikar cigar lighter for you.

What is the best lighter for cigars?

If you are smoking a quality cigar, then you will need a quality lighter. Your lighter should produce a strong, windproof flame that adds depth to the flavor of the cigar. You will also need a lighter that looks sleek and modern - without taking too much attention. The ideal product for this situation comes fromXikar lighters.

Are torch lighters good for cigars?

So which cigar lighter will you choose? If your answer was "torch," then good for you. A jet-like flame is the key to an excellent light on a perfect, smooth burn that’s even and slow. With less puffing needed than other types of lighters it's clear why Xikar cigar lighters are preferable among most aficionados; they're simply the best option out there.