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May 02, 2021 4 min read

Cigar lounges make it a point to store cigars and accessories in custom humidor cabinets.

Standard humidors may do the trick if you’re an occasional cigar smoker. However, if you frequent a cigar lounge or have an increasing number of stogies in your collection, then perhaps a custom humidor cabinet is more fitting for your needs.

If you want to elevate your cigar collection while adding more storage room, ask yourself this: where do I find a humidor builder who can make a custom humidor cabinet? Here are the nine relatable signs that you need to get personalized cigar storage.

1. You Seem to Keep Finding New Cigars to Try

Cuban Cigar in Ashtray on Wooden Table

Cigar aficionados know for a fact that trying new cigars is always an opportunity to grow their collection. This means investing in new suppliers and visiting your favorite cigar lounge to try out the most recent product, only to find out you’re going home with a couple to add to yours. 

Many types of cigars cater to various preferences. They all vary in size, shape, composition, and even boldness of flavor. Every new cigar you try would either make or break your taste, so it is best to ensure you have enough room in your cabinet humidor to keep your favorite ones intact and ready for the next big celebration.

2. You Enjoy Showing Off Your Cigars

Hanging out at your favorite cigar lounge will keep you preoccupied with fellow cigar enthusiasts. Eventually, an invitation to your home will lead to showing them your cigar collection. Getting a custom American cigar cabinet would look sleek and organized in your home.

Besides, that’s where the real hype sets in because not only is it a rewarding feeling to showcase your prized possession, it’s also an opportunity to share something about your taste and personal interests to those who can relate.

3. You Complain About Your Current Humidor

You may have been a long-time cigar collector or even a cigar lounge owner who has invested in many humidors in your lifetime. However, some humidors don’t stand the test of time and require constant repairs. This is reason enough to purchase a custom humidor cabinet to preserve your prized goods consistently.

Getting a custom humidor cabinet also rids you of wasting time and money replacing damp or dry cigars, torn wrappers, and musty smells that customers won’t appreciate. Not to mention, humidor builders will be able to design your preferred security and style requests.

4. You Enjoy Fine Workmanship

Cuban Cigar on Table with Domino Game

A cigar is best enjoyed like fine wine, and in time, it becomes a precious commodity. The way it is made always counts for its quality and decadent flavors. After all, fine artistry is the firm foundation of excellent cigars.

Thus, maintaining such unique craftsmanship behind each cigar you purchase should be done justice by properly storing them and keeping them intact for a long time. Besides, big names in the cigar industry like Ashton, Oliva, and San Cristobal can attest to this truth.

5. You Think it Makes for Good Décor in Your Office

If you have a large home and have your own office, and you happen to be a cigar collector, then investing in a custom humidor cabinet is an option to consider. Although it does a tremendous job storing and preserving multiple cigars, it can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home office. 

If you work from home and have meetings with your clients in your office, a shared interest might even pop up when they see your expensive cigars displayed in the corner.

6. You Have Customers Returning Purchases and Asking for Refunds

Cigar retailers might encounter some unsatisfied customers, and more often than not, the quality of the cigars is in jeopardy. Some retailers or cigar lounges tend to overestimate their humidors after several years. 

Sometimes, without proper quality checks and maintenance, the overall quality of cigars suffers and ends up selling poorly. That’s why it is best to invest in a custom humidor cabinet and work with artisans who can build your electronic cigar humidor cabinets with unique features and extra precautionary settings to help prolong the moisture in your cigars.

7. You Want Humidors to Complement Your Lounge Theme

Aged cognac and cigar on old humidor

If you’re new to the business of bars and lounges, cigars are the cream of the crop when you want to get some money into the business. Cigar lovers make it a point to indulge in luxury, and what else says luxury than quality cigars and a superb bottle of whiskey.

If you own a bar and cigar lounge, it would be an ideal move to invest in a custom humidor cabinet that will not only add functionality and storage to your cigars but also complement the “vibe” you want your business to emanate.

8. You Inherited a Large Cigar Collection

Those lucky enough to inherit a collection of cigars from their fathers or grandfathers might want to consider a custom humidor cabinet for proper storage. 

However, if you’re an enthusiast yourself and plan to sell your cigars to other collectors, it is best to place them in a custom large cabinet humidor for potential buyers to get excellent storage and for you to get a bang for your buck.

9. You’re Sentimental and Want to Add a Personal Touch

Investing in top-notch cigars, mainly those imported from various parts of the world, is exceptionally dedicated to a hobby. Cigar collection can be a sentimental experience for many collectors; a tradition passed down from the generation before them. 

Adding an engraved name or quote when customizing your humidor cabinet could add a personal touch to your collection, a great way to pay homage to those who inspired your hobby.

Customize Your Humidor Today!

Knowing what you like and what your customers and fellow cigar lovers want are crucial to getting the right custom humidor cabinet. Explore more of Elegant Bar’s comprehensive collection of custom large humidor cabinets and check out which designs best suit your taste or check out our selection of cigar humidor cabinets now! Shop now! 

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