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Cigar Cutting Techniques

It's easy to become confused about how and where you should cut your cigar given the various cigar shapes and sizes, as well as cutting instruments. If you’re a beginner but an enthusiast, cutting a cigar might appear to be a rather difficult task. However, after you've chosen the perfect cutter and learned how to properly cut a cigar, it won't be as intimidating. 

The importance of cutting a cigar correctly:

The purpose of cutting a cigar, regardless of the method, is to create a significant opening through which to smoke without destroying the cigar's composition. The cigar will not draw if the cut is too narrow, and it will fall apart if the cut is too large. A bad cut might damage your cigar or make it less enjoyable. 

Types of cigar cuts and cutters:

  1. Guillotine cutters for Straight Cuts

The widest opening in the head of your cigar is created by a straight cut. The first step is to examine the cigar head and determine where the cut should be made. The closed side is the head, and the end you will smoke from. Most cigars come with a little cap to keep them sealed. The purpose of this cut is to simply remove the cap.

Guillotine Cutter for Straight Cigar Cuts

Straight cuts are one of the most popular and adaptable procedures accessible. They are more commonly made using guillotine cutters but can also be made with scissors or even sharp blades.

A single blade isn't used by all straight cutters, however. The dual or double-blade cutter is a common alternative cutter. They work in the same way as conventional guillotine cutters, but the second blade ensures a cleaner, more exact cut. This can help you prevent damaged wrappers or uneven slices, which might mar your pleasure.

  1. Punch Cutters for Punch cuts:

A punch cut creates a circle at the cigar's end. This instrument, sometimes called a punch cutter, is ideal because it creates a small opening that concentrates smoke. It will get you a stronger smoke.

Punch Cutters for Punch cuts:

The punch must first be aligned in the middle of the head. Then, with light pressure, carefully spin it back and forth to cut the tobacco leaf. If you keep applying pressure, you'll finally cut a hole in the cigar's end, and the punchcutter won't be able to go any farther. Finally, you draw the punch straight out of the end and check to see if the cap has followed. If not, you can take the cap off with your fingernail. 

  1. V-Cutters for V-cutting cigars:

A deep groove or V-shaped cut is created at the rear of your cigar using this sort of specialist cutter. It provides a large opening with a lot of smoke. The V-Cut is simply a fold in the opening at the cigar's head.

A v-cutter, like a punch-cutter, does not remove the full end of the cigar. Many of the advantages of a normal round punch-cut apply to V-cuts as well. When less of the cigar is taken, the risk of loose filler falling into your mouth is reduced, and the risk of chopping off a large section of the cigar is eliminated.

V-Cutters for V-cutting cigars


How to cut a cigar step-by-step:

  • Locate the Cap:

The cigar's cap is the end piece, which is usually gently glued on to keep the wrapper intact while it's being stored. You just want to take off the cap; cutting past it will cut into the wrapping, perhaps causing rips or unraveling.

The cap of many cigars may be seen as a slightly rounded portion of the leaf. It's recommended to err on the side of a shallower cut when aiming your cut. Allowing a small amount of the cap and adhesive to remain can help prevent an unraveling.

  • Moisten the Cigar Head:

While you could just cut the cigar straight away, experts recommend slightly moistening the cap on your tongue before cutting. While it isn't required, it might assist in ensuring a smooth cut. Even with the greatest of cigar cutting equipment, a leaf that is too dry might split during cutting and hinder a clean slice. It's especially useful with cheaper cigars that don't have a well-placed cap.

  • Cut the Cigar:

It's finally time for the cut. You'll be astonished to find that cutting a cigar, while seemingly simple, is truly a talent. You'll probably only need one squeeze between you and a properly cut cigar cap, depending on the instrument you're using. Try out a few various types of cutting tools to see which one you like.

Our Best-Selling Cutters:

The Elegant Bar takes great pride in providing its customers with accessories that accentuate the cigar smoking experience. We provide some of the best cigar cutters available in the market. Following are four of our hottest selling products in the cigar-cutter line:

  1. Desk Top Guillotine Cutter # GCTBL

Priced at $55, this guillotine cutter comes with a unique design that allows it to stand tall and proud on any desktop or table while maintaining a beautiful appearance. This cigar cutter made with stainless steel is not just aesthetically pleasing but also durable. Its blades are capable of easily cutting any cigar with a diameter of less than 22 mm.

Desk Top Guillotine Cutter # GCTBL

  1. Classic Style Tabletop Butcher Cigar Cutter

The Large Tabletop Butcher Cigar Cutter features an old-school style that is evocative of traditional Italian cigar cutters. It has a single blade attached to a walnut-finished hardwood base that cuts cigars in a chopping action, like a butcher's block. Whether on a counter or a desk, this attachment is ideal for stationary use.

Classic Style Table Top Butcher Cigar Cutter

  1. Lacquered "Ebony" Wood & Stainless-Steel Tabletop Cigar Cutter

This cigar cutter has a stunning lacquered ebony wood finish that gives it a fashionable and sophisticated appearance. It measures up to 6.5 inches in height, 4.75 inches in breadth, and 2.35 inches in depth. This cigar cutter is also extremely light, at only 1.15 pounds. It also has a clippings drawer, which allows you to avoid making a mess. The stainless-steel cigar guillotine ensures that every cut is razor-sharp.

Lacquered "Ebony" Wood & Stainless Steel Table Top Cigar Cutter

  1. Guillotine Cutter Item# GC501

The cutter has been made with accuracy in mind, allowing you to enjoy accurate and exact cigar cuts. It has a sophisticated yet functional style thanks to the gunmetal finish. The guillotine cigar cutter's elegant appeal is completed with an engraved central body. The Gun Metal Guillotine Cutter is small enough to fit in your pocket and can be used anywhere.

Guillotine Cutter Item# GC501


The cigar cutting ritual enables many connoisseurs as they savor their favorite cigars. When you learn how to correctly cut a cigar, you'll be able to start with a clean, smooth cut every time you want to light one.

However, keep a few tips and tricks in mind. When preparing a cut, take your time, but when cutting a cigar, be quick and confident. Further, avoid cutting too far from the "ideal" cut. And most crucially perhaps, keep your blades sharp. Regardless of if the tool you’re using, make sure the blades are not dull or worn down.


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