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Air Purifiers for Wood Shops

Wood shops create a significant quantity of pollution, and you can't do anything to stop it. However, there are effective ways to control and remove these pollutants from your surroundings. Whether you own a wood shop or work at one, you can protect yourself and your environment with the help of top-quality air purifiers. These devices clean the air with perfection. From furniture makers to wooden antiquity shops, everyone can install commercial air purifiers in their factories.

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Why is there a need for air purifiers in wood shops?

Air purifiers provide you with a better and healthier breathing environment. These days all sorts of dirt and toxins are present in the air. Luckily, air purifiers can remove tiny particles from your surroundings. Similarly, woodshops can also benefit from an air purifier.

A wood shop produces much more sawdust and needs air filtration systems more than any other place. If you have ever experienced the environment in a wood shop, you will know it is harmful. Wooden pieces are constantly being cut, dust is emitted, and concentrated paint fumes are submerging into the air.

These particles get released into the air and can be inhaled by you or anyone else. Whoever comes in contact with this polluted air is at risk. Thus, the need for an air purifier within workshops is the greatest. It cleans all the dust and fumes. Even mildew and other harmful germs get eliminated in the process. So, installing an air purifier or a filtration system is a must.

How is an air purifier good for my workshop equipment and crafts?

An air purifier isn’t only protecting your health, it also does other significant jobs such as protecting the equipment in your workshop. We all know how much sawdust can form within a wooden workshop. This dust settles within the premises and on your equipment. Soon it starts to retain all the moisture, which increases the formation of rust on equipment.

Your electronics get permanently damaged and result in the loss of thousands of dollars. Thus, getting an air purifier will save your prime investments. Moreover, sawdust won’t get into any machinery or unwanted areas.

Similarly, your crafts also need to be protected. To keep them safe, you must install air purifiers. They eliminate accumulated dust.

What kind of filters are needed for air purifiers for wood shops?

While considering filters for your air purifier, see your needs. For wood shops, the most suitable filter is the HEPA filter. It will collect all the dust from the source and not let any unfiltered air pass through. HEPA filters have a MERV rating, and a higher value is always a better choice. A filter with a MERV value of 8 or higher absorbs the smallest dust particles.

Nothing will work except commercial air purifiers within massive areas such as wood shops. The volume of dust is more, and you need something effective to remove it. Even the woodwork equipment needs a good amount of airflow.

What should be the size of the air purifier?

To determine the size of the air purifier needed in your shop, you have to find the dimensions of the place. If you have an idea about the volume and area of the premises, you can find a suitable option. You can take the measurements to an expert and ask him for the best solution.

A person who doesn’t have any idea of the room dimensions or how much dust is present in the atmosphere, cannot find an ideal option. So, knowing about your premises is the first and foremost important thing. Depending on the measurements, you can select from a range of commercial air filtration systems.

What are the best models of air purifiers for wood shops?

You will see a great variety of air purifiers in the market. Each product or model has its specifications. If you want to purchase top quality and efficient unit, the all-new Blue Ox 1100 High-Performance Smoke eater or the MiracleAir CM-12 Ceiling Mount Commercial smoke eater are the best choices for you. However, there are several other models as well which can be an ideal choice for your shop. No matter what you choose, make sure it does its job with perfection.