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Your home is a precious space where you can invite a couple of friends or family who enjoy an occasional cigar.

However, smoking can easily stink up an enclosed place, leaving you to figure out how to remove the smoke smell from house. We understand the struggle of wanting a nice smelling house, so we came up with practical ways to remove the stench of cigars in your home.

How Long Does Cigar Smell Last In House?

How long cigar smell lasts in the house depends on several factors including the frequency of smoking, degree of ventilation, size of the room, and air flow. If there’s no ventilation and air flowing in and out, with windows and doors shut at all times, the smell can ultimately linger in the house and latch on to everything. It can pervade the length and breadth of your home, even the paint, plaster, carpet, and other surfaces.

Another determining factor of how long the smoke smell would last in the house is not only the frequency of smoking but also how long it continued for. In addition, was the room aired out immediately? Was it cleaned with the help of an air purifier?

Can Smoke Smell Be Removed From the House?

If one doesn’t smoke frequently, then simply air out or ventilate the room to remove smoke smell from the house. However even a room that is well-ventilated can have a lingering smoke smell if there is no adequate air flow. Installing an air purifier helps in cleaning the air and enhancing the quality of indoor air. On the other hand, air fresheners and sprays may leave the room smelling fresh for some time but after the effect is gone, the smoke odor can once again be felt. It’s because fresheners cannot remove smoke smell from your house, they can only conceal it for a while.

In case of regular ongoing smoking activity, the need for a smoke eater filter is a must. As the smoke leaves particles that leach into the fibers of carpets, furnishings, and curtains, it can get more difficult to eliminate the smoke odor. How long the smell remains also depends on how long the smoke smell was contained in the house. The longer it remained in the house the more difficult it would be to eliminate.

How to Get Cigar Smell Out of the House Fast

1. Clean Out All Cigar Ashtrays

    cigar ashtray with scotch

    If you're a constant smoker, a rule of thumb is to clean out all cigar ashtrays in your home. Simply washing and wiping may not be enough to remove the smoke smell from the house. Look into the type of material your ashtray is made of to best apply a thorough cleaning technique.

    The most common type of ashtray is ceramic, and the best way to clean it is by using warm water, dish soap, and a soft sponge. You can clean glass or crystal ashtrays the same way despite the printed logos or designs that often smudge off after several washes. 

    Melamine ashtrays or acrylic and plastic ashtrays can be rid of the cigarette marks and smells using various cleaners, from dishwasher soap and water to disinfectant wipes. Cigar ashtrays made from chrome and porcelain are the more expensive materials that strictly require warm water soap, a non-abrasive sponge, and a soft towel to properly clean.

    2. Open the Windows

      man opening the windows

      Opening the windows is probably the first thing you do when trying to remove the smoke smell from your house. Proper ventilation can remove harsh smells and smoky odor but only for a short while since it only dilutes the scent and doesn't remove the smell permanently.

      If you live in a bigger home, try opening the fireplace duct to give the cigar smoke a route to escape, this will help big rooms clear out most of the smoke and be replaced with fresh air from outside. 

      3. Turn On the Fans

      man turning on the fans

      Opening the windows can only do so much, best to switch the fan on and position it outside your room or apartment. Make sure it's facing inward and placed at the highest speed. Leave only one window open and the rest of the windows in the house or apartment closed. 

      Turning on the fans creates an exhaust, forcing the fresh air into the room while blowing out unwanted smoky odors that linger. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes to maximize the cleanse. Close the window and door to see the difference. Perform the same process in other rooms for consistency.

      4. Use Vinegar Wash

      An underrated way to clean the air in your home is using vinegar to remove smoke odor. Wipe your furniture with white vinegar since it has vital cleaning components like acetic acid, which is also excellent at removing the smoke smell from your house, including the walls and floors.

      Another way to use vinegar to remove cigar smell from house is by pouring it into small containers and leaving it in different parts of the house for a couple of days. This might not be the best approach for those who cannot stand the pungent scent of vinegar, but consider mixing it with lavender oil to cut through the strong acid smell.

      5. Invest in Smoke Eaters

      air purifier for smoke

      Investing in a smoke eater might be the answer to your question of how to get the cigar smell out of the house fast. This innovative and efficient air filtration system is perfect for large spaces and cigar lounges since it works twice as quickly as an air purifier for smoke.

      Smoke eaters also come in portable sizes, making it an option for apartments and duplex homes, which minimizes the presence of cigarette or cigar smoke to a large extent. This machine removes at least 95% of smoke when using HEPA and activated carbon filters, clearing out the smell of every corner of the room and removing smoke smell from house walls efficiently.

      This powerful air purification system contains activated carbon filters that sort out the type of smoke or gas that leaves the room with a stench. Smoke eaters are specifically designed to rid your space from cigarettes, cigars, vapes, or cooking smoke and have a high Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) performance.

      Smoke Eater Maintenance and Upkeep 

      Another tip to remember when using air cleaners is to check the filters. The filters used in smoke eaters vary since some of them are made of paper, mesh, and fiberglass, among others. 

      Replacing your filters regularly depends on the type of smoke eater you own. If your smoke eater uses a HEPA filter, it is easy to replace and is only changed once a year. Pre-filters should be replaced once a month, while you can change activated carbon filters every two months. 

      Apart from replacing filters, remember to schedule your smoke eaters for a cleaning. This can be a DIY process at home, which will require you to open the machine with a couple of tools. However, it can also be serviced professionally if necessary.

      Some of the cleaning tools you may need include detergent, water, and a spray bottle. Mix four parts water with one part detergent and place in a spray bottle. Ensure your detergent is aluminum-safe, then spray the smoke eater filters' cells with the solution and let it soak for a few minutes. Rinse with a hose, then let the air cleaner dry for an hour or so. You can do this every two to four weeks to maintain its performance.

      Lingering Smoke Smell? Smoke Eater is the Way

      Knowing how to get cigar smell out of house fast is the best way to impress guests and maintain your overall health. Try these five excellent tips to remove smoke smell from your house and invest in a smoke eater for the most brilliant solution to this problem.

      You can also check out our selection of the best air purifiers at Elegant Bar for a more efficient solution to ridding smoke, odors, and allergens from your home. Interested in adding a cigar humidor cabinet to your space? Head over to our cigar humidor cabinets page

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