Financing with Paypal Credit

Finance without interest for 6 months.

Paypal provides fast applying process and it takes seconds to know whether you are approved or not. 

Easily apply financing right at checkout for 6-months with Paypal credit. If you paid balance in full within 6 months, No interest will be applied. 

How do I apply?

Apply at checkout by selecting PayPal as your payment method and select the PayPal Credit box under your usual payment options:

What information does PayPal require?

Only your Social Security Number and Birthday require to apply. You will know instantly if you're approved.

How do payments and interest work?

You'll have 6 months to take care of the parity of your purchase. You can make installments whenever for any amount. For whatever length of time that you take care of the equalization before the limited time frame closes you won't be charged any interest.

In the event that the equalization isn't come up with all required funds inside six months, you will be charged interest beginning from the posting date of your buy (which is for the most part inside a couple of days of the buy date). The APR is at present 25.74%.