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Replacement Filters

Browse our extensive array of air purifier replacement filters featured below to find one that fits your purifier. Our collection caters to a diverse variety of purifiers of different brands and models. Get started with finding the right purifier or smoke eater replacement filter today!

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Is It Bad To Use An Air Purifier With An Old Filter?

Are you using an air purifier with an old filter? If you haven’t changed the filter in your purifier for a while, chances are there’s more at risk than you had imagined. First and most importantly it could lead to some serious health consequences. 

Air purifiers clean up a broad variety of air pollutants such as different types of bacteria and viruses. The other types of contaminants include dust, dander, aerosols, pollen, and even skin flakes. However with their restricted capacity, air purifier replacement filters can only trap a limited number of pollutants. Once they’re saturated with the maximum load, they’re unable to catch any more contaminants. It directly compromises the efficacy of the filter. So the particulates, odors, and gases filtrate back into the room.

Furthermore, in a regular air filter, the air passes through with no obstacles as the pollutants become easily trapped. However, since an old filter is already saturated with pollutants, the air is unable to pass through. It compels the fan on the purifier to work harder to push the air, which consumes a high amount of energy. Moreover, since the capacity of the air purifier is already impacted, it may attempt to clean the air in multiple passes which may not only prove to be unsuccessful but also increase energy utilization further. 

How Often Should You Replace an Air Purifier Filter?

Most manufacturers recommend changing the filters in your air purifier every 3-6 months for maximum cleaning efficacy as well as efficiency. It will not only benefit individuals who suffer from respiratory disorders like asthma or allergies but also those who want to enjoy the cleanest possible air. 

In case of HEPA filters, replacement every year may suffice. However, pre-filters last only 30 days and carbon air purifier replacement filters may last three to six months.