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Choosing Right Wood for Cigar Lockers or Cabinet Humidors!!!

Posted by Ben Singh on

Choosing Right Wood for Cigar Lockers or Cabinet Humidors!!!

This article is written to explain the difference between the Mahogany Wood and Spanish Cedar for Cigar Lockers or Humidor Cabinets. Properties of which wood makes it the first choice for Cigar Furniture.

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How to Season & Set Up a Humidor

Posted by Ben Singh on

How to Season & Set Up a Humidor What is a Humidor?A humidor is a box that maintains constant humidity that is used to store cigars. Humidor boxes are typically constructed of wood and are also made of materials such as acrylic, glass and metal.  The interior is commonly lined with a Spanish cedar or mahogany wood veneer. Cigar Preservation OverviewCigars generally absorb their environment much like a sponge which can have a dramatic impact on the way they smoke and feel. If they are kept in a less than optimal environment, cigars can turn dry or become overly saturated....

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Temperature Controlled Humidor System by Prestige Import Group

Posted by Ben Singh on

 Applies to  Redford, Remington & Reagan Humidor by Prestige Imports Climate Controlled Cigar Humidor Cabinet Instruction Manual   Contents   1)         Important Safety Instructions 2)         Product Set Up 3)         Touch Panel Operation 4)         Display and Storage 5)         Routine Maintenance 6)         Troubleshooting 7)         Technical Characteristics     Important Safety Instructions   Dear Customer: Congratulations on the purchase of your Prestige Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet. To get the best performance out your humidor, please carefully review this operating manual.   NOTE: Please insure the following points are covered before using the humidor: 1)   Read this manual carefully before starting the unit. 2)    ...

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Nice unit, very well built.

Not a flimsy unit. Holds a lot, depending on your size. Still working on balancing the humidity and temp though. I beleive I will need to adjust the humidity sensor as it it @ 10 off from my digital hygro's. I put a pound of heartfelt beads in it for balance as the higher shelves hold different humidity than the lower ones. I am happy with the purchase as long as I am able to straighten out the humidity variance. For the $ and what it does, it's a good buy. But beware, folks up fast
Mine is full already!


My buddies and I purchased 4 units from Ben, who was extremely helpful. The humidor arrived on time and was packed to withstand the end of time. Very easy to set up, quiet, and maintains the humidity and temperature perfectly! Much heavier than I thought, so prepare yourself for a workout, especially if you have many steps! Would highly recommend, looks and works great......thx Ben!

Great Retirement Present!!!

I have been enjoying quality cigars for 30+ years. The problem was I had 3 small humidors to store my sticks in and maintain them also. Upon finding the perfect humidor for my retirement, I called Ben and he walked me through two different ones. He was very helpful in helping me make my choice. The humidor arrived quicker than expected and it is a beauty! The humidor works flawlessly and my project is filling it to the 1000 stick capacity. Thanks Ben for making this purchase painless.

Beautiful Piece but can be improved

At first sight the unit is beautiful. It's stout and the finish is really good looking. As I brought the unit inside I found that like some of the reviews the inside of the unit could use some improvement. The humidification device seems like an after thought and with a tray of water inside, I can see issue with mold if not maintained. I purchased this unit to store all of my boxes. I realized after the fact this may not the best for strictly boxes but it works none the less. I've seen a lot of people complain about calibration. My unit is no exception. Calibrating the unit is extremely difficult. I have 3 separate self calibrating hygrometers inside and they read anywhere from 5-10 degrees off as well as the RH. I haven't decided if I will go back to using heartfelt beads or not. I'm going to install a 4 channel hygrometer first and see if I can get it dialed in a little more accurately. All in all this is a show piece more than anything. If you're looking for something accurate, this isn't the cabinet for you. When purchasing make sure you have patience cause you will need to make some adjustments to get it "right."

Old English Cabinet

This Old English Cabinet is well built and beautiful!