Cigar Humidor Humidifier

Cigar Humidor Humidifier for Small Cigar Humidors to Big Cigar Cabinets and Walk in Humidors. PG Solution, Gel Jars, Beads And Electric Humidifiers. If you are not sure about the right humidifier please contact us. All Humidifiers are listed to what capacity they can handle. For smaller size you can look at the cigar capacity or the cubic feet of the humidifier. For a Walk in Humidifier measure the size of the room L W H and multiply all 3 to get the cubic feet dimension. That will give you an idea of what size humidifier you will need.

--below_content-- We have the biggest Collection Humidor Humidifiers. From Small Humidifiers by Boveda and Xikar to Cigar Oasis to Big Walk in Humidor Room Humidifiers we have the best humidifier selection. A small desktop humidor only needs a small sponge style or maybe a gel humidifiers. Boveda Packs are most liked these days in this category. In a bigger, cabinet style humidor you might want to look into a Hydra or Cigar Oasis product. Then the bigger and better Humidifresh unit fits inside the cabinets and lockers. Check the specs on these units and see if it covers the cubic inch/ft space in your humidor. The big rooms need a different style of humidifier. We have 2 different styles. #1 would be a humidifier that has a big reservoir for water that can be used with out without a RO Filter. #2 Would a continues fill humidifier that will need a RO Filter. These units are easy to installs in smaller spaces as they do not have the big reservoir attached to them. Ask us if you have any questions.