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Cigar Cooler Humidors for Sale

Your Elegant Bar features a range of Small Cabinet style humidors along with a collection of Cigar Cooler Humidor that you can use a 3rd party Humidifier in. Our Whynter Cigar Cooler humidor selection will not only have an inbuilt humidifier but also have a cooling unit that keeps your cigars at an optimal temperature. If you are keeping the humidor at room temperature then you can purchase a small cabinet size wooden humidor and install a humidifier. The Cigar Oasis Magna & Plus 3.0 are most popular for this type of use.

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Businesses with maximum capacity cigar humidor needs may consider the Montegue Humidor Cabinet, which can hold as many as 1500 cigars and offers an elegant and timeless appeal with its antique distressed French Walnut finish and curved wooden feet.

Cigar cooler humidors have been very popular in recent years. They keep the temperature at a good range of 65-70 degrees along with maintaining the humidity. Plus they work perfectly in a room setting along with your wine or liquor selection.

Cigar cooler humidors help maintain the freshness of your cigars throughout the year, especially in those hot summer months. They’re no doubt a must-have item for any cigar aficionado who spares no expense in procuring the best cigars that perfectly suit their taste and preference.

Whether you’re a business or consumer, rest assured that Your Elegant Bar values your investment and is committed to providing a fine range of highly effective cigar cooler humidors that suit a variety of storage capacity and humidifying requirements. The best part about our temperature controlled humidors is that they mimic the conditions in which the tobacco for your cigars was grown and then fermented, resulting in the most ideal state for your cigars so you can enjoy their quality and freshness for years to come. These conditions pertain to not only the temperature but also the moisture levels.

Without the perfect balance of temperature and humidity, it’d be impossible to keep your cigars in the high-quality state they were first purchased in, let alone enhance their flavor with time. The perfect storage conditions will ensure freshness and quality while simultaneously augmenting the flavor profile. And maintaining the freshness of both flavor and quality of their cigar collections is mandatory for companies as consumers go to the ends of the earth to find the perfect cigars in every aspect.