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January 29, 2021 11 min read

The role humidor humidifiers play in maintaining the quality of cigars is vital to your overall smoking experience. A cigar humidifier ensures the moisture's stability inside your humidor cabinet, and getting a good cigar puff is impossible if it did not come from a well-maintained humidor.

How Cigar Humidifiers Work

Since cigars are made of natural tobacco with no added chemical preservatives or artificial components, some extra care must be taken to preserve the flavor and quality of your cigars. A cigar that’s kept too damp or too dry, too hot or too cold, may not burn or taste as well as it could. Proper storage could also prevent molding, dampening, or the loss of a cigar’s essential oils. That’s where a humidor comes in.

Cigars and humidor

Activating your humidor is the initial step to establish optimal conditions for your cigars, and this can be done using a sponge or crystal system. The sponge system uses propylene glycol solution and distilled water for adequate humidification performance and needs weekly refills to function properly. Maintaining just the right moisture level in a cigar humidor can be achieved by following the humidification’s suitable mechanism.

Meanwhile, the crystalhumidification system is moderately new and is only used by a small number of manufacturers. Its crystalline, embryonic structures make for a good alternative to sponge since it continually works on the clock and only requires monthly refills.

How Do You Humidify a Cigar Humidor?

Humidifying the humidor entails keeping the air quality clean and increasing its moisture content. The humidification process helps create homeostasis of the airway, making it ideal for your cigars to maintain their natural components for a long time. 

Cigar humidor humidifiers come with water filtration systems that need to be refilled or replaced, but some models nowadays are more advanced and automatically refill the humidifier’s cartridge.

Some cigar humidifier systems come in flora foam, crystal gel, silica beads, or humidity packets, all of which vary according to maintenance and application to the humidifier. Moisture is stored and released providing consistent humidity. Another option is an electric humidifier. An electric humidifier will maintain humidity on its own. This means no more weekly water refills.

Humidifier Solution: Propylene Glycol Solution

Traditional humidors adopt a mechanism that uses plastic or metal that has a sponge as a humidifier. It contains a special fluid called Propylene Glycol Solution that helps sustain a humidifier’s lifespan while preserving the cigars’ freshness. 

The PG Humidifier solution consists of 50% distilled water and 50% food-grade propylene glycol, which play a role in keeping the RH at 70%. This system also boasts antifungal and anti-mold properties, which come in 8 oz. bottles that can last up to 9 to 12 months if used properly.

How to Season a Humidor with a Humidifier Solution

Step 1:Open your cigar humidor. Using a soft cloth, apply distilled water until it’s a bit damp. Wipe the interiors of the humidor but ensure not to leave it soaked. Wipe it down thoroughly. 

Step 2: Close the humidor’s lid for a few hours. Grab the propylene glycol solution and place it in a bowl of distilled water. Let the sponge absorb the water and wait a few seconds, then remove it from the bowl. Shake properly to remove excess water, then place it back inside the humidor.

Step 3:Place your cigar humidor in a spot away from sunlight to ensure external heat does not impact the humidification process.

Light painted humidor


A hygrometer is a device found in your humidor that allows you to monitor the cigars’ humidity levels without having to open and close it every time. Significantly, hygrometers measure the box’s relative humidity and warn you when the humidifier requires recharging or adjustments.

The standard setting is at 70% humid and a temperature placed at 21.1 degrees Celsius. Hygrometers come in digital or analog, which should be checked at least once a week to help build a consistent environment for your precious cigars.

So, How Does a Humidor Work?

Pretty simply, really. Once you’ve seasoned and prepared your humidor, place your cigars inside. It’s recommended that you store different types of cigars separate from one another so that their flavors do not mingle. The humidifier inside your humidor will help keep the humidity at the right level. 

You’ll also want to store your humidor in a location that stays around 70 degrees and is out of direct sunlight. Once you’ve found the right location, all you need to do is replace the water in your humidor as needed. Check your hygrometer to make sure everything looks good. If you’re worried about large temperature fluctuations, you might consider anelectric cigar humidor cabinet. Once you’ve made your decision check out our blog post onhow to set up an electric humidor.

How Long Can You Keep a Cigar in a Humidor?

The short answer, about five years. That’s assuming you’ve got everything dialed. If your hygrometer wasn’t calibrated properly or you don’t maintain humidity, then your cigars won’t last as long. You can of course keep your cigars in your humidor for longer. The flavors will develop up to a certain point, but it’s not a never-ending cycle. A cigar that’s ten years old won’t necessarily taste better than a cigar that’s five years old. 

Read the cigar maker’s suggestions, ask at your local shop, or talk with friends to estimate how long a cigar should be aged for. Generally all cigars should be aged for some period of time, but whether peak flavor occurs at two years or five years is dependent on the cigar.  If you have a whole box of a certain type of cigar, smoke one every six months or so. Note how the flavor has changed. If the flavor continues improving, continue aging. Let your taste buds be your guide.

Electric Humidor Humidifiers

Perhaps the best way to secure your cigar collection and keep them in tip-top shape is to invest in an electronic cigar humidifier. Several types, such as ultrasonic humidifiers, emit a cool mist using ultrasonic vibration, while evaporative humidifiers use a powerful fan to blow air through a wet wick or filter.

Now that you know how to use a humidor, below are some of the best cigar humidor humidifiers that amateur enthusiasts and long-time tobacco collectors should consider buying.

8 Best Humidifiers for Storing Cigars

1. Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0

 Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0



  • Sensor activated with a digital readout
  • Easy to set-up
  • LCD remote display with soft-touch buttons
  • A bit noisy
  • Reports of faulty Wi-Fi connectivity 

The Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 Humidifier is a top contender for the best humidifiers, especially for first-time users. It’s very user-friendly with a digital readout that makes it convenient to see the temperature and moisture levels in the dark. This humidification system can maintain moisture levels for a substantial amount of cigars, preserving around 1,000 to 5,000 cigars in a humidor cabinet.

The backlit digital remote display and soft-touch buttons allow for easy and quick adjustments. Thiscigar humidor humidifier is ideal for those who live in places with variable climates and could use a smart and efficient system to regulate their cigars’ upkeep. The only real downside is the faulty Wi-Fi connectivity, which a few users reported not working on some Apple or Android phones.

What Customers Say

Some buyers commented that even if it can be a little noisy, the performance is consistent and works well in acclimating their humidor cabinet. Another reviewer noted that the Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 Humidifier efficiently operated with 400 cigars spread out on three shelves in his humidor cabinet.

Who Should Buy It

  • Cigar aficionados 
  • Aspiring cigar collectors

2. Humidifresh High-Performance

Humidifresh High-Performance Cigar Humidifier



  • 1-gallon water reservoir
  • Built-in industrial-grade fan
  • Manual and automatic water fill options
  • Bulky
  • Pricey

The Humidifresh Electronic Humidifier is ideal for large cabinet humidors and cigar lockers up to 20 to 80 cubic feet in size. This cigar humidifier’s performance is top-notch, boasting accurate humidity control, moisture calibration controller, and a one-gallon water reservoir that will last you weeks.

You can set it to manual or automatic fill, depending on your preferred setup. The built-in industrial-grade fan has a balanced and robust airflow of up to 105 CFM, allowing an efficient and effective moisture distribution system powered through the entire humidor cabinet. 

Apart from being bulky and a steep price range, it is a worthy long-term investment for such a multi-faceted piece of equipment.

What Customers Say

Feedback on the Humidifresh High-Performance Cigar Humidifier was nothing short of positive. Many buyers rated it five stars; one customer even said it was their third time purchasing this model. Others commended its impeccable quality and how the humidifier is “bulletproof” compared to other brands they’ve purchased over the years. "This diesel humidifier was also able to keep the humidity in its proper moisture range for a 3x3 humidor", according to one user.

Who Should Buy It

  • Cigar lovers with an extensive cigar collection
  • Retailers

3. Hydra-LG Large Commercial

Hydra-LG Large Commercial Cigar Humidifier



  • Remote controlled
  • Internal sensor
  • Two built-in fans
  • HygroSet adjustable technology
  • Audible and visual low water indicator
  • The alarm goes off frequently
  • No free foam replacement 

When it comes to moisture precision, this cigar humidor humidifier is a must-have. The Hydra-LG Large Commercial Cigar Humidifier boasts convenient and top-grade features like the 54-inch long cable with a remote display, providing accurate humidity readings inside the humidor cabinet.

Another advantage of the Hydra Commercial humidifier is the two fan ports, which are great for those who prefer to add external fans. The water cartridge for distilled water is quite large, which is excellent for the humidification system to achieve the purest humidity for weeks.

This humidor humidifier also utilizes HygroSet adjustable technology for convenient humidity measurements.

What Customers Say

While many are quite pleased with the accuracy, excellent packaging, and performance, some users have observed the water cartridge alarm to make constant noise. Nevertheless, this product was easy to install and conveniently read on the temperature and moisture levels. 

Who Should Buy It

  • Cigar connoisseurs and enthusiasts
  • Avid cigar collectors

4. Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0

Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 Humidifier



  • Sleek design
  • Value for money
  • Large back-lit display
  • Faulty Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Clunky app

The Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 Humidifier is made for 4 to 6 cubic feet cigar chests. It features a built-in sensor that aids in the efficient distribution of moisture within the humidor. A micro-USB connection powers this portable humidifier, and it boasts a casual design that is easy on the eyes.

It boasts a pre-treated water cartridge to keep the most accurate humidity levels in check. A huge backlit display makes it convenient for those constantly checking on their cigar collection’s moisture levels. This humidifier also enables users to create their preferred adjustments via the soft touch-sensor buttons.

What Customers Say

People who purchased the Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 Humidifier generally left positive feedback. A customer said it does the job and can easily be set up in less than an hour. A con that a few people noticed was the Wi-Fi feature that appears to be a flop since it does not connect to the app.

Who Should Buy It

  • Cigar collectors
  • Cigar aficionados

5. Ultrasonic Commercial

Ultrasonic Commercial Cigar Humidifier



  • Generates ultra-fine water particles
  • Automatic refills on the cartridge
  • Several installation options
  • Excellent warranty
  • Expensive

Apart from an expensive price point, the value for money buyers will get from the Ultrasonic Commercial Cigar Humidifier is beyond compare. This cigar humidor humidifier can provide superb moisture for cigars to burn slowly and evenly.

One of this humidifier's most commendable features is its ability to produce ultra-fine particles of 1 to 2 microns in size for maximum humidification.

The automatic water feed will not require you to refill with distilled water frequently. It also allows you to run a direct water line into the humidifier working the reverse osmosis and remove minerals from tap water. You can even enjoy a 2-year warranty on the humidor’s digital control and a year-long contract for any other material defects, a definite bang for the buck.

What Customers Say

The majority of customers gave this humidifier positive feedback. One customer commended the unit for its easy set-up and operation and the fineness of the fog it releases to condition the cigars properly.

Who Should Buy It

  • Cigar collectors
  • Retailers 

6. Walk-In Humidor XL

Walk-In Humidor XL Cigar Humidifier



  • Digitally controlled interface
  • Two water refill options
  • 5-gallon water reservoir
  • Extensive warranty
  • Bulky
  • Pricey

The Walk-In Humidor XL Cigar Humidifier is ideal for small to mediumwalk-in humidor closets. It boasts precision in moisture management and is versatile enough to get the job done. This cigar humidor humidifier is digitally controlled, making it easy to see fluctuating temperatures and humidity drops at first glance. 

It also allows users to shift from manual or automatic settings when managing the product’s water refill. The RO filtration system effectively converts minerals in the water to a pure liquid for ideal humidity conditions. 

Although the exterior is plain and the overall product is quite bulky, this humidor humidifier is functional and optimal for long term use. With an extensive two-year warranty, the price point could be easily overlooked when quality and service go hand in hand.

What Customers Say

One buyer commended the product for its overall performance. He said that the Ultrasonic Commercial cigar humidifier is an ideal solution for cigar enthusiasts and collectors with big spaces for humidors. The humidity levels are adjustable and lauded by the happy customer who purchased one for their warehouse.                             

Who Should Buy It

  • Enthusiasts with a huge cigar collection
  • Retailers

7. Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0

Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Humidifier



  • Portable
  • Quirky design
  • Maintenance-free water cartridge
  • Sensor activated built-in fan
  • Some reports of inaccurate digital display

Ideal for casual cigar smokers and those always on the go, this small cigar humidifier is fully automatic and maintains the perfect humidity level for long term cigar aging and storage. Apart from portability, the Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Humidifier's quirky retro design is a highlight that buyers often like. Once you place it in your humidor, it stands out but still provides a precise digital interface for convenient monitoring.

The sensor-activated built-in fan is excellent for cigar connoisseurs who intend on building their first collection. Keeping the water cartridge in check is not a hassle since it is resistant to mold. It can even last a year without having to refill or replace the cartridge.

What Customers Say

Some purchasers found the Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Humidifier's design and functionality entirely intact. However, some buyers did reveal a few cons to this model, and it appears that the digital display tends to fluctuate in terms of accuracy. 

Who Should Buy It

  • Traveling cigar aficionados
  • Casual cigar smokers

8. Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0

Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Humidifier



  • Value for money
  • Portable
  • Fully automatic
  • Sealed water cartridge
  • Faulty app connectivity

Last but not least, the Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Humidifier is leading in design and accessibility. It’s small and portable, perfect for cigar enthusiasts always traveling around or during long periods. It can maintain the freshness of around 500 to 1,000 cigars and has impressive features like a microprocessor technology that automatically measures and regulates the cigar’s exact humidity level. 

Another superb feature is the water cartridge, which is sealed and replaceable. This means that you can leave the cartridge for two to six weeks before attending to a refill. The seal helps achieve the cigars’ optimal condition through and through. The only downside to this product is the Smart Humidor app, which appears to be quite faulty in connectivity and compatibility. 

What Customers Say

Customers have rated the Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Humidifier with an average of four to five stars. A happy customer said, “One word, Awesome!” while another noted how the cigar humidor humidifier was worth every buck and even lessened their anxiety from all the arduous maintenance. 

Who Should Buy It

  • Casual cigar smokers
  • Traveling cigar enthusiasts

Bottom Line: What is the Best Cigar Humidifier?

Casual cigar enthusiasts' best choice would have to be a portable humidifier that can maintain at least 20 to 50 cigars in a humidor.

We highly recommend the Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Humidifier or the Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0. Either way, both are sold at the same price and boast value for money, with digital displays and manageable features for the water cartridge system.

For cigar aficionados with large cigar collections, we highly recommend the Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 or the Humidifresh High-Performance Cigar Humidifier.

It all boils down to smart maintenance. Making do with short term hacks to preserve your cigar for a couple of days can only do so much. Once you’ve gotten into cigar collecting and appreciating the finer details of what makes a great smoking experience, then it’s no doubt purchasing a cigar humidor humidifier is the next step. 

At Elegant Bar, you can find a wide selection of cigar humidifiers, humidors, smoke eaters, and cigar accessories. Shop now!
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