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Home & Commercial Smoke Eater Machines

Most of us who love cigars enjoy the aroma of the smoke. Most of our loved ones who do not smoke cigars do not. If you run a business that involves smoking cigars, the amount of smoke in the room or lounge can become overwhelming even for those who enjoy it. For whatever reason, whether it involves permitting, the weather or other factors, having patrons sit outside may not be the answer. Fortunately, there’s a way for you to allow your patrons to do what they love without having to worry about the smelly fallout.

All you need is a smoke eater machine that will help minimize the presence of cigar smoke and, as a result, the accompanying odor to a large extent. As you’ll see below, Your Elegant Bar offers a wide range of smoke eater machines designed for commercial settings. Whatever your situation and whatever the volume of smoke you want to remove, we have what you need.

Of course, every specific situation calls for a different smoke eater machine. Please take a look at our quick and handy guide below to start to get an idea of the particular smoke eater machine that may be the best fit for your needs.



How to Choose the Right Air Purifier:

Hepa Air Filters- Easy to replace the filter.

Electrostatic- No need to replace a filter. It can be washed clean.

Smoke Eaters- Any filters that contain the Activated Carbon Filters. Removes the smells, odor, or gasses from any type of smoke. The heavier the carbon, the better it works.

Room Size- The filter should clean the air at least 3 times per hour. If someone with allergies is present, it should clean the air at least 5 times. The CADR- Clean Air Delivery Rate, means that the higher the CADR the better it is for the bigger room.

If any of this seems unfamiliar to you or you’re just not ready to make a choice on your smoke eater machine, all you need to do is contact us. We’ll discuss your situation and walk you through the decision process so that you’re happy with what you choose. We look forward to working with you.

The difference between a smoke eater and any other air purifier is that a smoke eater is designed specifically for the Cigarettes, Cigar, Weed, or Vape Smoke. 

Generic purifiers do not or are not designed to remove the smoke or odor. The HEPA filters at the local stores might say they are designed to filter 99%+ air but tobacco smoke clogs these filters up very quickly and they can not circulate the air fast enough to keep up with the fresh smoke or odor. 

Smoke Eaters have high CFM that circulates the air through the machine and cleans 95%+ Smoke using the HEPA  filters and carbon filters. So, if you have ever used a HEPA filter and were not satisfied because your house still smelled like smoke it is because HEPA filters do not remove odor, carbon done. We have both portable smoke purifiers to clean the air in your home or commercial grade ceiling mount units for bars, lounges, casinos, bingo halls.