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A new toy for many cigar enthusiasts and collectors is an electric humidor. This cigar accessory is a detrimental yet highly functional device, a must-have in every cigar collector's home.

Electronic humidors easily sustain the life of high-quality cigars by adding moisture during storage while creating an environment with suitable humidity levels and proper airflow for the cigars to thrive for a long time. The process of setting it up doesn't have to be complicated, so let us show you how.

Preparing Your Electronic Humidor

Getting a new humidor is a great step to make if you're planning to get into cigar collecting as a hobby. A humidor is essential to maintaining the quality of your cigars, and knowing how to set them up requires understanding the conditions it's supposed to be in before storing them. The rule of thumb when it comes to getting a new humidor is to re-humidify them before storing your cigars.

Immediately storing them will ruin your cigars entirely due to the equilibrium of your humidor's material. Spanish cedar is the most popular type of material used to make electric humidors, and more often than not, they have not reached their equilibrium of 65% humidity upon distribution. 

So, immediately storing cigars in a humidor that isn't optimal yet in terms of the humidity it's trying to achieve, the electronic humidor will end up sucking the moisture out of the cigars. 

Breaking In Electric Humidors 

C230A Electronic Humidor Cabinet | 900 Cigars

The best way to break in a humidor is by placing it at room temperature and avoiding direct sunlight or heat sources. It would help if you kept the humidity level within optimal range because this will help prevent mold growth on your cigars, leading to corrosion of metal pieces inside the box. These are all good practices for storing any cigar collection - even if you're not breaking them in!

Breaking in electric humidors usually requires you a couple of items before proceeding, some of which include the following:

Step 1: Start Calibrating the Hygrometer

A hygrometer is unnecessary for a humidor's performance, but it will tell you if your box has the humidity levels within range. Calibrating one of these devices can be done in just 6 to 8 hours and should only be performed once per year.

A hygrometer does more than measuring the current moisture level inside an enclosure. It also informs users whether their box or other container performs as expected by measuring how much water vapor escapes from its interior over time. 

This calibration process takes between 6 and 8 hours without interruption before checking any changes (indicated through readings). This means that measurement should ideally occur at least once yearly to maintain accurate measurements throughout all months.

Step 2: Fill the Humidification Unit

Cigars on Wooden Table, Closeup

Proceed with removing the humidification unit from the humidor box, then place it on a dish. If you're preparing your humidor for the first time, there are a few different ways to prepare it. You can either squirt the solution into the unit or wipe it entirely.

Propylene glycol is safe and effective at preventing over-humidification of cigars and tobacco products. Remember that tap water should never be used since mold will form on anything else inside if not appropriately cleaned afterward. 

Only distilled water mixed with some liquid dish detergent is recommended when cleaning out contaminated tap containers beforehand.

Step 3: Humidify the Inside for Days

Allow the humidor to work its magic to gradually reach the desired humidity level over a few days to ensure you get the perfect breeding ground for good-quality cigars. Since your humidor will be closed to preserve the moisture inside, you must use a sponge so there are no leaks. 

Soak up any excess water and place it in a plastic ziplock bag before putting it into the humidor. You can store other things like cigars or lighter fluid here for added convenience while preserving the humidity levels of all items within. 

Close the lid on your humidor, then leave the lid closed for at least 3 to 5 days with a wet sponge and humidity control unit inside. 

Step 4: Get the Humidity Levels

After 3 to 5 days have passed, make sure to check the humidity level in the box. Ideally, you want your hygrometer to read 75% to 80% RH (Relative Humidity). This is a bit higher than the typical desired range for storing cigars. However, your cigars will draw in a lot of the initial excess moisture once placed inside.

Step 5: Place Your Cigars 

MON800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor

It's best to monitor the humidity levels with a hygrometer. Once you've reached 75% to 80%, fill the box with cigars to evenly store and achieve consistent conditions on the inside. 

It's also important not to overfill your cigar storage space since this will make air and moisture have limited access between all of them when there is extra room left open for movement.


Cigar collecting is not like any other hobby, and finding the right tools to keep your cigars in shape is essential. Electronic humidors are vital in bringing you and your cigar-loving friends optimal quality in every puff. You could have as many humidors as possible, but not knowing how to set up an electric humidor could alter the overall smoking experience.

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