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Michigan Cigar Furniture Shop, Humidors and Cigar Lockers



Elegant bar is a family owned business based out of Saint Clair Shores, Michigan.

We specialize in Cigar and Wine furniture. Some of the items we make for Cigar Lounges, Restaurants, Country Clubs and Retail Shops all over US and Canada are Cigar Lockers, Wine and Liquor bottle Lockers, Wine Cellars,  Cigar Humidors cabinets, Walk in Humidors. Our products are made in USA with high quality wood be it Spanish Cedar or Mahogany or any special wood that the project requires. We work closely with our clients to help them with their needs. We make specialized products for our clients also. All major products are done with drawings provided to the clients.

We have earned a very good reputation in the industry and we are thankful to all our clients for their business and appreciation.

We also work with more than 10 different manufacturers and sell their products to consumers on our website.

We are premium distributors for Quality Importers and Prestige Imports Groups and sell cigar accessories for these groups at wholesale prices.


If you are looking for more information or would like to discuss any project please give us a call at 888.501.3227 or email

Sales: Ben Singh


Mailing Address:


30550 Gratiot Ave.


Roseville, MI 48066

Phone: 888.501.3227



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Very Pleased

Great product. Received unit in 4 days from when ordered. Was packaged perfectly. Easy setup. I’m using a cigar oasis 3.0 and it works perfectly as well. I had already ordered foam door seal but It was not necessary on mine as it sealed great from the start. During setup you must attach the power supply outlet from the back and there was a large gap where humidity could escape. I purchased some silicon and issue was corrected in short order. Only complaint, and it’s a minor one, is that the plugs on the power outlet are too close together making it difficult to utilize both at the same time. I had read this elsewhere so I had ordered a remote control outlet with multiple plugins as I did add 4 80mm fans and have them on a variable speed control switch for circulation. I’ve only had it for a little over a month and I’m still trying to determine best placement for the fans. Bottom shelves (really from drawers down) run 5-7 degrees cooler than the top half. My unit is in our basement and it’s cool to begin with. I know this isn’t an issue but I’m striving for 70 and 70 at all levels. Humidity is spot on but I see 70 at top and 64-66 on bottom. Im sure it will be fine come summer. I also added a few wireless and remote controlled lights. No chance this will hold 3500 sticks if you are wanting to “display” them. Probably wouldn’t even if in boxes but I knew this as well. No issue for my application and ~1200 or so collection with room to grow. I debated for a long time on which cabinet to purchase. I was willing to spend more if necessary but the reviews kept bringing me back to this one and I’m beyond pleased with my purchase. Highly recommend.

Works great!

Works great!

Best humidor hands down

I look on various websites for this humidor which were a couple of hundred dollars more and that we’re on back ordered. The Tower of Power humidor was delivered to home less than 5 days and it definitely exceeded all of my expectations. This humidor was well built and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Worth every penny! An amazing commercial humidor with options to suit your needs.

First and foremost, we would like to thank Ben for his amazing service, knowledge, expertise, and guidance. Ben delivered exactly what he said he would do and we're truly grateful. We were opening our first cigar lounge and were deliberating between the Model 4 and Model 5 commercial humidor cabinets. The Model 4 was in my budget, but my wife convinced me that the all-inclusive options in addition to the extra cigar boxes we could display was a better choice.

The Model 5 came with all the bells and whistles we would have had to add as options on other commercial humidor cabinets we researched. You simply cannot beat the beautiful LED lights (dimmer knob), excellent craftsmanship, the sleek look of the sliding glass doors as opposed to an actual hinged cabinet with knobs that open out, and the all-in-one easily maintained humidifier that comes with the digital hygrometer. (Again, another option to add on other humidor cabinets.)

Filling up the humidifier is a cinch and the maintenance is an absolute no-brainer. Because we wanted our customers to have a different experience selecting their sticks than the average cigar store, instead of building a walk-in humidor, we opted for (4) Model 5's and requested no molding so that we can put them all together, presenting a beautiful, flush display. We also opted to have them painted Black to go with our motif.

Everyone who sees our lounge is taken aback by the presentation and we have The Elegant Bar to thank. Again, thank you very much.

Decent humidor but needs a couple modifications.

I purchased this humidor and when it arrived I was blown away at how heavy and nice it appeared at first look. I put it together (nothing much to that, just installing power and shelves) and started noticing little things that were a bit off putting. First, I was a little disappointed in the inside trim of the door. It does not match the curves of the outer wood and is very noticeable in the corners. Second, was the thickness of the back of the cabinet. It is very thin by comparison to the sides. It is not so thin I am worried but the sides are every bit of two and a half inches thick and the back probably isn't a quarter of an inch. Third, there isn't enough space to run any cords up the back for humidification controls. It didn't take much but it probably should've had that already notched out. Fourth, and most important to me is the drawers on the right side will not open if you do not open the door nearly 180 degrees. If you are planning on putting this cabinet in an area that will not allow that (like I had to because of space) they are useless. I have looked extensively and there doesn't seem to be any hinges on the market that would fix this that I could just switch out. Considering how thick the sides are it wouldn't have taken much to design it to allow all of the drawers to be usable and the door to only need to be opened 90 degrees. It is definitely something I would expect out of a $1,000+ cabinet. Other than that the unit holds humidity well and the finish on the wood is nice although a bit lighter than in the picture.