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Custom Cigar Humidors Online

You’re a cigar aficionado, which means you’re someone who tends to enjoy the finer things in life. You’re also a business owner or manager, and you want to make sure to offer your patrons the same things: a nice glass of cognac, a big, comfortable leather lounge chair, some relaxing music, a good book, and of course, a fine cigar. That’s a beautiful way to live and an even better way to work. Of course, part of the reason that you are able to enjoy these finer things is that you don’t make it a habit of throwing money away as you run your business. You protect your capital investments, and that should include your high-end cigars. You need a humidor that protects the quality of your smoke for both yourself and your customers.

How do Cigar Humidors Work?

The Spanish Cedar that makes up the structure of the humidor and the humidifier inside of it are the two main components that make a humidor work. Spanish Cedar is a perfect wood for humidors because it has the unique property of resisting water absorption. This means that it is slow to retain water and slow to release it, helping to maintain a more even humidity level inside the box. The humidifier works as a failsafe that will replace the moisture in the humidor if the air gets too dry. These two components work together to keep tobacco cigars intact and smoking well.

If you’re in the market for a humidor for your cigars, you’ve probably been searching for humidors online for some time now. Let us tell you right now that you’ve come to the right place. We offer the best commercial and residential Humidors on the market. Your Elegant Bar is an organization that will work with you to find the perfect humidor for your needs, and we’re used to working with clients who understand the nature of high levels of quality and of maximizing their capital investments. We offer an enormous range of choices when it comes to protecting cigars, and we encourage you to look around by clicking on the categories below and seeing for yourself what we have to offer.

We are extremely proud to also offer our clients an exceptionally high level of quality service. We are here and eager to talk with you if you would like some help in narrowing your humidor choices or in making a final decision, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss options further.

Looking For A Custom Cigar Cabinet Or Locker?

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We specialize in cigar furniture of any kind. Our craftsmen have made different sizes of Humidor Cabinets, Lockers and displays in the past for small businesses to big brand names.

Every custom order is made right here in our great nation United States of America (Florida, USA).  All products are all made with high quality and best in class wood.

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