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Air Purifiers for Welding Shops

When you work outdoors or within factories, you inhale multiple kinds of gases and toxins. These are part of the air you breathe in and cause significant damage to your health. In such circumstances, purifying the air around you becomes a necessity. To do so, we have introduced a variety of commercial air purifiers which eliminate odors, toxins, and germs from your surrounding air. These effective devices are perfect for welding workshops, factories, and heavy industries.

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Why does a welding shop need an air purifier?

Whether you own a small size welding shop or a massive one, it will put you and your environment at a risk. Welding shops are known for adding to the pollution in our surroundings, that is why an air purifier is a must for such places. You can't stop the process, but at least you can reduce its impact. It is only possible when you install an effective air purification system in your workplace.

A welding shop needs an air purifier so that harmful particles can be eliminated. You can find smoke particles or any other dangerous material within the atmosphere. These prove to be detrimental to your employee's health and the outdoor environment.

With a purifier, all your problems are solved at once. You save your shop as well as nature.

How do workers in welding shops benefit from air purifiers?

Clean and good quality air also impacts the lives of workers employed within such places. Every person requires healthy working conditions, and clean air is one of them. The air you breathe in impacts your entire body. If you do not have air purifiers, the atmosphere will never be free of germs. There will be multiple kinds of germs and allergens in the air. These harmful organisms make workers sick and weak.

An average worker almost has an 8-hour shift. During these eight hours, workers are present within the premises and inhale poor quality air. This air infiltrates into his lungs and respiratory track. Soon, various issues start to arise. It starts with a common cold or a mild irritation in the throat but can lead to several types of cancers. Therefore, having an air filter ensures that the atmosphere within the welding shop is safe.

Once the air is clean, your workers can breathe in it without risk. They feel much more energetic and healthy. Due to this, they work more efficiently.

What are the air filtration processes in welding shops?

When one speaks of air filtration in welding shops, you can get two types. One filtration process revolves around source capture, and the other focuses on ambient capture.

Source capture refers to picking germs and contaminated air from the point they are produced. With the help of source capture, you can catch all microbes at the start. If the contaminated air spreads throughout the vicinity, it can become a more complicated process. It even requires more expensive filters and systems. In the process, you can use portable filtration systems having articulated pick-up arms.

The second type of filtration focuses on contaminated air that has left the source and spread into the environment. In other words, when source capturing doesn't work, we turn to ambient capture. It involves the placement of several units in a place to clean the air.

Each method has its use, but ambient capturing is relatively more expensive than the source capture method. If possible, one should go for source capturing. Not only does it save money, but it also saves your time and energy.

What should be the size of an air purifier?

Air purification or filtration systems work well in welding areas about 36’’x 36’’ or less, but they can be implemented in larger spaces. However, you must measure the dimensions and volume of the room to find the correct model.

Small-size air purifiers cannot work within massive shops. The size of the engine and filter isn't suitable, and the dirt particles remain. So, calculate the size of the shop in cubic feet. Afterward, go to an air purifier specialist and ask him to provide you with what you need. While purchasing a model, check the number of times the purifier cleans the air within one hour.

The purifier with the highest value should be your first preference. Also, check the MERV value of the filter. With the help of the MERV value, you will be able to see how well the filters perform. For welding shops, your prime filters should have a MERV value of 15. Only 95% of the particles in the air are eliminated.