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Elegant Bar is the leading manufacturer and retailer of cigar humidors, lockers, cigar humidifiers, smoke eaters and other cigar accessories. Owned and operated by a Michigan family with the help of our associates from all over the country.

Cigar smoking is an art and so is aging cigars and you can learn from the best in the industry how to store your cigars to get the best results. Our customer service provides our consumer and commercial clients with the education they need to make a good decision with their purchase.  

We specialize in Cigar storage solutions. Some of the items we make for Cigar Lounges, Restaurants, Country Clubs and Retail Shops all over US and Canada are Cigar Lockers, Wine and Liquor bottle Lockers, Wine Cellars,  Cigar Humidors cabinets, Walk in Humidors. Our products are made in USA with high quality using Spanish Cedar, Mahogany or any special wood that the project requires. We work closely with our clients to help them with their needs. We make specialized products for our clients also. All major projects are done with drawings provided to the clients.

We have earned a very good reputation in the industry and we are thankful to all our clients for their business and appreciation.

We also work with more than 10 different manufacturers and sell their products to consumers on our website.

We are premium distributors for Quality Importers and Prestige Imports Groups and sell cigar accessories for these groups at wholesale prices.


If you are looking for more information or would like to discuss any project please give us a call at 888.501.3227 or email support@yourelegantbar.com

Sales: bsingh@yourelegantbar.com

General: support@yourelegantbar.com

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TROY, MI 48099

Phone: 888.501.3227

Business Name: Cloud F1 LLC (DBA- The Elegant Bar)



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