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Custom Cigar Humidor, cabinet and locker solutions.


Smoking cigars is more than a hobby or a lifestyle choice. It is an art that needs honing. Even caring for cigars and aging them requires mastery - and of course, the right humidor. 

Your Elegant Bar is a leading online distributor of retail and display cigar humidors. We are a U.S. manufacturer and an importer providing you with the best prices on the widest selection of cigar humidors, cigar cabinets, lockers, humidifiers, accessories & smoke eaters.

Weather you are a cigar distributor, opening a new lounge, new cigar store or just adding a new display to your existing store or home we offer a wide variety of products for all your needs. 

We also provide free consultation for designing the cigar humidor in your new lounge.

Established in Michigan, Your Elegant Bar is operational all over the USA and Canada. We cater to the needs of individual cigar collectors, as well as lounges, restaurants, bars, clubs, retail shops, and more.

Our products have superior build and exclusive designs and are made of the finest materials, like Spanish Cedar, Mahogany, etc. We also distribute humidors and accessories for some of finest manufacturers in the country.

Besides offering a wide range of pre-designed products, we also provide customized humidors. Our expert craftsmen and designers work closely with the clients to understand exactly what they need and prepare drawings to match their demands. Thus, cigar lovers can get customized humidors from us.

We also offer air cleaning solutions for home, office & commercial use with an exclusive range of smoke eaters. We understand the importance of improving air quality indoors and keeping it clean.   


Ben Singh, the founder of Your Elegant Bar, is a man with a deep passion for everything that adds a touch of luxury to a man’s lifestyle. With the aim of providing the best quality products related to whiskey, wine, and cigars to a discerning clientele, Ben established Your Elegant Bar in 2016.   

Today, Ben has taken Your Elegant Bar to a position of reputation and trust. It is now the one-stop destination where cigar lovers find all kinds of accessories. While this father of a five-year-old boy leads the sales, his wife, Stephanie, leads the customer service team.   

Your Elegant Bar follows a unique business module. For instance, it is the official distributor of Quality Importers and Prestige Imports Group. It also collaborates with local factories to bring you the best in class products with the best prices in the market.   

Ben specializes in the humidification of cigars and understands how it is essential for maintaining the best quality of cigars. He also places great emphasis on the aging of cigars.

Besides connoisseurs, the customer base of Your Elegant Bar includes irregular smokers and casual collectors. Ben educates and advises his customers about cigars, humidification, aging, and more.


For more information, call us at 888.501.3227 or email support@yourelegantbar.com.

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