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Commercial Cigar Humidor Lockers

Our cigar lockers are fine decorative furniture pieces that not only hold your cigars safely and securely, but also elevate the appeal of any space, be it a home or business.

At your very own Your Elegant Bar, you have the choice of buying a premade cigar locker or getting a custom locker built for you with 100% Spanish Cedar or the wood of your choice. Below are some standard models some of which have in-built humidifiers while others may need a commercial humidor. We can also customize locker sizes to fit in your lounge space.

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It’s important that those dealing in cigar enterprising have a cigar locker or possibly several to keep their fine collection of cigars safe and secure, in optimum temperature and humidity conditions. Even cigar connoisseurs who value their premium quality cigars tend to have lockers at home to keep their stash of premium quality cigars secure and in just the perfect conditions that help maintain their freshness.

As one of the leading cigar and wine accessories manufacturers, we understand the value of your high-dollar investments in cigars. Hence, we’re committed to providing the very best cigar furniture like lockers and humidors that will help you preserve your cigars in their freshest and most flavorful conditions.

Special Recommendation

Your Elegant Bar recommends opting for lockers made of 100% Spanish cedar wood. It’s the most widely used wood in the cigar industry owing to its several benefits. First and foremost, it maintains the humidity level even when the humidification is not running. Moreover, it keeps the bugs and other pests away thanks to its bitter taste. It also enhances the flavor profile of your cigars while simultaneously keeping them safe and secure.

Now that’s win-win for sure, regardless of whether you’re a business dealing in cigars or a cigar connoisseur who wants to enjoy cigars at their peak freshness and flavor. However, no matter which cigar locker you choose, rest assured that all our lockers offer the best value in terms of practicality as well as aesthetic effect.

Custom Lockers: 


  • Our lockers are made with 100% Spanish Cedar,other woods are available upon request. Some models shown below are made of Mahogany also.
  • Our Hinges are Blum and come from Austria. They’re self-closing and adjustable which keeps them aligned to keep the door perfectly sealed at all times.
  • To get a rough price estimate on a custom job we have few units below shown with the price including shippingEach Locker - Height: 11" Width: 11" Depth: 11 ½”. Also, available custom sizes to accommodate the wine/liquor Bottles. Height & Width can be upto 14".
  • Different Humidification systems are available. Locks and brass plates for each locker are included as well.
  • These units are available in Mahogany satin finish.  Custom finishes and colors are available upon request with a sample provided.
  • Panels: Flat and raised panels are available.
Flat Panel Door Commercial Cigar Humidor Lockers- Spanish Cedar WoodFlat Door Commercial Cigar Humidor Lockers with spanish cedar wood

Window Glass:Wire glass, frosted glass or tinted glass available for doors as well.

Frosted Glass Door Panel Commercial Cigar Humidor Lockers spanish cedar

Wire Mesh Panel or in Glass Wire Mesh available.

A large wire mesh commercial humidor

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