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Cigar Lockers

Choices of buying a premade cigar lockers or buying a custom locker build for you with 100% Spanish Cedar or wood of your choice.

For prices and pre-made cigar lockers please scroll down this page. 

Custom Lockers: 

  • Our lockers are made with 100% Spanish Cedar, other woods are available upon request. Some models shown below are Mahogany also.
  • Our Hinges are Blum, comes from Austria, self closing and adjustable which keeps them aligned to keep the door perfectly sealed.
  • To get rough price estimate on a custom job we have few units below shown with price including shippingEach Locker - Height: 11" Width: 11" Depth: 11 ½” can be changed as required.
  • Different Humidification systems are available. Locks and brass plates for each locker are included as well.
  • These Units are available in Mahogany satin finish.  Custom finishes and colors are available upon request with sample provided.
  • Panels: Flat and raised panels are available.

Flat Panel Door Cigar Lockers- Spanish Cedar WoodFlat Door Cigar Lockers with spanish cedar wood

Window Glass: Wire glass, frosted glass or tinted glass available for doors as well.

Frosted Glass Door Panel Cigar Lockers spanish cedar

Wire Mesh Panel or in Glass Wire Mesh available.

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    Perfect Humidifier

    We bought this humidifier for our cigar room which is about 300 sqft and it works perfectly. I would recommend listening to the Elegant Bar's recommendations and install the humidistat control away from the humidifier itself as it will make sure that the whole room is humidified very well. Very happy with the purchase. Elegant Bar was very helpful.


    OK so I have had this now appx 1 month and here is the good and the bad since I am pestered endlessly to write a review so here you go...

    Good - Seems to keep humidity levels in an acceptable level and operation is quite. The fan helps keep humidity more even throughout the large cabinet better than the old indian clay bricks I have had in the past that disperse moisture simply from evaporation only.

    Bad - this damn unit is CONSTANTLY going off for the alarm saying it needs more water. I am not sure but I think the LONGEST I have gone without having to add water is 3 days! Thats HORRIBLE! At least with the Indian Clay brick I could get nearly a month or more out of it before I had to submerge it in water and replenish it. Also If I had to decide to buy again I would NEVER buy this unit unless I had nothing but time on my hands as it seems all I do is water it likes its an Fn plant!?!?! Come on the brink in this is plenty big and the plastic casing its in retains even more water and yet the alarm goes off constantly?
    I either have a bad unit or this is a nightmare unless you are infatuated with your cigars and humidor and dont mind babying it endlessly

    Hi David. Thanks for leaving a review. I am reaching out to the manufacturer on your behalf to get your problem resolved.
    Perfect custom model for small bar

    My husband loves this new addition to our bar. It is adequate enough to hold 1000 cigars and elegant enough to boost our bar’s wow factor. Communication was great and choosing the design was easy.

    Cabinet Humidor

    I looked at six different website before selecting the HUM-1200M. I liked the configuration and size. It arrived early. It arrived in good condition. The only requirement was attaching the electrical outlet to the back of the cabinet. It seasoned very quickly. The humidity is constant between 69 and 72%. The picture shows that it fits perfectly into a cavity of a shelf in my cigar room. Looks great. It could not be more perfect for my purpose. Thanks much!

    Beautiful Piece of Furniture

    I purchased this wine credenza with two wine coolers so that it would hold 56 bottles. It's a very built unit that was delivered by professionals who were very cautious and courteous. I highly recommend this product and rate the credenza and service a 5 star.