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Large desktop humidors are not only nice to have as décor, but they are also a practical yet stylish way to maintain the quality of your cigars long-term.

Apart from quality smokes and a great gift on Father’s Day, cigars add a classy aesthetic to your home and office space. Cigar collectors worldwide have a good eye for purchasing desktop humidors that work well and are built with design and innovation intact.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of owning one of the many promising large desktop cigar humidors for your man cave or cigar lounge.

1. It provides ample space for personal cigars

The best desktop humidor offers plenty of space to keep cigars arranged while also keeping them in an optimal environment to achieve long-term freshness. Cigar enthusiasts can also store and sort out their priceless cigars by brand, age, or flavors for a more organized system. 

Cigar humidors come in several compartments and are measured for multiple sizes. The standard desktop humidor can snugly fit 20 to 50 cigars on average, while the larger ones can accommodate more than 100. Other variants come with numerous tiers as well for bulk storage in a compact yet spacious compartment.

2. An excellent conversation piece

Humidor with Cigars and Card for Father's Day on Table

As many cigar aficionados know,  some of the best desktop humidor brands come with a wide array of designs and styles. Manufacturers create pieces that store cigars with an intelligent mechanism intact. Not to mention,  they’re also built using superb materials in mind, which makes for an interesting conversation piece with your guests. 

Whether you place it on your desk, as part of the lobby, or as a bar aesthetic, high-quality desktop humidors are not hard to notice. When it comes to socializing, they make for a great ice breaker amongst cigar lovers.

3. Keeps your precious cigars close at hand

A stressful day can usually take a toll on us. For smokers, a good puff of a cigar is where they find ease. Keeping your stash of cigars close at hand will make them easily accessible for when you need a good smoke.

Not to mention, having easy access to your favorite cigars in your workspace or study area will make it less of a hassle to offer a good quality cigar to a guest. If you’re trying to seal a deal for a new business venture, sealing a pitch is always a little more exciting when having a one-of-a-kind cigar like your prized Montecristo or Highclere.

4. Some large desktop humidors boast advanced features

Wooden Cigar Humidor with hygrometer

Apart from the Spanish cedar material or the maple or oak used for the exterior and interior, countless desktop humidor reviews encourage you to look at the advanced features offered in the latest designs.

Some large desktop humidors come with top-of-the-line calibration features for digital hygrometers. For more customized designs, other manufacturers add fingerprint sensors for highly personalized access. Others also prefer engraved units or brass knobs for every drawer to add a lavish exterior for a signature finish.

5. An excellent gift option for any occasion

Another advantage of purchasing a large desktop humidor is that it makes a superb gift option on Father’s Day, anniversary, wedding, retirement, or holiday presents to family and friends.

Also, customized desktop humidors are an excellent way to add a special touch to the gift. Personalized humidors are also auctionable items for charity events, holiday raffles, and other special fund-raising affairs that many cigar enthusiasts enjoy bidding.

6. Large desktop humidors are an excellent collector’s item

Cigars Inside of Open Desktop Humidor

Aside from its effective and efficient way of preserving cigars, large desktop humidors make for a wonderful collector’s item. Those handcrafted with precision and meticulous details sometimes become antique collections that are often hard to find. 

Indulging in a bit of self-gratification won’t hurt if you’re investing in a high-quality desktop humidor that’s been in mint condition for several years. It won’t only be a luxurious investment worth making; it’s also a great way to carry on the tradition of keeping personal cigars a classy yet fulfilling hobby for many.

7. A Best Buy for Beginners

Apart from a good set of Montecristos, first-time cigar collectors won’t always know whether to purchase a travel humidor or invest in a large desktop humidor. Remember that getting extra storage space will give you more room for cigars you will receive as welcome-to-the-club gifts or those you will buy in the future.

Besides, budding cigar lovers won’t want to go to the extreme and purchase humidor cabinets in their first few months of collecting. Desktop humidors are always the ideal choice when you start small, then slowly find which cigar storage system works best for you along the way.

8. Desktop cigar humidors are beautiful accent pieces

Stylish Black Desktop Cigar Humidor

Rustic, large desktop humidors are one of the most versatile pieces of cigar storage that can double as a design aesthetic. The natural wood used to produce such timeless humidors paves the way for them to become antiques eventually.

Desktop humidors have a seamless way of blending in with the furniture and other tabletop cigar ccessories. They are also a perfect gift to interior designers and architects who appreciate a good design touchpoint on the spaces they’re curating.

While many non-cigar smokers or collectors will probably confuse it as another stylish storage box, a large desktop humidor can make a final accent décor to a relatively modern yet rustic interior.


Cigars are rather delicate items to collect and store, and that’s not exactly new information for many cigar enthusiasts. Proper humidor upkeep and maintenance and investing in a desktop humidor that fits your needs are all crucial to keep your precious cigars in tip-top condition.

Don’t overlook or underestimate the benefits of getting yourself a large desktop humidor! It offers many advantages and adds a touch of luxury to any space. Shop now at Elegant Bar and see our wide range of functional yet compact desktop humidors you will surely love.

Or you can explore our humidor lockers or cooler humidors to find the right cigar storage for you!

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