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Investing in cigars is not only about money but also about investing your time and emotions. That’s why knowing how to choose a good humidor matters.

Cigars, like fine wine, need time to reach their full potential. While some may offer a delightful flavor profile from the start, others require five to ten years of aging before they can be fully appreciated for all of their complexity and richness. The key is finding the right balance.

Preserving cigars requires the perfect temperature and moisture conditions which the right humidor can provide. Improper storage will not only negatively impact the aging process but also destroys the quality, flavor, and taste of your prized cigars.

And if you want to store them for the long haul, it’s crucial to maintain precise control over temperature and humidity levels. This means investing in an ideal humidor for your cigars to protect your investment in exquisite stogies.

You may be asking yourself, "But what humidor should I buy?" Don’t worry, we've got you covered! Your Elegant Bar has created the ultimate humidor buying guide. Discover our top humidor tips and key factors to consider when choosing the best cigar humidor for you.

1. Choose a humidor to fit your collection

To purchase an appropriately sized humidor, follow this simple guideline: Always buy a humidor that is larger than the number of cigars you intend to store.

This is the most important thing to consider because humidors need proper airflow to maintain the perfect climate for your precious cigars. An overly populated humidor will have a significant effect on the temperature and humidity inside which can ruin your expensive collection.

Stack of cigars with cognac

A humidor that is too small or too big for your needs will be difficult to regulate and achieve the ideal humidification.

Every humidor on the market comes with a cigar count that is ideal for its shape and size, and the capacity can range from hundreds to thousands. If you plan on storing 50 stogies, we recommend getting a humidor that holds up to 100 cigars.

2. Consider the different cigars you want to store

Aside from getting a bigger humidor, one of the essential factors to ponder on is the kinds of cigars you plan to keep. Many cigar enthusiasts have a habit of collecting various stogies to satisfy their smoking needs — from mild, medium, to full-bodied cigars.

If different cigars are not properly separated from each other, it will affect their flavor profile and aroma. Ultimately, this mistake could ruin your blissful smoking experience.

Part of being a cigar aficionado is enjoying your cigars the way the master blenders intended them to be, so invest in a humidor with multiple drawers or compartments if you plan to store various cigars in one humidor.

3. Get a humidor that fits your environment

How do you choose a humidor for cigars that will perfectly complement your space? There are different categories of humidors to choose from, such as:

  • Cabinet humidors
  • End-table humidors
  • Desktop humidors
  • Travel humidors

You can find them in various wood finishes like walnut, mahogany, dark cherry, and more. If you’re looking for a humidor that complements your living room or office, buy one that is not only functional but also doubles as a stylish furniture piece.

4. Think about geographic location

When wondering what to look for when buying a humidor, consider your climate. While often overlooked, location is a crucial factor to keep in mind.

For instance, if you live in a region that experiences moderate temperatures year-round then there likely won’t be any challenges in terms of maintaining the ideal conditions. However, if you live in a region that experiences extremely chilly winters and scorching hot summers, then it may impact the way your humidor functions.

That said, it’s nothing that can’t be addressed with the perfect electronic humidification system. Once you have that in place, all you need to do is monitor the temperature and moisture levels of your humidor from time to time. That’s all it takes to fine-tune your humidor’s technical parameters according to its locale.

Cigars in desktop humidor

5. Think about installation space

Location also includes the right storage area. So, apart from the geographical region, the amount of installation space it requires is paramount.

Depending on the desired storage capacity, office spaces could do with a desk humidor cabinet or even a coffee table humidor. Electronically operated humidors must naturally be plugged in at all times so they need to be located close to a socket.

If you do a fair amount of travelin, it’s worth considering a compact, lightweight, and budget-friendly portable humidor that can hold anywhere between 5 to 40 cigars.

6. Quality and material matter

When you’re considering how to choose a cigar humidor, it’s crucial to consider the type of wood. The wood you choose has a significant impact on the humidor’s ability to retain moisture and temperature.

The best cigar humidors in the industry feature interiors lined with cedrela odorata or commonly known as Spanish cedar wood. Despite costing more, a Spanish cedar humidor offers many advantages and provides the ideal insulation and protection against tobacco beetles and insects.

7. Buy a well-sealed humidor

To keep the inside of your humidor perfectly insulated and humidified, you need a tight seal to separate it from the outside climate. Cigars should be kept according to the 70/70 rule, meaning 70% RH (relative humidity) at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Getting a Spanish cedar humidor without a good seal is pointless and will damage your cigars, resulting in stiffness and dryness. If your humidor has moisture it is critical to get a humidor humidifier.

Learning how to spot a cheap humidor will save you a fortune in the long run, so only purchase a humidor from authorized and trusted sellers. Don’t forget to read reviews from fellow cigar lovers to help you decide.

8. Opt for a built-in hygrometer and thermometer

A hygrometer is a device that measures the humidity levels within the humidor, while a thermometer produces a temperature readout.

Both accessories are crucial to cigar aficionados because they are clear indicators of the humidor’s environment in real-time. Purchasing a humidor that already has a built-in hygrometer and thermometer makes maintenance easier.

On the other hand, we recommend investing in a high-end humidification system separately. There are many humidifiers to choose from such as travel humidor humidifiers, just remember to use distilled water or Propylene Glycol (PG) solution when filling your unit.

Cigar humidor with built-in hygrometer

9. Consider the upkeep

Properly maintaining a cigar humidor requires dedication and effort. To get started, you need to season the humidor, which may involve a bit of effort.

You should also fill your cigar humidor up to 75% capacity consistently while regulating the right humidity and temperature levels. That’s why if you decide to buy an unreliable humidor, you’ll only end up wasting your precious time checking and tweaking your humidor’s conditions.

10. Figure out your budget

When shopping for cigar humidors, it’s important to familiarize the price range to get the best bang for your buck. Ask yourself, “How much money am I willing to spend?”

Humidors come at various price points, but quality humidors aren’t cheap. Do extensive research and find the best humidor that looks good for you and has excellent internal hardware that fits your needs.

Keep in mind that a high-quality wooden will outlast and outperform cheaper alternatives, so be prepared to spend a little extra.

Finding Your Perfect Humidor Solution

When selecting a humidor, whether it’s a classic all-wood one or a fancy electronic version, it’s important to consider one key question: What makes smoking cigars enjoyable for me? Your passion for the experience and your personal lifestyle should take priority over other factors.

If you need assistance in finding your ideal humidor, we can help. Our personalized humidor solutions are tailored to meet your exact needs. Whether you're in need of a custom-made humidor, a smoke eater recommendation, a cooler humidor, or even wholesale options, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching, we're here to make your humidor dreams a reality.

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