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Air Purifier For Industrial Smoke

Industrial smoke is the worst as it has coarse dust particles, smoke, foul odors, chemical fumes, and much more. There are more than 250 harmful chemicals in industrial smoke, which affect multiple organs of your body. Thus the need to purify the air is greater in the present time. These days you can see factories and industries opening up everywhere. The smoke arising from the chimney of industries penetrates your homes and lungs.

So you must use air filters to separate clean air from pollutants. Inhaling industrial smoke has significant side effects, and only air purification systems can save you.

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What are the effects of Industrial smoke on an individual’s health?

Inhaling industrial smoke will affect various organs of an average human. According to experts, high concentrations of industrial smoke cause various throat infections, congested nasal passages, and eye problems.

From far, industrial smoke seems to be gaseous, but at a microscopic level, you can view solid particles floating in the air. These particles are removed using powerful air filters and purifiers.

Do air purifiers work against industrial smoke?

Air filtration for industrial sectors has become a necessity. From protecting the atmosphere to the safety of workers, you must keep the air clean for multiple reasons. However, there is a misconception that maybe air purifiers do not work well for industrial smoke. Well, that is incorrect. Large-scale filtration systems perform an excellent job of eliminating pollutants from the contaminated air.

If you are an industry owner, you will see that the best way to address pollution discharge is by using air purifiers. They will maintain indoor and outdoor air quality. Tobacco particles are found in smoke, and the size range of particles can range between 0.3 and 0.5 microns. To filter these particles, a highly efficient air purifier is a must.

What are the Components of Air filtering systems?

Removing industrial smoke requires a massive system. The key components are:

  • An industrial dust collection system

It is a key component of air filtration systems. It uses cartridge dust collectors, environment control booths, and filter units to collect all dirt particles.

  • Industrial vacuum systems

The main function of industrial vacuum systems is to avoid dust and other particles from settling in the device. There are even welding exhaust systems to eradicate harmful weld smoke and smoke generated from the industrial plant.

  • Wet scrubbers and exhaust systems

Fume scrubbers or wet scrubbers minimize stack emissions coming from industries. Whereas, exhaust systems contain all the fumes produced in a factory. Without these components, you cannot protect the air and your workers.

  • Oil mist collectors

Another common threat to your health is the mist generated from metalworking fluids and water-soluble coolants. Luckily, filtration systems cater to the problem along with collecting smoke.

Apart from these components, other parts work in coordination to prevent any unwanted outbreaks.

Can Air Purifiers filter out small particles in smoke?

The key question to ask before spending thousands of dollars on air filtration units is whether they can remove all the tiny harmful particles from the air. Therefore, choosing an accurate air purifier requires a lot of attention. You must take into notice the amount of smoke entering the vicinity and how polluted it is.

Once you have an idea of these things, you can buy an air purifier of the accurate size. A correctly chosen air purifier performs remarkably in the accurate room size.

Are HEPA filters effective in removing smoke?

HEPA filters are the most effective in removing tobacco particles and smoke. No other filter has the same capacity or efficiency as the HEPA filter. You can find different grades of HEPA filters. The higher the grade, the better the performance. However, to enhance the overall efficiency, you should use a good HEPA filter and a powerful fan motor. The combination will absorb all the smoky air in no time.

What MERV rating is best for an air filter to remove industrial smoke?

MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value and is used in industries to see how effective an air filter is. A higher MERV value means that the filtration process is smooth. Moreover, fewer particles can escape.

Usually, a MERV 11 or anything higher is considered the optimum choice for industrial smoke. From big to extremely small particles, everything gets entrapped.

Best industrial smoke-eaters

You can find multiple commercial air purifiers to treat industrial smoke. The best choices are AirMac-400E Home Smoke Eater Electrostatic Air Cleaner, T600 Air Purifier for Tobacco Smoke by Airpura, and Smokemaster X-400 Commercial Smoke Eater. These are top-rated smoke eaters of the current time.