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Are you looking for customized cigar humidor cabinets or lockers? We specialize in cigar furniture of every kind including humidor cabinets as well as cigar and wine lockers, be it custom or pre-made. Whether you have a specific blueprint in mind or want us to create an exclusive design for you, we can do it all.

Your Elegant Bar is a complete shop for the designing and fulfillment of all your cigar furniture needs. Our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen have demonstrated expertise in building from scratch varied types of humidor cabinets, lockers, and displays in diverse styles and in a wide array of attractive color palettes. Plus we use the best types of wood, glass, and fixtures to create the most exclusive and finest pieces of cigar furniture.

These custom-built cigar lockers and humidor cabinets have always managed to exceed the expectations of our clients, which include a broad set of organizations, ranging from small businesses to some of the biggest and most reputed brands.

The Best Elegant Bar Designs

At the bottom of this page we’ve featured some of the finest jobs that our craftsmen have accomplished in the past. Feel free to refer to these exquisite designs if you’re looking for ideas for your own custom humidor cabinet or locker. Or give us a call and we will present you with some eye-catching ideas of our own, regardless of whether it is for your store, club, bar or home. We can tailor our designs to complement or match your existing décor, be it contemporary or classic, classy or flamboyant, simple and elegant or ultra-chic.

Everything custom is made right here in our great nation, the United States of America (Florida, USA).  All our products are made with high quality and the best in class wood.


Cigar Locker Humidors in a Cigar Lounge USA
  1. Custom Cigar Lockers

Our lockers are made with 100% Spanish Cedar wood and we use blum hinges that come from Austria. The beauty of these hinges is that they’re self closing and adjustable, which keeps them aligned to keep the door perfectly sealed at all times, and with no effort.

To get rough price estimate on a custom job we have a few standard models shown under the Cigar Lockers Collection.

The humidifying unit is included with your custom cigar locker. Plus the locks and brass plates for each locker are included as well. These units are available in Mahogany satin finish.  Custom finishes and colors are available upon request with samples provided.

Panels: Flat and raised panels are available.

Professional drawings are available upon request. Extra charges may apply.

Wood: All our lockers are made specifically with Spanish Cedar because of the benefits of Spanish Cedar for cigars; other types of wood are available upon request.

Panels: Flat Panels, Raised Panels, and Wire Panels.

Window Glass: Wire glass, frosted glass, or tinted glass available.

   2. Custom Cigar Humidor Cabinets

Your Elegant Bar presents pre-made as well as custom humidor cabinets that come in several different styles, designs, and materials too. The size of the unit is not a problem as we can tailor it exactly, as per your needs. You can opt for a unit with standard humidification or an electronic humidifier. Every cigar unit has a pre-installed digital hygrometer.

LEDs are installed in each unit to further highlight the beautiful display of the cigars. Besides the cabinet style and design, we can also do any other design or display for the cigars/wine bottles as per your specific requirements.

The display shelves in these units are designed as racks to help maintain an aromatic character which maintains the humidity that preserves and ages your fine cigars. Whether it is the aesthetic style or functionality of your cigar humidor, we provide the very best. It is our mission to ensure that not only are your cigars displayed in the most stunning cigar furniture of your choice but also that their freshness is always preserved.

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Wood: Central American Mahogany, American Red Oak, and Spanish Cedar; other woods are available upon request. The display racks are made from Best quality Spanish Cedar wood available.

For Commercial Cigar Humidor Cabinets checkout our content on the pros and cons of buying a premade or custom made item HERE.

Liquor Bottle Storage & Display Lockers  

Lockers for Liquor Bottles


Custom made Cigar Humidor Cabinets in Black


Cigar Display Cabinets with LED Lights                                                                                                             

Frosted Glass Custom Cigar Lockers:

Frosted Glass Cigar Storage Lockers with LED lights


Custom Cigar Humidor Lockers with Flat Slab Doors:

Cigar Humidor Lockers with Flat Panel Doors

Custom Cigar Lockers with Raised Panel Doors:

Cigar Lounge Humidor Lockers with Raised Panel Door


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