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The biggest myth about building a walk in humidor inside a house is that it costs a lot of money, and you have to be filthy rich to have one in your home. The reality is that I have known many cigar smokers who have built such a humidor for less than $2000 total and did not spend anything crazy to buy a whole lot of cigars. As you would imagine that nobody who just started smoking cigars would build something like this. These guys have a collection from 4-10 years or even more than they have been smoking some and collecting more than they smoke. If you buy cigars regularly, then you know you do not end up smoking all your cigars. Here are some of the frequently thought about questions on this topic:


1. How many cigars should I have to build a homemade Cigar Humidor Room?

Well, this question will depend on the space you have to build the cigar room. Let say if you have just a small closet that you want to convert e.g., 3ft W x 6ft H space, you can start with a more modest collection of 12-15 boxes. If you have a larger walk in closet or room that you want to convert, imagine where you would like to have the shelves and how many shelves. I would have 6-7 shelves in height. Now on each shelf, you want to have 3-4 boxes at least. Which also depends on the length of the shelf. Standard shelves are 4’ or 8’. So, count how many boxes you would like.
This image was posted on a website by a gentleman who has built this humidor on his own. This gentleman has collected cigars for around ten years at the time he built this humidor. To build something like this, you can get it done under $3000, including the backing, flooring & humidification.

In Home DIY Walk in Humidor

Image Source

2. How much would it cost?

(2020 pricing estimates) The cost of a 4’ shelf will run around $45 and add some brackets and hardware. Depending on if you are redoing the flooring and backing, you can get this done under a $600-900 budget. That will include a Humidifier. You can go with either a Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 or a Humidifresh. Humidifresh will cost more, but I am a big advocate of spending more money and getting a better item to preserve your cigars better. You can find the Spanish Cedar prices HERE.



Walk In Humidor Shelving


For a bigger Walk in Humidor you would want to double the cost of shelving. Add in the cost of flooring. It would be best if you also considered Spanish cedar paneling for the walls. A 4' 1/4” sheet of paneling will cost you around $85-$90. If you want to add to the looks and add some trim, you are looking at some additional cost. 

3. How to pick the right size humidifier?

This part is simple. Measure the size of the room. Multiply the length, width, and height of the room, and that will give you the cubic ft space. Now all the humidifiers in the market will tell you how many cubic ft they can handle. For example, Humidifresh will work well in a room for up to 30-90 cubic ft space. A room from 100-1000 can use an ARIS 826 Humidifiers. Consider Ultrasonic machine for anything from 800-4000 cubic ft room.

4. Do I need to hire a contractor to get this done?

Not everyone is a handy person and get all this done themselves. So, then you have 2 options. You can either hire a contractor to get this work done for you. The contractor will do all the calculations and can help you with purchasing the material, or you can get the modular units that are pre-made. The good thing about the modular units is that they will be pre-made, and you simply place them in the space you have. These modular units are used in a built-in wall/closet space or a big room stand-alone unit.
Modular Cabinets for Walk in Humidor

Good News: If all this sounds too complicated, don't worry. Your Elegant Bar can provide you guidance and material for a complete Walk in Humidor. No matter how big or small, residential or commercial, we can provide material for all jobs. we even get you set up with other types of humidors. You can reach out to us at or 8885013227.


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B Singh

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