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Quality and design are some of the things you need to consider when selecting the best commercial cigar humidor cabinet for your store, lounge or club.

We classify commercial humidors in two categories:

  1. Pre Made Humidor Cigar Cabinets
  2. Custom Humidor Cigar Cabinets

Pre Made Humidor Cabinets

These cabinets are prebuilt humidor cabinets that are made overseas with mostly Oak but at times particle board or MDF is used in the units as well. The trays/shelves are made with Spanish Cedar in these units. Overall they work well with a quality Humidifier like The Cigar Humidifier EB-100 or a Cigar Ultrasonic Humidifier for Walk-in Humidors EB-03C 


1. These units are not very pricey. A single door cabinet like EB-559 starts from $1395. A double door cabinet like EB-1219 starts from $2650. Usually the shipping is free on these cabinets. Adding a humidifier will add somewhere from $197 to $375 to the cost.

2. These units are pre made and are ready to ship. If you are in a time crunch then this might be the best and only option available to you.


1. These units are made at a factory and the quality may not always be perfect. Even though Elegant Bar takes full responsibility for the quality of its products - which means if there is any imperfection in the product the unit will be replaced completely - sometimes you do not want to deal with these situations.

2. You cannot pick a color. These units typically come in one color expect Tower of Power and it is hard for you to match a color if you are trying to match the color scheme in your cigar lounge.

In commercial spaces especially, humidor cigar cabinets serve a dual purpose: functional and aesthetic. Functionally speaking, they store cigars in the ideal temperature and humidity conditions and aesthetically speaking, a cigar cabinet beautifully showcases cigars, laying them out in a neat and organized manner for guests to admire and choose from. Plus, the cabinet blends beautifully with the rest of the décor. However, premade humidors do not deliver on the visual aspect, as they cannot be tailored to suit your lounge’s style and décor. And an aesthetic mismatch may not reflect well in commercial spaces!

Here are the links for the pre made cabinet style humidors:

Premium Custom Built Humidors Cabinets

Custom humidor cabinets, I call them premium because of their quality and price. You will get the best in class quality and pay the price for it. I am sure you get the point - one gets what one pays for!

Custom units are made in the USA with Spanish Cedar wood inside and out. No other wood is used to manufacture these cabinets. A EB-100 humidification system can be used in these units as well.


1. Since these units are made to order you can change the dimensions of these units. A lot of times we have specific area dimensions or designs around which we have to fit these units in our cigar shops or lounges. The best part about the custom premium humidor cigar cabinets is that you can do just that! No matter what the size of your lounge or lobby, you can have these units tailored perfectly to fit your space or even around any size restrictions you may have.

2. Thanks to its favorable qualities, Spanish Cedar wood proves beneficial on many counts, in terms of cigar storage and preservation. For one, it can prevent the growth of bacteria which is so crucial to protect your precious cigars! Secondly, it can enhance the flavor of your stogies. That’s a double bonus! Every cigar aficionado knows the value of pure flavor and taste. The higher the purity of the flavor, the better will be the experience. So, to enjoy premium flavor, why not use Spanish Cedar inside out!?

3. The best part about opting for customized pieces of furniture? It’s picking the color to suit the decor! Pick the right shade to match your interior color scheme and what’s more, you can even add the LED lights to add a touch of glamour and style to your commercial space - it’s sure to grab eyeballs no matter what type of commercial establishment you own. Besides, if you opt for LED lights, they will come pre-installed already when the cigar cabinet is delivered to your location, which you will not find in most of the pre built cabinets.


1. If you are looking for something right away you will be lucky to find something in stock that will fit your need. However, I still recommend checking with one of the associates.

2. The items can be costly. A small 2' wide cabinet like Model 2 with single door can cost you over $1500. And a full size cabinet like Model 5 can cost you over $2400. 

Here are the links for some of the made to order cabinet style humidors:

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End table Humidors

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Cigar Ashtrays and Lighters

If you're on the hunt for the perfect humidor, browse our full collections. We've got more than just cigar cabinets. We have cooler, desktop, and travel humidors as well. We can even outfit you with all of the proper humidifiers and we even have a guide for building your own DIY Walk-In Humidor. Whatever you need, we've got you covered.

Follow our YouTube Channel to see video reviews of most of these cabinets. 


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Damon Petit
Damon Petit

April 01, 2021

I am interested in ideas and pricing for a cabinet display that is for whiskey bottle display. Each cabinet with a lock, glass front on each door and each box with a light for displaying. Would like between 60-100 to display. Prefer darker woods, with just plain glass. Thank you

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