Cigaroze EB-03C Ultrasonic Humidifier for Walk-in Room | 700-4000 Cu Ft | Your Elegant Bar

Cigaroze EB-03C Ultrasonic Humidifier for Walk-in Room | 700-4000 Cu Ft

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Fully Automatic Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Walk-in Humidors & Marijuana Grow Rooms


Maintaining the optimum humidification levels inside your walk-in humidors is integral for maintaining that ideal atmosphere for your prized cigar collection. Cigar Ultrasonic Humidifier for Walk-in Humidifiers EB-03C can use up to 6 liters per hour to maintain an optimum humidity level inside your humidors.

It also comes with a powerful fan that creates a balanced airflow that quickly distributes moisture throughout the huge cabinet humidor.

The EB-03C provides the convenience of controlling humidity variations inside the humidor to effectively safeguard and maintain the cigar's freshness. With dimensions of 19.68" x 14.6" x 17.4", the EB-03C is perfect for small to medium walk-in humidors.

The humidifier is also easy to set up and use. All you have to do is fill up the tank through the water inlet and press start (adjust the RH settings accordingly). You can fill up the tank manually or automatically. When you use the manual fill feature, you may simply replenish the reservoir with distilled water as needed. Automatic fill, however, makes life much easier by allowing you to connect a water line to the cigar humidifier. A dedicated water line linked to the humidifier saves time and effort, which is especially beneficial when maintaining walk-in humidors.

Digital Display and Humidity Controller:

Maintaining the appropriate levels of humidity is already the most challenging part of being a cigar enthusiast. Because of the fluctuating temperatures and the large reduction in humidity every time the door is opened, walk-in humidors can be even more difficult to manage. With Eb-03C, however, you can easily adjust the relative humidity settings according to your needs. All you have to do is press the ‘Set’ button and use the keys to adjust humidity settings. The display also tells you the surrounding temperature making it further easier for you to decide upon the right humidity levels. You can also set up a timer to suit your needs.

Easy Mobility and a Strong Body:

The EB-03C uses wheels and handles for easy mobility and a strong grip. This allows you to place the humidifier wherever is convenient for you and switch positions whenever necessary without having to lift it. The wheels also prevent your floor from scratching. The sheet metal shell also provides a durable body as well as pressure, corrosion, and wear and tear resistance.

Atomizer for Efficient Humidification:

The ultrasonic humidifier uses an atomizer to pressurize purified water and pump it to atomizing nozzles using a high-pressure pumping system. The water jet is subsequently reduced to a very small water droplet by the nozzles. Water may readily convert its state into vapor due to the tiny droplet size. The ambient air provides the energy necessary for this state change. The vapors then efficiently humidify the surrounding humidor atmosphere giving a longer life to your cigars with an added freshness. You can conveniently adjust the atomizer on the central controller to suit your needs.

Note: The white PVC Pipe is not included.


Capacity 1.58 Gallons capacity per hour
Recommended for  700-4000 Cubic Ft
Material Sheet metal shell
Humidity level 30% to 90% (adjustable)
Humidistat Control Yes
LCD display Yes
Fans Yes
Power Supply 110VAC-1 Phase-60Hz
Installation stand type, movable (wheels for easy mobility)
Product Size 19.68" x 14.6" x 17.4"
Weight 44 lbs

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Good Humidifier

I have used a few humidifier for my other stores and this by far work much better. Easy to operate and has a fine fog.

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Ask a Question
  • Dear elegantbar team Do you supply it in 220 volt Can we use water from osmoseur? What is the size of the tank? Thank you Regards Axel Marguet

    Yes, we can supply this unit in 220vac. Yes, you should only use filtered water. The water tank is small and the unit requires direct water line connection for continuous water feed.