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MON1800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor | 900 Cigars

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MON1800A Temperature & Humidity Control Cigar Humidor with Optional Ammonia Removal

The MON1800A is the perfect humidor cabinet for those of you who like to take your cigar smoking experience with a certain degree of finesse. With five shelves and different temperature settings, this handy storage system will make sure that all your cigars are in tip-top shape while also keeping them at an ideal 60-75% RH with ±1% precision guaranteed by its independent quick dehumidification design.

MON1800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor

Spanish Cedar Lining & Shelves

The MON1800A electronic humidor is made from Spanish cedarwood, which keeps your cigars fresh and provides a breathable environment free from tobacco pests. The classic design will match any room in your house or office to keep all of those precious smokes out on display for everyone to see!

It also ensures that every cigar has its own space while keeping it safe under lock-and-key until they're ready for smoking. The Golden Burl variant is a true show stopper and has natural beauty. The European pattern with bright piano paint makes it perfect for any classy home, while the champagne gold stainless steel door ensures safety at all times.

Modern Touch Panel with LED Lighting

A stylish and sleek addition to any home, the MON1800A humidor includes an LCD touch panel that gives you the ability to set temperature and humidity without the hassle of opening its doors. It also comes with LED lighting strips in aluminum slots that illuminate your cigars beautifully.

MON1800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor

Multipurpose Cigar Humidor for Aging and Smoking

This magnificent piece of furniture is designed with three sections - loose area, cigar box area, and wake-up section. The loose section on top is perfect for storing your smokes in medium-term storage while you keep long-term alcoholized stashes in the middle where they can be monitored more closely. And if there are any sticks that need quick prepping before smoking, just put your favorite stogie in the wake-up area to heat or dehumidify for instant gratification.

Dual-Core Water Cooling System

The MON1800A electronic humidor has been designed to offer stable temperature and humidity control, with straight curves with minimal to zero fluctuations. It also comes equipped with dual evaporators, refrigerants, and water pumps which allow it to provide highly accurate cooling - not too cold in winter or scorching hot in summer!.

The refrigeration method built into this unit is cutting-edge and eco-friendly. There's no need to add water frequently because the circulating liquid keeps it fresh for you! Plus, the alarm will notify you when the water level becomes low.

Nano-Scale Cloud Humidification

The MON1800A is equipped with a cloud evaporator that produces 0.4-nanometer water molecules for fog-free performance, making it the perfect humidor to store both boxed and loose cigars. This nano-scale humidity has stronger penetrating power so you can enjoy your smokes without any problems!

Multiple Humidity and Temperature Sensors

The MON1800A cigar cooler humidor is a must-have for any seasoned smoker. It comes with seven temperatures and humidity sensors to ensure stability without blind spots. The MON1800A also has racks with dividers between each one giving room to store as many cigars as possible while still maintaining their freshness.

Optional Ammonia Removal System

Cigars are known for their amazing flavors, but with time they will develop an undesirable ammonia smell that ruins the flavor. Luckily, you can avoid this problem by using the MON1800A humidor with an optional plasma emitter to eliminate any unwanted odors during the cigar alcoholization process.

This device can help maintain the freshness in any cigar storage space by breaking down 99% of ammonia. The best part about this option? It's completely safe so you won't have to worry about harming fine cigars when trying out this revolutionary tech!

Comparing C-Series vs MON Series

 Model C-Series MON-Series
Main Difference Humidity precision ±3% Humidity precision ±1%
Consumables or not Yes. the wet membrane needs to be changed once a year.
Wet membrane humidification
No consumable.
Evaporator water molecular cloud humidification
Humidity Range 60%-75% ±3% 60%-75% ±1%
Cooling Method Air cooling Water cooling
Cooling system  Single-core system Dual-core system
Air circulation 2 temperature and humidity sensors, it has fans on both top and bottom of the cabinet and air vents on each shelf which forming a waterfall style 360°cubric wind cooling and humidity flowing results in the cigar cabinet Max 7 large temperature and humidity sensors in different positions, the upper, middle, and underneath of the cabinet.
5 horizontal and 4 vertical interchange style air ducting
Temperature and humidity control program Non-frequency control Frequency control
Smart Control NO YES
Independent quick dehumidification drawer NO YES
Ammonia removal function NO YES(optional parts)
Other function MON has an automated odor-removing function
800-900 cigars
23.62" W x 24" D x 48" H
Net Weight 187 lbs
Material Solid wood
Finish Black or Golden
Interior Lining
Spanish cedar
Lock Yes
Tempered glass
Interior Lighting LED
Humidity Range 60-75%
Temperature Setting Range 61°-72°F
Humidity Precision ±1%
Humidification Type Cloud
Cooling Method Water cooling
Cooling System Dual-core
Air Circulation 5 horizontal and 4 vertical interchange style air ducts
Total number of fans 7
Temperature and Humidity Sensors 6
Temperature and Humidity Program Frequency control
Ammonia Removal Function Optional
Smart Control Yes
Independent Quick Dehumidification Drawer Yes
Automated Odor Removing Function Yes
Heater Type 2 Metal PTC
Max Heating Power 200W

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dennis G.
Perfect condition, solid packaging, Extremely preecise

Elegant bar delivered as promised right on time.
The humidor was extremely well packaged.
It was in perfect condition. We kept it up right for 5 hours and then filled the water.
Water fill was easy and the alarm told us when we were finished.
This humidor is exact I mean it's within 1% Rh.
Would definitely buy again from elegant bar

S P.
Amazing Humidor

Thank you Elegant Bar team & Jied would definitely recommend...

Ghadah A.R.
So elegant!

I received my elegant humidor yesterday and it looked Amazing. I would like to thanks Jied for his support and assistance since placing the order till received.
Thank you Elegant Bar team, will definitely recommend it..

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