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If you’re a beginner in the cigar world, chances are you could be wondering what a humidor cabinet is.

Cigar smokers and enthusiasts will tell you that a humidor is a lifesaver when it comes to preserving your smoke’s good quality. Humidor cabinets are for the more extensive cigar collection, typically found in bars, tobacco stores, cigar shops, lobbies, and hotels.

Why Buy a Humidor Cabinet?

No one wants a wilted and rancid taste or aroma when they pull out their most excellent cigar collection. Thus, the need for proper maintenance and upkeep using a humidor. 

Humidor cabinets come in different styles and components, but all serve the purpose of preserving the life of a well-made cigar. It’s built to create the ideal environment that controls the temperature and the relative humidity inside the box. This mechanism helps add in the right amount of moisture to prolong the quality and flavors of cigars.

A standard humidor cabinet can hold 1,000 to 2,000 cigars, while large humidor cabinets can carry up to 5,000 cigars. Cabinet humidors are engineered with precision and design to ensure that those storing their cigars in bulk for extended periods will efficiently manage and look after their collection. 

The Beauty of a Wooden Humidor Cabinet

Handmade Cuban Cigars

Artisans who customize humidor cabinets ensure that the suitable material, compartments, and the humidifier and hygrometer are lined and installed part by part for proper assembly. A good humidor cabinet for your cigar shop or lounge should have the following:

  • Spanish Cedar Wood

High-quality humidor cabinets are made from Spanish cedar since it’s commonly the material used in the commercial manufacturing of the cigar humidor and humidor cabinet’s lining. It plays a significant role in protecting the tobacco of the cigars from parasites or molding. 

Spanish cedar does a great job in stabilizing the humidor cabinet’s internal environment while emanating a light fragrance that helps in the aging process of cigars.

  • Humidifier

The humidifier is the most crucial component found in a humidor cabinet. It makes maintenance more accurate to achieve the best humidity level. The most you can set your humidor’s temperature is at 73°F and the humidity from 65 to 75%. 

However, suppose you wish to achieve the ideal conditions for cigars in bulk, which are 70°F and 70% humidity. In that case, the digital hygrometer is highly recommended to control the temperature and humidity simultaneously.

  • Hygrometer

The hygrometer is also found in a humidor cabinet, usually made from a spring or natural or synthetic hair. This component in a humidor or humidor cabinet enables you to check the desired rate of humidity. 

A hygrometer helps avoid drying out your cigars from excessive humidification. It’s recommended to regularly check the setting of the hygrometer to prevent unpleasant odors that may have tainted the overall aroma of the cigars.

  • Glass Window

Humidor cabinets often come with glass windows on the door to help monitor the cigars from a distance without frequently opening the doors. The glass used on humidor cabinets should be thick.

It’s also the preference for those who often go to places such as cigar lounges and shops. The glass windows help you reduce the frequency of opening the humidor, which more often than not decreases the humidity level inside.

The Benefits of a Humidor Cabinet

Cuban Cigars

  • Maintain Consistent Humidity Levels

All humidors are designed to maintain a consistent humidity level in your cigars. This helps keep them from drying out and cracking or curling up at the ends.

  • Prevent Mold from Forming

One way to make sure mold never damages your cigars’ quality is to keep them in a humidor cabinet. Too much or too little moisture can lead to developing mold, and that's something you want to avoid altogether.

  • Give You Space for More Cigars

As we previously stated, the larger a humidor cabinet is, the more cigars it can hold. If your current box doesn't have enough space for all of your favorites, look into getting a custom-built unit with additional space. This also gives you room for accessories like cutters and lighter without clutter.

Where Do You Put a Humidor Cabinet?

You can place a humidor cabinet anywhere in your home where it will get the right amount of light, heat, and cool air. Here are some suggestions for positioning: 

  • Away from an Air Conditioning or Heating Vent 

Generally, you want to keep your humidor cabinet out of blasts of icy air or hot temperatures to keep your cigars fresh. Keep it away from AC vents and windows to help maintain the humidity in your box.

  • Away from Cooking

Food smells will attract mold spores, so don't put your humidor close to anything that is cooking. Also, try and avoid placing a humidor next to any smelly footwear or other items which generally contribute to musty odors.

  • Away from Sources of Vibration

Similar to how sound can affect your hearing, vibrations can alter the calibrations within a cigar box, potentially damaging them permanently. So if you have an amplifier or any other powerful vibrating devices near your humidor, try moving them a few feet back.

Our Highly Recommended Humidor Cabinets

Bermuda Cigar Humidor Cabinet 

 Bermuda Cigar Humidor Cabinet


  • 4,000 cigar capacity
  • Spanish cedar lining 
  • Built-in external hygrometer
  • Elegant cherry finish

We like the Bermuda Cigar Humidor Cabinet because of its overall capacity and quality. It can hold up to 4,000 cigars, plus it’s made from solid cedar wood and has an elegant cherry finish. This humidor cabinet has six shelves and 12 removable trays for convenience. 

The dividers are adjustable, so making room for bulk orders will be no issue. The built-in external hygrometer is found on top of the cabinet and can gauge proper moisture levels for your cigars. There is also a featured display meter to help you modify specific settings like water and excess moisture.

Chancellor Antique Tower Humidor Cabinet

Chancellor Antique Tower Humidor Cabinet


  • 3,000 cigar capacity
  • Timeless design
  • Tempered glass door
  • Shelves are equidistant from each other

The Chancellor Antique Tower Humidor Cabinet is also highly recommended for commercial and residential use, holding 3,000 cigars. It boasts an antique design that would stand out in a hotel and cigar lounge.

It’s lined with Spanish cedar and does a great job of stabilizing the climate of top-grade cigar collections. Spanish cedar emits a strong odor that repels tobacco beetles and insects, ideal for long-term maintenance.

This humidor cabinet also has a tempered glass door which is tinted and highly durable. This promotes safety and is anti-shatter in case you’re worried about clumsy folks and jagged shards. This humidor cabinet has excellent shelving and a selection of compartments to evenly store different cigar flavors.

Commercial 5000 Decorative Wall Cabinet Humidor

Commercial 5000 Decorative Wall Cabinet Humidor


  • 5,000 cigar capacity
  • Antique distressed walnut finish
  • Two swinging tempered-glass doors
  • Optional humidification system

The Commercial Decorative Wall Cabinet Humidor features an excellent aesthetic to any room. It’s perfect for hotels and cigar lounges and boasts a tempered glass door to give interested buyers a look at the vast cigar collection. 

This humidor cabinet is big enough to accommodate 5,000 cigars. It’s another model with a lining that uses Spanish cedar, which is excellent for absorbing excess water and releasing stored moisture.


Whether you’re looking to invest in expensive cigars or finding a new humidor cabinet or humidor lockers for your shop, it’s always a good idea to take a good look into the customization of the product

Manufacturers and artisans ensure humidor cabinets are seamless and tasteful, design-wise, and a keeper in terms of longevity. Check out Elegant Bar's expansive collection of cigar humidors for your next big purchase. We even have air purifiers to compliment your hobby.

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