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Getting Rid of Cigar Smell

Have you come across a situation where you might have not lighted a cigar for hours but can still smell the distinctive scent of a cigar? Well, if you use cigars regularly or spend hours in a bar, the smell gets trapped in your clothes. Even after the butt has been extinguished, the smoke particles continue to linger on your clothing and it can be disturbing.

Getting rid of smoke odor from your clothes is one of the toughest tasks. No matter how many detergents or cleaners you use, the smell often remains intact. At times, this smell also seeps into your washing machine. However, it is not an impossible task. A few useful methods can help you overcome this nasty situation.

Since cigar smoke has poisonous particles, you should get on with the necessary measures to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

Tips for Removing Cigar Smell from your Clothing

If you wonder how to remove the old, lingering smell of a cigar from your favorite T-shirt or suit, you will find your answer right here. These simple yet effective methods help get the smell out of your clothing and home.  

Machine or hand wash with Baking soda

One of the best qualities of baking soda is that it can remove odors from your clothes. You will need to place your clothes within a plastic bag and then add baking soda to it. Afterward, tightly seal the bag and shake it thoroughly for nearly two minutes. The shaking helps the soda to spread evenly. You don’t need to do anything else. Leave the bag for a few hours or overnight. 

Wash with Baking Soda to remove Cigar Smell

Leaving the clothing enclosed within the bag with baking soda helps remove the smoke smell. No matter how intense the smell might be, baking soda does an effective job at getting it out.

Try a deodorizing spray

Smoking can relieve the pressure on your body but leaves behind a nasty smell. Well, luckily using an odor-eliminating spray can solve the problem. These sprays are commercially available and do a fantastic job at removing all kinds of odors.

Even if you don't want to purchase a new spray, you can make one at your home. Take some water and vinegar in equal proportions and add some drops of essential oils. Mix the solution and apply it to your garments. In a few hours, all the smoke smell will be gone.

Machine wash with Vinegar solution and Lemon Juice

To treat clothes having smoke residue, use vinegar and lemon solution. You should take half a cup of lemon juice and spray it onto your clothes. The acidic lemon removes unwanted odors. Similarly, vinegar solution also does a wonderful job at getting rid of the smoke smell. Mix 1 cup of vinegar with warm water and soak your clothing in the solution. After an hour, wash the clothes with tap water and you won't smell anything unusual.  

Dry clothes in the open air

Remove Cigar Smell by Drying your Clothes

Drying your clothes in the natural air is another technique for getting rid of the smoke smell from your shirts and jackets. It also comes in handy when you don't have a machine at home. Smokers only need to hang their laundry in an open and well-ventilated space. The air helps the smoke particles diffuse out of clothes.

Other Methods to mask cigar odor in your Home

Along with simple solutions, you can try other methods to remove the cigar smell from your clothes and surrounding. Such as using:

  1. OdoBan

This product is specifically produced to deal with odors and smells. No matter how strong the smell might be, OdoBan can successfully remove it.

  1. Air purifiers for Smoke


The Air Purifiers for Smoke are equipped with activated carbon filters that absorbs the smoke smell and removes any lingering smoke. The FlushMount2000 Commercial Air Purification System is the best way to deal with smoke.

FlushMount2000 Commercial Air Purification System

Even installing the all-new MaxMount2000 Commercial Air Purification System helps tackle the issue.

MaxMount2000 Commercial Air Purification System

  1. Febreze Odor eliminator

Febreze is a new in-wash detergent booster on the market. Along with stains, it also treats unpleasant odors. You will need to use it along with your detergent for the best results.

Removing Cigar Smell from your Skin, Hair, and Breath

Clothes are not the only thing that traps smoke particles. Your mouth, hair, and skin also absorb smoke. If you are wondering how cigar smoke absorbs into your skin, hair, and breath, the answer is simple. Cigar smoke deposits residue on everything it comes in contact with. To save yourself from long term harm, you need to: 

  • Wash your hands, feet, and body with soap and water. Use warm water to clean the fingers with which you hold the cigar. Often covering up your body prevents smoke from being absorbed by your body. So wear full-sleeved clothing and sanitize your hands immediately after a puff.
  • Rinse your hair with a scented shampoo to reduce the powerful cigar smell. Don’t forget your beard and mustache while rinsing your body.
  • If you smoke a lot, brushing and rinsing with mouth wash will help you remove the odor. Nicotine stains teeth, so regular brushing is a must.


Banishing the smoke smell from your clothes and residence can be tough, but it isn't an unachievable task. Using the right methods and tools will guarantee success. Don't let the smoke settle in your surroundings because it will harm your loved ones and your health. Using these easy methods will remove the cigar smell from your clothes and purify the air in your residence.  

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