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Why Do Cigars Crack

Have you ever seen your cigar crack in front of you? Well, cigar cracking is quite natural. Most cigars in your home never make it to your hands because they lose their shape and taste much before. It isn't a manufacturing defect, instead, various factors lead to this condition.

So, it is evident that smoking cigars aren't as simple as it looks. Cigar cracking is the biggest challenge to every smoker. The minute you leave your cigar unattended in the open air, it disintegrates. 

Maybe you were saving the cigar for a special occasion, but after its surface cracks, it becomes useless. Nothing could be worse for a smoker than unraveling of his expensive cigar. Most of the time, the wrappers of cigars unfold and come off. It is painful to see a precious cigar going to waste, but one cannot do anything once the damage occurs.

What are the Common Causes for a Cracked Cigar Wrapper? 

If you are wondering what causes cigars to crack, there are numerous reasons behind it. Some of the reasons are:

  1. Not Avoiding Extreme Temperatures

Temperature changes can impact cigars. You can't put cigars in extreme conditions because it will result in rotting within the cigar. If your collection of cigars stays in a warm place for a longer duration, they will also lose their shape.  

On the other hand, extreme cold is also not a suitable option. Cold temperature affects the wrapping of the cigar and forms cracks on the surface. Thus experts ask smokers to keep their cigars within humidors. A humidor keeps the temperature in control and won't let your cigars get ruined. A good temperature for cigars is anywhere from 65-73 degrees Fahrenheit. I keep mine close to 70.

  1. Wrong Humidity level

Humidity and moisture could be a reason why your cigars crack. Not providing the right humidity will lead to the cigar wrapper to crack.

To make sure your cigars don’t crack, provide them with the right humidity between 65-72% RH. Mine is always around 68-70% RH.

Only an accurate humidity level will help the cigar burn properly and provide a better experience to the smoker. You can avoid surface cracks and cigarette unwrapping by regulating the moisture content in your home. If you own a humidor or plan to get one then check out these cigar humidifiers you might need to keep the humidity in the correct range. 

  1. Using a Dull cutting tool 

Until you don't use the right cutting tools, you will never get a good quality cigar. Inferior cutters only destroy your precious cigars and waste your money. Furthermore, a poorly cut cigar can easily crack and will not allow you to enjoy the smoke. Thus it is better to use cutters like the Palio Composite Cutter to get the best results.

Palio Composite Cutter

  1. Cutting a cigar much more than required

Before lighting your cigar, you need to cut the cap. However, most smokers make the mistake of cutting the cap a little too much. It leads to cigar cracking. The cigar cap secures the wrapper. If you cut the cap beyond a certain limit, the wrapper will move out of place. It is one of the prime reasons for cigar cracking in most cases. Here is a complete guide for you on how to cut a cigar properly

Cutting a Cigar in a right way

  1. Putting excessive pressure on the cigar 

Putting too much pressure on your cigar or holding it too tight can result in the cracking of the cigar wrapper. Try to hold your cigar gently and avoid drawing too hard. A poor draw will waste your precious cigars. If required, shave off the head of the cigar to improve your smoking experience.   

  1. Cigars are infested with beetles

Just as mold can destroy your home, beetles can damage a perfectly shaped cigar. If your cigars are infected, you will need to throw them away. Beetles create small holes and weaken the wrapping of the cigar.

How to Repair Cracked or Flaking Cigar Wrappers? 

A cracked cigar won't provide a memorable smoking experience, so you can throw them away or fix them. Yes, that's right, cracked cigars can be repaired if the holes are small enough.

Fixing a Flaking Cigar

You should take some pectin or acacia powder and mix it with a piece of donor tobacco. The tobacco acts as a patch, and the pectin will be used as a gelling agent. With this, you won’t get any flavors because pectin is flavorless.  

How to Prevent a Cracked or Flaking Wrapper?

Now that you have an idea about what causes a cigar wrapper to crack, it’s necessary to focus on preventing the damage. Whether your home has excessive humidity or excess moisture, both of these conditions can be controlled. You can save your cigar and its flavors by:

  • Keeping your cigars in a humidor with an accurate temperature
  • Keeping cigars locked in Ziploc bags while traveling
  • Using sharp blades or high-quality cutters
  • Not taking off the band at the start


Without precautions and care, your expensive collection of cigars will start to crack. Thus, you must take care of them. Protect your cigars by using the right accessories such as cutters, humidors, and other relevant items. If you pick the right products and follow the correct guidelines, your cigars will last much longer.  

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