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Air Purifiers

Introducing our new collection of Air Purifiers for cigar industry. The units are proven and are being used in the cigar industry. Rabbit Air and Austin Air products have a good reputation in the cigar industry. If you have any questions about the products give us a call and we would be more than happy to help.

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works well

I have some digital hygrometers I like, but generally I find the analog just fine and MUCH easier to adjust. Placed in a 69RH Boveda bag, however, this was exactly 69% RH so I think it's fine.

It's what you are afraid you will get for the price

$600 for a 1500 cigar end table humidor - sounds too good to be true? it probably is. It comes fully assembled, which is nice. All you have to do is install the shelves (which are solid cedar) and screw in the outlet in the back. I left the feet off, as it is tall without them for an end table. It's built pretty solid, but I had to take one door off and adjust hinges to get the doors to close and stay tight, There was a giant gap by the outlet you install in the back. I also added a door catch at the bottom to keep them closed tight. Unfortunately, in the dry northeast winter it leaks humidity like a sieve. I just added rubber seals to the doors and drawer to see if that will help. If it doesn't, I will need to empty it out and caulk all the inside seams. So far, it's a struggle to get it functioning the way its supposed to. People in the humid south may have better luck with it.

It looks decent for a veneered piece, and there really isn't any alternative in this capacity in this price range. The inside is cavernous - the 1500 advertised capacity is much closer to accurate than most humidors. If I can get it to hold humidity, I would be ecstatic with it.

Hi Michael, Sorry to hear you had problems with you humidors. You can always contact us to resolve any issues with you unit. Feel free to reach out if you are still having issues.
appears to work as intended, but wifi is useless

This humidifier appears to work as intended - very quiet, kicks on and off when needed, easy to set, but the wifi connection and control is completely useless. Very difficult to connect, and won't stay connected. The app is clunky. Buy it because it seems to be a decent active humidifier, but don't count on the wifi connection and control ever working.

A functional beauty

The unit is just as shown. The humidity displayed is not what the hygrometers I trust inside say it is, but it has been consistent now for about 4 days. I could adjust the display to reflect the actual humidity but I really don't care what the number says as long as the cigars are where I want them humidity wise. Everything works as expected. The humidity at the top and bottom don't vary more than 2% RH.The interior light is gorgeous, and even my skeptical wife says it's magnificent. Came promptly to the house and 3 of us got it up the two small stairs into my office--220 lbs. Well packed and intact with no damage. Incredible humidor and I have two others already.

Perfect for Me

After a trip to Cuba, needed to move up to a cabinet humidor to handle an expanding collection of cigars. After a lot of research this one looked like it would fit my needs the best. Good looking, solid and functional. I am very impressed and would buy it again in a heartbeat.