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 Are you one of those cigar smokers who treat smoking as a passion? If so, you will be aware of the significance of cigar accessories. Passionate smokers not only value cigars but purchase every accessory that can make their experience more pleasurable. Some individuals treat smoking cigars like a ritual. They cannot live without smoking a cigar. That is why these people value every accessory. Whether it's an ashtray or a cutter, cigar enthusiasts spend thousands on these items.

Finding best Cigar Accessories

Having the right accessories makes things easier for a cigar lover. Some of you might think of it as an unnecessary expenditure, but honestly, it is not. If you smoke cigars regularly, having these items on deck is ideal. Once you stock up on all the necessary accessories, you won’t feel any pressure and won’t have to ask others for ashtrays or other goods.  

The Cigar Accessories that should be in Every Smoker’s Home

If you smoke cigars every day, you might be aware of some of the things that you need. These include cigar cutters, smokers, lighters, and much more. However, some essentials should be with you at all times. The following list of essential accessories makes your life much better.


A humidor helps maintain humidity levels for cigars. Your cigar will lose its shape and taste if you don't provide the right humidity level. Keeping a cigar in the open isn’t a good choice. First of all, it will make the cigar tasteless, and it won't be a memorable smoking experience. Secondly, you could lose your precious cigars to tobacco beetles.

Cigar Humidor

 Therefore, having a humidor in your home is an absolute must. With a humidor in your home, you will be able to preserve the life and aroma of your precious cigars. Nowadays, there is a lot of variety when it comes to humidors. The most popular options are:

  • WoodTop Amish Solid Maple Humidor (50 Cigars)

You could buy the WoodTop Amish Solid Maple Humidor. Its sleek design will be perfect for every room. It won't cost you more than a few hundred dollars, and you can easily store up to 50 cigars in it. This finely crafted piece is worth every penny.

WoodTop Amish Solid Maple Humidor | 50 Cigars


  • WoodTop Amish Solid Maple Humidor (75 Cigars)

If you need more storage space, the all-new WoodTop Amish Solid Maple Humidor is an ideal choice. It doesn't only have more storage space but also has a movable partition to manage the cigars.

WoodTop Amish Solid Maple Humidor | 75 Cigars

Cigar Cutters

If you smoke cigars, you should know about the importance of their shape. A poorly cut cigar ruins your entire experience. In some circumstances, a wrong cut could cause the wrapper to unravel. Thus, buying a quality cutter is mandatory. Choose a cutting device having sharp blades and the one that can provide you with the cigar of your choice. For example, you could get:

  • Lacquered "Walnut" Wood and Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter

    It cuts every cigar with perfection. The stainless steel blade is capable of cutting up to a 0.54 cigar. Moreover, it has a drawer dedicated to collecting the cuttings.

    Lacquered "Walnut" Wood and Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter

    • Classic Style Table Top Butcher Cigar Cutter

      Another classic cutter worth buying is the classic-style tabletop butcher cigar cutter. It has a unique design and a wooden base. With perfect cigars, you get a perfectly decorated room. 

      Classic Style Table Top Butcher Cigar Cutter

      These cutters are ideal for tabletops, side drawers, and other surfaces. No matter what everyone says, a cigar smoker cannot survive without a professional cutter.


      Cigar lighters are also part of the long list of accessories you must have. You can't smoke a cigar if you don't light it up. So, purchase as many lighters as you require because they will come in handy at all hours.

      Instead of using traditional lighters, you should switch to something more modern. The general torch lighters won’t have the same impact as a dedicated cigar lighter. When you use cigar lighters, they slowly burn the cigar and make your smoking experience more enjoyable. Some customized lighters that are perfect for your needs are:

      • XIKAR Verano Lighters

      XIKAR produces excellent lighters which not only look great but also last longer. These lighters stand out because of their elegance and high performance. It offers double the power of an average lighter. Furthermore, you can check its fuel level and have it refilled at any hour.

      XIKAR Verano Lighter

      • Xikar Volta Quad Tabletop Lighters

      Another lighter worth your consideration is the new and improved Xikar Volta Quad Tabletop Lighter. In terms of functionality, design, and performance, no one can beat Xikar Volta. The high-performance quad flame burns each cigar with perfection.

      Xikar Volta Quad Tabletop Lighters

      These lighters are the best choice for every smoker. You won't ever need to use outdated lighters because you will have these efficient devices near you.


      The list of cigar accessory essentials doesn’t end at lighters or cutters. There is one thing left: the ashtray. You can't smoke without having an ashtray. It comes in handy because you can keep your cigar in it. The ashtray provides support and won't let your cigar turn bitter.

      Still, that doesn't mean you should settle for an average ashtray. Pick a design and size that suits your needs. 

      • 7" Square Grid Cigar Ashtray for Outdoor or Indoor Use

      An affordable ashtray option for every smoker is the 7" Square Grid Cigar Ashtray. The metal tray is designed according to the needs of a smoker and has a great appearance.

      7" Square Grid Cigar Ashtray for Outdoor or Indoor Use

      • Stinky Floor Ashtray

      Another great option to explore is the stinky floor ashtray. It's bigger, better and windproof. The bigger size allows smokers to enjoy their cigars for the entire evening. You won’t need to empty the ashtray after every few hours if you have one of these. 

      Stinky Floor Ashtray


      Thus, stocking up on the right accessories is a must. You could even gift these beautiful items to your friends and family members. Your smoker buddies would love a stylish smoking accessory that makes their smoking experience memorable.

      Lucky for you, our store has all of these useful accessories. You could shop our cigar accessories collection and get everything you need in one place.

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