November 01, 2023 2 min read

Whether it's a commercial smoke eater or one for your home, your air cleaning system is essential to any elegant establishment. This article will go over some of the important things to consider and know about smoke eaters before purchasing one for your residence or business.

You Need to Know How They Work

There are a couple of common ways smoke eaters turn airborne particles into fresh air. The most standard form is mechanical filtration, which involves using air filters to strain out particles. You will find either HEPA filters or some kind of carbon filtration are the most general replacement filters on the market.

Here are five common technologies used for eliminating smoke from the air in most residences or businesses:

Ozone Generators: These electronic air cleaners create ozone to eliminate odors and particles or use

UV-C light: Uses a light to kill viruses, bacteria, and other airborne microorganisms.

Mechanical Filtration: Using the power of fans, electricity, and a powerful HEPA filter able to filter microns as small as 0.3, this is the most commonly found air filtration method.

Electrostatic Precipitation: Considered to be one of the more effective methods of smoke elimination, this method involves charging smoke particles in the air using electrostatic technology and then collecting back the charged particles on plates with the opposite charge.

Activated Carbon Filters: These are intended to eliminate a multitude of smells, including volatile organic compounds, cooking oil, and cigarette smoke.

You Should Know the Benefits of Having One

You know how they work, so let’s talk about the benefits of investing in a smoke eater:

  • Your establishment will have improved air quality. By targeting smoke particles in the air and eliminating them, you can keep your air quality up to health standards in any smoker friendly space.
  • You can remove odors caused by tobacco smoke. Using your home smoke eater will keep your home, furniture, and carpets/rugs from absorbing cigarette smoke.
  • Your patrons will be more comfortable. Flush mounting smoke eaters are more inconspicuous than you think, and your customers will appreciate you having one in your restaurant, bar, or cigar shop.

You Should Consider the Following Before Purchasing One For Your Restaurant or Bar

  • How many cubic feet per minute of air flow do you need to filter in order to purify the air in your establishment or residence?
  • What kind of maintenance and replacement filters will my smoke eater require?
  • Smoke eaters come in a carrying range of price points: What is the budget for this particular piece of equipment?

Here at the elegant bar, we carry a wide array of both commercial smoke eaters and smaller residential smoke eaters, as well as a selection of air purifiers. No one wants to sit in a restaurant or bar that has a lingering stale smell of past tobacco smokers - Investing in a good smoke eater or air purifier for your bar, restaurant, or smoke shop could determine your customer’s comfort level and happiness.

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