March 06, 2023 2 min read

Cigars are a luxurious pleasure that many enjoy. To maintain their freshness and taste, it's important to store them in the right conditions.

This is where a cigar humidor comes in - a storage box designed specifically for cigars. In this article, we'll explore how to use a cigar humidor so that you can get the most out of your cigars.

How to Use a Humidor? 

A cigar humidor is used to regulate the humidity and temperature of your cigars, maintaining their freshness and flavor. To use a cigar humidor, you first need to choose the right size for your collection. The next step is to prepare the humidor by seasoning it. This is done by wiping down the interior with a damp cloth, then leaving it open for 24 hours to stabilize.

Do You Unwrap Cigars Before Putting Them in a Humidor? 

It is recommended to leave your cigars in their cellophane wrappers when storing them in a cigar humidor. This helps to keep the cigars fresh, as the cellophane provides a barrier to air and light.

Do You Put Water in a Humidor? 

Yes, you add water to a cigar humidor. This is done to maintain a stable level of humidity inside the box. You should use distilled water and not tap water, as the minerals in tap water can damage the cigars and the humidor.

How Long Will a Cigar Last in a Humidor? 

When stored properly, cigars will last forever in a humidor. Keep in mind that this only applies to premium cigars because of the tobacco and materials used in making them.

Knowing how to use the humidor box and avoid excessive moisture on the interior of the humidor is important as well.

A cigar's lifespan does depend on your personal preference because the taste will change over time. If you do not prefer the aged taste, purchase fewer cigars and store them so you can smoke them faster. 

How Often Do You Add Water to a Cigar Humidor? 

The frequency of adding water to a cigar humidor depends on several factors such as the size of the humidor, the number of cigars stored, and the climate conditions.

In general, it is recommended to check the humidity level regularly, and add distilled water as needed to maintain the relative humidity between 68% and 72%. Over-humidifying a humidor can lead to mold growth, while under-humidifying can dry out the cigars.

Final Thoughts 

Understanding how to work a humidor the right way is important to keeping your cigars fresh and flavorful from start to finish.

Another important factor that we haven't discussed is the quality of your humidor itself. If you're using a low-quality humidor it won't matter how well you maintain it because it will not take proper care of your cigars.

If you're tired of worrying about prolonging the life of your cigars and protecting your investment, it's time to shop for a better humidor. Check out our great options and hassle-free shopping at Elegant Bar!

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