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As a cigar smoker, there are some critical pieces of information that are helpful to understand regarding cigars. If you are new to cigar smoking, you should know when is the best time to smoke a cigar, how much of the cigar to smoke, and whether or not you should inhale it. 

Here are five things every cigar smoker should know to enjoy the experience to the fullest. 

1. Smoke on a Full Stomach

Smoking a cigar on a full stomach helps you not to feel nauseous. If you want to smoke a cigar, be sure to have a good snack ahead of time if you can’t make time to eat a meal. You are less likely to have an upset stomach after smoking if you eat ahead of time.

2. Cigar Size Makes a Difference

As a cigar smoker, the size of your cigar makes a difference. If you're not pressed on time, consider smoking a Churchill. If you have about a half hour, consider smoking a Corona. 

Longer cigars have more tobacco and deliver a stronger finish, whereas shorter cigars intensify more quickly than longer ones. Thinner cigars burn quicker than fatter cigars, and you can taste more flavor. 

3. Age of Cigar Matters

The age of your cigar does matter. It does not mean it is moldy if you notice tiny white specks on your cigar. The white marks, or plumes, can appear green or blue. 

The plume means that your cigar has adequately aged and can be brushed off. Mold will not brush off and will stay on the cigar. Another way you can tell that the specks are plume and not mold is that plume only forms on the surface of the wrapper leaf, whereas mold appears on the cigar’s foot. 

Cigars can stay fresh indefinitely if you keep them humidified. Store your cigars properly at 70 percent humidity at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Don’t Inhale Cigar Smoke

You do not inhale cigar smoke. Smoking a cigar is not like smoking a cigarette. Cigar smokers should never inhale cigar smoke. 

Instead, draw the smoke from the cigar into your mouth, allowing it to enter your palate. Then, let the smoke out of your mouth or push it out through your nose.

It is important to know what happens if you inhale cigar smoke. Inhaling cigar smoke can increase your risk of developing coronary artery disease or lung disease.

5. Use Butane Lighters or Matches

You should light your cigar using a clean flame, like butane lighters or matches. Many cigar smokers use triple-refined butane to fill their lighters up because it has few impurities. 

You can also use cedar matches to light your cigar. Avoid using zippo lighters because the taste of the liquid fuel can ruin the taste of your cigar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Every Cigar Smoker Have?

Every cigar smoker should have a humidor, as they help store your cigars in the proper humidity level. The humidor permits the tobacco leaves inside the cigars to enlarge and shrink in accordance with the humidity.

There are various types of humidors. A travel humidor is excellent for taking your cigars with you on the go, so you can ensure they are stored properly with the right humidity level. 

Is it okay to smoke one cigar a day?

It is okay to smoke one cigar a day. According to a survey from the American Cancer Society, cigar smokers who smoke one cigar daily have no increased mortality. 

Do cigars get you high or buzzed?

CIgars may make you feel buzzed because of the nicotine they contain. The quicker we smoke a cigar, the faster the nicotine enters our system. 

How far down should you smoke a cigar?

You should stop smoking a cigar once it gets around an inch away from your mouth. Unlike cigarettes, cigars do not have a filter at the end to hold on to, so it is essential to know when to stop smoking the cigar.

Final Thoughts

Understanding all there is to know about cigars before smoking with your boss, father-in-law, neighbor, or friend is essential. Keeping your best cigars to smoke fresh and within the appropriate humidity levels is necessary. 

A humidor can help keep your cigars fresh and ready to use anytime. You can shop hassle-free at Elegant Bar to shop for a humidor or other cigar accessories.

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