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When it comes to cigars, the cut is more than just a technicality — it's a crucial step that impacts your smoking experience. Just like a chef skillfully slices ingredients to enhance their flavors, the cut you choose can bring out the nuances of the tobacco, letting you fully appreciate the craftsmanship of the cigar maker.

In this article, we'll explore how to cut a cigar and unravel the importance of getting it right. So sit back, let your curiosity ignite, and join us on a journey where the fine art of cutting meets the timeless tradition of cigar smoking.

Types of Cigar Cutters

There are various ways to cut a cigar, each with its own unique benefits, allowing you to personalize your smoking experience.

Guillotine Cutter

The classic guillotine cutter involves placing the cigar's head in the guillotine's aperture and swiftly snipping off the cap. This method works well for larger cigars, but it's important to be careful and avoid over-cutting, as it can cause unraveling.


Using the V-cut (or cat eye) method to create a V-shaped notch in the cap provides controlled airflow and enhances flavors for smaller cigars or those with firm draws.

Punch Cut

The punch cut uses a circular blade to make a small hole in the cigar's cap, reducing the risk of unraveling and making it suitable for windy conditions. However, this method may restrict airflow and impact the draw and flavor.

Scissor Cut

You can use scissors to cut a cigar, but it's recommended to use cigar scissors for the best results. They work well for irregular cap shapes but require practice for precision.

How to Properly Cut a Cigar

While the method of cutting sets the stage for a satisfying cigar session, mastering the technique is just as important.

1. Select Your Cutting Tool

Pick the cutting style that fits your liking and the cigar you're smoking.

2. Inspect the Cigar

Take a look at the cigar's cap to find the spot where it separates from the body. That's where you'll be making the cut.

3. Position the Cigar

Hold the cigar gently, but make sure you've got a good grip on it. Make sure the end you're planning to cut is easily accessible and facing upwards.

4. Make the Cut

Align the cutting tool with the cap of the cigar. Make a swift, controlled cut while applying gentle pressure. The goal is to remove the cap cleanly without damaging the filler or wrapper.

5. Inspect the Cut

Once you've made the cut, take a look to make sure it's clean and even. You want to remove enough of the cap for a good draw, but not so much that the cigar starts to come apart.

6. Light and Enjoy

After you've successfully cut the cigar, go ahead and light it using your preferred method. While you smoke, make sure to pay attention to the draw, burn, and flavor, and take note of how the cut might affect these aspects.

Get a Clean Cut With Your Elegant Bar

Remember, practice makes perfect. Every cigar is unique, so its size, shape, and construction may call for a slightly different approach. As you get more comfortable with cutting, you'll master the art of getting that perfect cut for every cigar you come across.

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