May 11, 2023 2 min read

Whether you’re a cigar shop owner or simply someone who loves a good cigar every now and then, you understand the difference a fresh cigar can make.

Cigar humidors are designed to preserve the quality of your cigars and we have a number of great options to help you display them.

Best Cigar Humidors

Here are five of our favorite cigar humidors.

1. Single Door Cigar Humidor

This is a small cigar humidor that stands vertically on its own. It’s great for small corners and tight spaces. Everything is controlled with a button and it contains an LED system to illuminate the interior.

The humidor is easy to use and maintain, and the glass window allows you to see your collection without having to open the door.

2. Electronic Humidor Cabinet

For the serious cigar smoker, an electric cigar humidor is the way to go. This one contains an air cooling system that constantly monitors the levels to ensure that everything stays in the proper range.

It has a large capacity and can hold up to 900 cigars and the tempered glass door adds a layer of protection while also ensuring you can see everything inside as well as the humidity readings.

3. The Apollo Humidor

For the cigar aficionado on the go, the Apollo Humidor is a great option. It has a capacity of 10-20 cigars and weighs less than two pounds. It’s a great option because it easily fits into suitcases and carry-ons and can also fit right inside a desk drawer. This small travel cigar humidor is affordable and the perfect way to store your cigars when moving from place to place.

4. The Tryck Humidor

The Tryck Humidor is a great choice for cigar lovers who want to protect and preserve their cigars. This case faeutres a fingerprint lock that ensures only you can access your collection.

It comes with a digital humidometer and USB charger that easily connects for simple charging anywhere you go. It’s not only functional, it looks great too with a beautiful wood box and anti-corrosive hardware. This is the ultimate humidor for a cigar smoker who values his collection.

5. Display Countertop Humidor

The Display Countertop Humidor is perfect for the cigar shop or lounge owner who wants to showcase their selection.

The cigar humidor box can hold up to 250 cigars and has a durable metal frame with 360-degree visibility. This is a great option for those who currently own or are planning to start up a cigar shop.

How Long Will a Cigar Last in a Humidor?

Generally, a cigar will last for several months to a few years in a well-maintained humidor. It's important to regularly monitor the humidity level and temperature to ensure that your cigars stay fresh.

Final Thoughts

Your cigar humidor will make or break the freshness of your cigar. Whether you’re just a casual smoker or someone who has been collecting for decades, The Elegant Bar has everything you need. Experience hassle-free shopping at Elegant Bar!

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