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Do Smoke Eaters Remove Secondhand Smoke?

Do Smoke Eaters Remove Secondhand Smoke?

3 min read

Secondhand smoke is the culprit of many odd odors and is often the root of higher rates of indoor pollution. Learn how smoke eaters help you achieve the healthy environment you want for your home or establishment.
Woman Hand Open Air Purifier for Clean Dirty Air Purifier HEPA F

Maintenance 101: How Do I Clean a Smoke Eater Filter?

5 min read

Cleaning your smoke eater filters doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are the ins and outs of proper maintenance to keep your trusty smoke eater around for a long time.

A man smoking a cigar, wondering "do air purifiers remove smoke smell?"

Do Air Purifiers Remove the Smell of Smoke Too?

6 min read

Second hand and even third-hand smoke are not good for our health. And if you have little ones in the house then that becomes a major concern. For businesses, you also want to remove smoke and odor. Find out how air purifiers reduce indoor air pollution.