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Secondhand smoke is the culprit of many odd odors and is often the root of higher rates of indoor pollution. This is very common in many residential buildings and spaces and the workplace and public establishments. 

As smoking is approached with more rigidity over the years, this habit has been met with smart solutions like air purifiers and smoke eaters. These products continue to be high in demand, reducing harmful and toxic air pollutants indoors. 

But do smoke eaters remove secondhand smoke? In this article, you’ll learn how smoke eaters help you achieve the healthy environment you want for your home or establishment.

It’s All About the Air Filters

Man sitting in a bar smoking cigar

When exposed to secondhand smoke, let’s say you passed by a smoking zone on the way home from work, the particles from the smoke still end up on your clothes. 

So when you remove it at home and touch the surfaces, the particles are activated again and become airborne, which is usually breathed in. This is why many homeowners still suffer from the harmful health effects of secondhand smoke. 

  • High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)

Smoke eaters and air purifiers do a stand-up job when it comes to eliminating secondhand smoke and other allergens in the air that make it difficult for many people to breathe. This is because of the HEPA filters that can absorb microns within the range of 0.1 to 0.3. 

These air filters are designed to reduce the levels of smaller airborne particles. However, smoke eaters and air cleaners cannot clean 100% of bad air. HEPA air purification systems can remove 99.97% of all smoke and other particles like dust or pollen. 

Also, it’s important to consider maintaining these mechanical air purifiers, which typically have a higher cost due to filter replacements. 

  • Activated Carbon

Other smoke eaters contain activated charcoal filtration that effectively eliminates the smell of cigar smoke in commercial settings and larger rooms with a higher volume of pollution. Smoke eaters have HEPA filters that may not require constant replacement.

Still, it’s also critical to know that cigar smoke can produce ultra-fine Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that even HEPA filters cannot capture all. Thus, chemical absorbents found in other air filters are ideal for larger smoke particles in small or big spaces.

Tips and Tricks to Absorb Cigar Smoke Odors at Home

A jar of baking soda that helps eliminate smoke from cigars

Aside from air cleaners and smoke eaters purifying the air quality in your home or cigar lounge, a few simple tips and tricks can still be applied to remove smoke odors. These methods are affordable and can be used in any home. 

  • Vinegar and Lemon Juice

One of the most versatile clearing components in the household is vinegar. It can effectively cut unpleasant scents from cigar smoke. Mix vinegar and lemon juice in a bottle and spray it like an air freshener or try placing small bowls of white vinegar out in a room where smoking was done for long periods.

The smell of smoke will disappear the morning after. When it comes to wiping off smooth and hard surfaces with nicotine residue, vinegar is also an excellent acidic cleaner that can dissolve nicotine and avoid stains.

  • Baking Soda and Activated Charcoal

Another excellent cleaning solution to remove the odor of smoke indoors is to use a baking soda and activated charcoal solution as a room spray. 

Simply mix them in a bowl and let them absorb the stench of cigarettes and cigars in a room accordingly. Sprinkling a mix of this powder mix on surfaces will help clear out the odor that tends to stick on granite and other surfaces. 

  • Coffee Grounds

Aside from being a great smell to wake up to in the morning and a fantastic morning cup to start the day with, it’s another natural component that helps reduce odors like smoke. 

Try using coffee filters and fill them with fresh grounds. Proceed with placing them in the open of the smoke-affected areas in the room to gradually absorb the smoky stench of cigars and cigarettes left in the room.


As much as home remedies can help eliminate the smoke from cigars, investing in a reliable smoke eater is still a more optimal solution. The first defense to wiping out secondhand smoke is a high-quality and reliable machine that can purify the air with HEPA filters.

Smoke eaters and air purifiers with well-maintained HEPA filters can last you the test of time and give you reliable and clean air quality. See more of the best smoke eaters and air purifiers at Your Elegant Bar! You can also explore our collections of humidors including desktop humidors, custom cabinet humidorstravel humidors, accessories or more!

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