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Air purifier cleaning up air in a large room

Best Air Purifiers for Large Rooms

4 min read

When buying an air purifier for a large room, make sure you take into account the kind of filters used, CADR rating, and noise level of the unit. Once you've done your research, check out our range of air purifiers for large rooms and choose one that best suits your needs.
Car Air Purifier inside a car cabin between the front seats

Should You Get an Air Purifier for Your Car?

4 min read

Germs, dust, smoke, and toxic gases can contaminate the air in your car's cabin in ways that the air purifier in cars can't always handle. Air purifiers are therefore necessary in cars to purify the air so that you can only breathe clean air.

Remove Weed Smell from Clothes

Can an Air Purifier Help with Weed Smell?

4 min read

Marijuana usage and popularity have grown significantly over the years, especially since it is proven to have properties that help with certain illnesses. However, the usage of marijuana leaves behind a pungent smell that lingers in the air for long periods of time and often sticks to surfaces. To help combat this problem, air purifiers use various filters to capture the cannabis particles leaving the air clean to breathe.
How to Remove Cigar Smell from Clothes

How to Get Cigar Smell Out of Your Clothes

4 min read

Are you tired of your clothes smelling of cigars or burnt-out cigarettes? Well, these simple yet effective methods help you quickly fix the problem. These natural and chemical solutions will usefully remove odor from your favorite clothing items.

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