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Car Air Purifier inside a car cabin between the front seats

Should You Get an Air Purifier for Your Car?

4 min read

Germs, dust, smoke, and toxic gases can contaminate the air in your car's cabin in ways that the air purifier in cars can't always handle. Air purifiers are therefore necessary in cars to purify the air so that you can only breathe clean air.
How to Clear Your Home of Wildfire Smoke

How to Clear Your Home of Wildfire Smoke

5 min read

This blog post will teach you how to clear your home of wildfire smoke in eight easy steps. We will discuss some strategies that have worked for people on a personal level and a business level.

Wildfire putting off smoke that needs removal by one of the best air purifiers for smoke

6 Best Air Purifiers for Smoke Removal

7 min read

Smoke contains tiny airborne particulates, VOCs, and gases that irritate the lungs and cause breathing problems. Find out which air purifier works best for removing wildfire smoke, cigar smoke, and cannabis smoke in your home or workplace.