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October 26, 2022 4 min read

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Over the last two decades, the world seems to be moving at a pace faster than ever. To catch up with this pace, many people spend the better part of their day commuting from one place to another. We are also no strangers to the fact that with rising levels of air pollution, the air quality has taken a serious hit too. According to a US National Institute of Health study, interior component hydrocarbons and brake particulate matter can both have negative health effects. This makes many people question whether car air purifiers are a luxury or a necessity.

Are Car Air Purifiers Worth It?

Although some cars come with built-in air purifiers and these prove to be effective against cabin pollution dust, and pollen. However, the filters in the majority of cars won't be able to trap VOCs and gases from the exhaust of other cars. You might need an independent air purifier for this, preferably one with an activated carbon filter. So, whether or not an air purifier is worth the investment depends on multiple factors. Mainly on the usage, you want to get from it, the situation of air quality in your area, and the type of vehicle you’re driving.

Are Care Air Purifiers Safe?

An important consideration when determining whether car air purifiers are worthwhile is whether they are safe. Car air purifiers are generally safe gadgets as long as you use them according to the user manual's instructions.
When using ionic air purifiers, steer clear of two things. Firstly, even though they purify the air in your car, they do so by neutralizing impurities in the air, which causes them to collect a thin layer of dust on nearby surfaces, which over time becomes messy.
Secondly, they may result in the production of the harmful irritant ozone. Inhaling ozone can irritate your throat, make you feel out of breath, and harm your lungs. For the same reason, avoid using car ozone generators whenever possible or use ozone air purifiers when not in the vehicle to avoid inhaling toxic particles.
This is essentially all there is to worry about when it comes to safety concerns with car air purifiers, aside from general safety precautions as you do for all kinds of electronics. After considering everything, car air purifiers are worthwhile from a safety standpoint.

Types of Car Air Purifiers

Air Filter being placed inside the car engine

AMT-based car cabin purifier

Active molecular technology or AMT claims to improve air quality in just a couple of minutes. It is virus resistant and gives your vehicle an N99 level of protection. Holding up to the WHO standards, these air purifiers remove harmful gases, bacteria, and other germs from the air. With easy installation, they also help save up on costs. 

HEPA filter-based car cabin air purifier

The best technology for safely removing airborne particles is a HEPA air filter. However, HEPA is ineffective for gases. The main justification for purchasing a car air purification system is getting rid of unwanted gases. Gases will easily pass through the HEPA air filter fibers, Including car fumes. The HEPA air filter will only remove smoke particles, not smoke odors when used to remove things like cigarette smoke.

Activated carbon filter

Many of the gases connected with smoke removal and automobile fumes can be effectively removed using an activated carbon filter. However, you cannot expect your car to purify the air by placing a container of active carbon inside. Furthermore, not all gases respond well to carbon. If you want a more comprehensive solution, you will need additional gas filter media or treated carbon.

Benefits of Car Air Purifiers

Removes air pollutants and reduces harmful gases

You let a variety of pollutants into your car every time you roll down the window. Allergies and breathing problems can be brought on by these pollutants. Similarly, excess CO2 accumulation can lead to discomfort while traveling. But thanks to HEPA filters in air purifiers, you won't be exposed to these airborne contaminants. The carbon filters also reduce the number of carcinogens.




Get rid of pet Dander

Dog looking out of the car window while taking a ride with the owner

If your furry friend shed a lot of skin, hair, and fur, thus the number of pollutants in the car cabin, you can rely on the air purifier to remove pet dander from the air leaving you with clean and fresh air to breathe.





Say Goodbye to unwanted odor

Woman driver blocking her nose to avoid smelling bad odor in the car

A continuous flow of fresh, clean air is guaranteed by an air purifier. Your ride may be unpleasant due to smells from stored fuel or a smoker on board. But with an air purifier, you can breathe clean, fresh air every time.





Things to Keep in Mind when Buying a Car Air Purifier 

Make sure the purifier also filters gases and tiny particulates. Consider purifiers with HEPA filters as they can remove the most pollutants. Moreover, consider the size of your car's cabin before making your purifier purchase. Preferably, look for one that has a clean air delivery rate of at least 25 m3/hour. A purifier cleans the air more quickly the higher its rating. This is crucial because car rides are typically brief, and you should breathe clean air for the majority of that time.

In conclusion, having a car air purifier can pay off! When you have an air purifier on board, you can wave goodbye to pollution and dust for a consistently clean and safe ride.


Our Top Pick:

The compact  Airgle AG25 Air Purifier for cars and small spaces

The  Airgle AG25 Air Purifier is a compact yet effective portable air filtration system. It can handle all airborne particles, VOCs, odors, secondhand smoke, and allergens in the home, office, or car. The patented PCO technology, which utilizes photocatalysts and UV light to kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses, is incorporated into this small air purifier. The AG25 home air purifier can easily switch between high-speed, standby, and low-speed modes with a light touch of the power button.

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