February 28, 2023 2 min read

There are a few must have cigar accessories that every avid cigar smoker has. While many of these are common cigar tools, there are ways to spice them up and make them more unique. Continue reading below to see some of the best cigar accessories for yourself or a special smoker in your life.  

1. Customized Ashtray

A customized cigar ashtray is a great accessory for a cigar smoker because it allows them to have a designated place to ash their cigar to keep their bar or lounge area clean.

Also, customizing an ashtray with initials or something personal is a great way to help the ashtray fit the overall aesthetic of the area where you smoke. 

2. Humidor Cabinet

humidor cabinet is a great accessory for a cigar smoker because it helps to maintain the proper humidity level for storing cigars, which is around 70%. 

This is important because cigars are made of natural tobacco leaves and can dry out or become too moist if not stored properly. This will impact their flavor and overall smoking ability.

A humidor cabinet also helps to protect cigars from exposure to light, temperature changes, and other environmental factors that can damage them. Additionally, a humidor cabinet can provide an attractive and convenient way to store and display a collection of cigars.

3. Cigar Cutter

cigar cutter is a great accessory for a cigar smoker because it allows the smoker to make a clean and precise cut on the cigar, which helps to ensure the cigar burns evenly to maximize the overall experience.

While most cigar smokers should already have a quality cutter, purchasing a customized one or something stylish can help them enjoy their cigars more. If you’re purchasing it for yourself, you can help it fit the overall aesthetic of your bar or lounge. 

4. Portable Cigar Case

Portable cigar boxes or travel humidors are a must have cigar smoking accessory for anyone that’s always on-the-go. The box keeps cigars fresh by maintaining the proper humidity level and protects them from damage due to crushing or bending. 

If you’re looking for the top cigar accessories for someone who travels a lot whether it’s you or another person, this is a great option.

5. Cigar Stand

A cigar stand is a piece of equipment or furniture designed to hold and display cigars. It can be a small tabletop holder or a larger freestanding unit. 

Some cigar stands are made to store cigars in a humidified environment to keep them fresh, while some of them are simply made to display your cigars on a counter or bar top. 

Cigar stands are made from various materials ranging from wood to glass. They come in a number of designs and you can even get customized ones with your name, initials, and personal design taste. 

If you’re interested in one or more of these must have cigar accessories, consider doing some hassle-free shopping at Elegant Bar today!

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