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C380A Electronic Humidor Cabinet | 1,500 Cigars

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C380A Cigar Cooler Humidor Cabinet with 7 Shelves

If you are a cigar aficionado, then this cooler humidor is perfect for your needs. The C380A Electronic Humidor Cabinet has plenty of room to store all types and sizes of cigars with its 1,500 capacity. The single-core air cooling system monitors both temperature and humidity levels to maintain them at an optimal 60-75% RH with ±3% precision - so that mold will never be a problem! This cigar cooler humidor measures 23.62" W x 24" D x 71.65" H and features seven shelves made from Spanish cedar.

C380A Electronic Humidor Cabinet

Accurate Temperature and Humidity Control

As any cigar aficionado knows, the perfect humidor will keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke at all times. That's why the C380A humidor cabinet has an easy-to-use refrigerating system that eliminates frost and condensation while also boasting a honeycomb-shaped wet membrane for ideal humidity levels! This prevents moisture from evaporating as easily so your beloved stogies are protected in any climate condition.

Impressive Air Cooling System with Sensors

The C380A electronic humidor cabinet is the ideal storage for any cigar enthusiast. You'll feel like you're in a tropical rainforest with this classic design that includes two temperature and humidity sensors, as well as fans on both the top and bottom of the unit to keep everything cool - literally! It also has air vents on each shelf, which form a waterfall style 360° cubic wind cooling system - making it easy to store your cigars without worrying about them getting too hot or dry out.

C380A Electronic Humidor Cabinet

Durable Spanish Cedarwood Shelves and Lining

The C380A electronic humidor cabinet is an innovative and cost-efficient solution for cigar enthusiasts who want to create a place of their own. With metal liners sometimes being problematic in their effects on cigars, the C380A uses wood instead that helps absorb any moisture that would normally affect your smokes.

Plus, Spanish cedarwood's high absorption level enables it to be in a constant state of absorbing and releasing water vapor, so if you're looking for something that will help keep your humidor cabinet moisturized as needed - this material does the job!

Tempered Glass Door and LCD Touchscreen

The C380A is a modern humidor cabinet with an airtight seal, made of solid wood that will not warp or crack. With its sleek design and beautiful finish, this piece would be perfect to place anywhere in your home!

This electronic humidor features a tempered glass door with the perfect touch of innovation. This will keep you updated on what's going inside, without having to open it up for yourself! It also comes with a lock to prevent theft and an LCD screen that gives both temperature and humidity readings so you know when something needs your attention right away.

1,400-1,500 cigars
23.62" W x 24" D x 71.65" H
Net Weight 231 lbs
Material Solid wood
Finish Black or Brown
Interior Lining
Spanish cedar
Lock Yes
Tempered glass
Interior Lighting LED
Humidity Range 60-75%
Temperature Setting Range 59°-77°F
Humidity Precision ±3%
Humidification Type Wet membrane
Cooling Method Air cooling
Cooling System Single-core
Air Circulation Top and bottom fans with air vents on each shelf
Temperature and Humidity Sensors 2
Temperature and Humidity Program Non-frequency control
Heater Type Ceramic PTC
Max Heating Power 200W

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason F.
Very nice

Overall, this is a nice humidor. The quality of construction and aesthetics are 5 star. Here are my 4 star areas that could use a minor improvement. 1- The set humidity level is higher at the bottom than the top by 3 to 5%, just store the boxes and loose cigars accordingly. 2- The set humidity level can fluctuate with the weather and I have central air. 3- The LED lighting is only at the top, so it's basically useless by the time you get to the bottom shelving. 4- I would like to see the drawers on a mounted slide system. When you pull them out, the drawer can fall over, so now I have heavier boxes at the back to counteract. None of these are major issues.

Shipping went great, and time from order to delivery was fine. I really like it and would buy again.

Thomas H.
Great cabinet humidor

Great humidor. Only complaint is that the hydrometer is not very accurate. Other than that, very satisfied.

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