Cigaroze EB-200 Cigar Humidifier for Small Humidors | Upto 8 Cu Ft | Your Elegant Bar

Cigaroze EB-200 Cigar Humidifier for Small Humidors | Upto 8 Cu Ft

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It's critical to maintain proper humidity levels within humidors to keep your cigars as fresh as possible. Especially with small humidors with restricted airflow, the humidification becomes even more challenging. The EB-200, however, optimally solves this problem by eliminating the need to constantly monitor humidity levels, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your cigars.

With 7.87” x 4.92'' x 4.61'' in dimension, the humidifier is ideal for small humidors. It is also relatively easier to install. All you have to do is place it smoothly on the ground or on a flat surface and plug it in. To add to the convenience, it comes with a long power cord. It uses a strong power supply of 110-240VAC-1 to efficiently do the job.

With the help of a strong motor working at 60 Hz and powerful industrial grade fans, the EB-200 efficiently circulates air and allows for a rapid moisture distribution across the humidor. It also prevents the humidifier from overheating.

A 304 stainless steel body prevents the humidifier’s body from rusting or corroding given its frequent exposure to water. The stainless steel also makes them easier to clean and sanitize without running the risk of chemical damage.

Water Beads for Efficient Humidity Control:

The EB-200 uses water beads roughly an inch long in dimension to efficiently control humidity. A major advantage of beads is that they are a two-way humidifying device, meaning they will both create and absorb humidity. Cigars can be ruined by a dry humidor because they become brittle, crack, and break apart. Worse still, if your cigars are excessively dry, they could taste harsh. On the other hand, a humidor might grow too damp, causing your cigars to burn unevenly, have a difficult draw, or even develop moldy. As a result, maintaining the ideal RH in your humidor is critical. The water beads in EB-200 do just that. As a general rule of thumb, use 1 ounce of humidity beads for every 500 cubic inches of humidor area.

Easy Humidity Control Settings:

Even for the most seasoned cigar collectors, maintaining the ideal level of humidity within humidors may be difficult. Temperature and humidity fluctuations may wreak havoc on your prized collection. That is why it is critical to regulate and maintain the proper atmosphere to keep your cigars fresh. The EB-200 allows you to adjust the relative humidity by simply using two buttons on the foreface of the device.

Product Manual: EB-200 humidifier manual



Material 304 stainless-steel
Recommended for Upto 8 Cu Ft
Humidity level 30% to 90% (adjustable)
Humidistat Control Yes
LCD display Yes
Fans Yes
Power Supply 110-240VAC-1 Phase- 50/60Hz
Installation Place the ground smoothly
Product Size 7.87''*4.92''*4.61''
Weight 4.4 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Juan C.
Good unit

Had this unit for a few weeks now and is been doing its job the actual hidrometer is not calibrated at all so don't really on it I have it on a aging vault I do have a couple of lbs of heartfelt beads together

Ben R.
Works fairly well but inaccurate

I installed this in my Montague cabinet humidor several weeks ago. I also have a sensor push wireless temp and humidity monitor that is calibrated and takes data constantly. I found that the internal sensor of the eb200 is off by almost 20%. I have managed to compensate for the inaccuracy using the sensor push device. The unit does work well, but don't trust the settings.

Works Good

Its been a few weeks since I started using this machine and it has been working great so far. Super easy to install as well.

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Ask a Question
  • What kind of power cord does it have? Will it interfere with the seal on the humidor door when it closes?

    It has a 3 wire power cord.

  • 1. Does the EB200 come with water beads? 2. Do the beads work by themselves or do they also require the humidifier solution?

    Yes. EB-200 comes with water beads.

    It's more recommended to use distilled water for the water beads but humidifier solution can also be an option