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Wall-Mounted Mini Mist Humidifier | 1,200 sq. ft.

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Wall-Mounted Steam Humidifier for Walk-In Humidors

Manages approximately 900 to 1,200 square feet of controlled humidity, the Wall-Mounted Mini Mist Humidifier provides unparalleled steam humidification for your vast cigar collection. This electric humidifier produces a cool fog of pure moisture making it ideal for walk-in humidors. Comes with an automatic water feed system, this cigar humidifier can be connected directly to a water source for a maintenance-free experience.

Compact at 14” W x 8” D x 21” H, the Wall-Mounted Steam Humidifier has an attractive and modern design that stands out from all the other humidor humidifiers on the market. If you need to humidify a much larger walk-in humidor, you can add more units and hook them to the same water line. This allows you to operate each one within a different zone humidity range, as every Mini Mist cigar humidifier comes complete with a separate humidistat.

Wall-Mounted Steam Humidifier for Walk-In Humidors

Produces Ultra-Fine Mist

The Wall-Mounted Mini Mist cigar humidifier features industrial-grade humidification to efficiently hydrate an entire room filled with cigars. Its advanced internal components propel a mist of ultra-fine water particles that completely evaporates within a short distance, avoiding the chance of getting anything inside the walk-in humidor wet or damp.

The generated smoke-like fog from the Mini Mist humidor humidifier adds an ideal amount of moisture to the air preventing dried out cigars. Highly efficient and quiet, this cigar humidifier’s cool mist also refreshes the room making you feel comfortable and relaxed while enjoying your stogies.

Built-in Sensor and Humidistat

With a built-in humidistat controller, the Wall-Mounted Mini Mist cigar humidifier is convenient and easy to use. Simply turn the knob to your preferred percentage of relative humidity (RH). This humidor humidifier also has an internal sensor that automatically regulates and stabilizes the moisture output settings.

Maintains humidity within a 2% range, the adjustable humidistat guarantees the best humidity for cigars. The precision humidification control allows you to quickly reach the optimum RH for your stogies which is between 68% to 72% at room temperature.

Wall-Mounted Steam Humidifier for Walk-In Humidors

Intelligent Automatic Humidifier

The Wall-Mounted Mini Mist is perfect for cigar enthusiasts who want a humidor humidifier that automatically fills itself up with water. Equipped with a direct feed system, this cigar humidifier can be fitted straight to a 1/4” flex water line for full-time automatic water delivery. No more unnecessary trips to the store to buy gallons of distilled water! Tap water contains minerals that create deposits inside the humidifier promoting mold growth. We highly recommend using an optional reverse osmosis or RO Water Filter to get rid of various contaminants from city water. This water purification system features comprehensive filtration stages to make tap water safe to use for the Mini Mist humidor humidifier.

Designed to operate with or without a reverse osmosis filtration system, the Wall-Mounted Mini Mist cigar humidifier can be filled with distilled water manually. It also features an intelligent safety shut-off function that automatically stops the humidifier from operating when the water level is low or the supply ceases.

Wall-Mounted Steam Humidifier for Walk-In Humidors

Antibacterial Cigar Humidifier

The bacteria in tap water can seep into the Mini Mist humidifier, the wooden lining of your walk-in humidor, and in your premium cigars. Once there, the bacteria will thrive and develop into mold making your stogies unsmokable and turning your cigar room into a living nightmare.

The Mini Mist cigar humidifier’s water chamber utilizes a one-of-a-kind silver ion antibacterial technology that kills these harmful microorganisms. This antibacterial property ensures that the Mini Mist humidifier only produces clean and fresh mist vapor, so you do not have to worry about damaging your premium cigars.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

Featuring a wall-mounted design, the Mini Mist cigar humidifier is space-saving and offers the flexibility of mounting it anywhere to grant comfortable control access at your desired height level. Also, this humidor humidifier comes with push-pull connectors that provide a strong locking mechanism for a simple and secure one-person installation.

The Mini Mist humidor humidifier includes a removable and washable dustproof air intake screen. This protective dust cover provides the perfect protection for the cigar humidifier’s internal components and helps prolong the service life of the unit.


Capacity Up to 1,200 cu. ft. humidors
14” W x 8” D x 21” H
Humidity Level Adjustable
Humidistat Control Yes
Automatic Water Feed Yes
RO Water Filter Optional
Spray System Yes
Power Requirement 120V

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Ask a Question
  • Hello...2 questions 1- The water must add Manually or can be automatic (from the Tap) ? 2- Please confirm dimensions and weight (with the transportation case).

    Comes with an automatic water feed system.

    Shipping box dimensions: 
    L 24"
    W 16"
    H 12"

  • what is this units daily output and how do you manually fill it?

    The total output is 1 gallon per hour. Unit has to be connected to a filtered water line and not designed to be filled in manually. If you are looking at manual fill options please contact support@yourelegantbar.com or 8885013227.

  • I have a 1200 Cubic ft Humidor inside of a wine store. The room is approximately 20 ft x 6 ft 10 ft tall. Is this humidifier too large for this size room?

    Hi, this unit will work very well in a 1200 cubic ft room. You can use this humidifier in any room from 700 cubic ft to 4000 cubic ft.