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The Remington Electronic Humidor Cabinet | 2,000 Cigars

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The Remington Temperature & Humidity Controlled Humidor by Prestige Import Group

With a built-in temperature and humidification system, the Remington Electronic Cigar Humidor Cabinet successfully blends exceptional craftsmanship with advanced climate control technology. This digital display humidor features a Spanish cedar-lined interior to prevent mold growth and heavy-duty sealed doors for the perfect cigar aging process. 

The Remington Electronic Humidor Cabinet

The Remington cabinet humidor is decorated with a collection of elegant details such as embossed wood side panels, crown molding, and a beautifully designed brass door handle. It is also constructed of the best solid wood with Cherry or Espresso finish. For a minimalist look, the Remington Lite with a Black Oak wooden surface is also available.

Houses a Growing Cigar Collection

Ideal for enthusiasts with a growing stogie collection, the Remington electric humidor accommodates up to 500 to 2,000 cigars. It stands 74 ½ inches high, 26 inches wide, and a depth of 26 inches. If a smaller size humidor works better for you, check out the Redford cigar display cabinet. But if you want to double the cigar storage capacity, we highly recommend the Reagan electric humidor.

The interior of the Remington cigar humidor cabinet consists of six drawer style shelves on metal slides for smooth opening and closing. Each shelf has three adjustable dividers for organizing individual stogies and cigar boxes. The top three shelves are set on an angle for the best viewing of your favorite cigars, while the bottom three shelves are set flat. Plus, this cabinet humidor has a removable tray with two dividers located at the very bottom for extra storage. The Remington also features a tempered glass door with de-mist capability that effectively prevents condensation from forming.

The Remington Electronic Humidor Cabinet Digital Control Panel

Easy to Set-up Climate Control

Featuring a touchscreen control panel, setting up the Remington humidor’s temperature and humidity levels is a breeze. The settings are automatically saved to memory, saving you time. Plus, the display panel icons light up to indicate when the humidor is heating, cooling, or humidifying.

The electronic humidification system comes with a removable 1/2-gallon refillable water reservoir that is hidden in the back of the humidor. It also has a built-in auxiliary fan that circulates moisture throughout the humidor cabinet. The relative humidity range is adjustable anywhere between 56% to 78% to precisely maintain the freshness of cigars. Easily configured from 41 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit, the integrated heating and cooling systems allow you to reach the ideal humidor environment whatever the climate outdoors. You can also toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit whichever you prefer.

The Remington Temperature Regulated Humidor Cabinet

Humidor with LED Lighting

Capture the attention of cigar connoisseurs with the Remington humidor’s beautiful interior lighting. The pure white LEDs illuminate your cigar collection and display them in proper lighting. Guests will surely love and notice the beauty of your expensive stash! The LED interior lighting can be controlled from the humidor cabinet’s control panel for convenience.

Offers Peace of Mind

The Remington temperature and humidity regulated humidor is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase. It also includes a lock and key set for security.

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The Remington Climate Controlled Humidor Cabinet Manual
500 to 2,000 cigars
26” W x 26” D x 74 1/2” H
Material Solid wood
Finish Cherry or Espresso
Interior Lining Spanish Cedar
Shelves 6 - Drawer style shelves on metal slides
Dividers 3 - Adjustable dividers per shelf
Trays 1 - Removable tray with 2 dividers
Temperature Control 41 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit (Adjustable)
Humidification System 56% to 78% RH (Adjustable)
Power 110V

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Tom C.
Danger to your cigars

This product is unreliable and will not maintain humidity or temperature. I have been on the phone with the manufacturer at prestige imports 3 times and they haven't been able to help. I've gotten a different answer every time. For the cost this product should do everything perfectly and instead, while pretty, it's the most unreliable cigar humidor I have ever had. I will get 40 percent humidity fluctuations at least twice and hour every hour and I have been trying to dial it in as directed for 3 weeks. I'm done.
Really disappointed

Brad A.
My first cabinet humidor

2000+ cigars and time for a larger, more reliable storage humidor! Excellent decision to buy thru Elegant Bar from price, quality of product, customer service and delivery service. Always a little trepidation having something so large delivered to a rural Colorado address, but I was giddy two weeks ago when my first cabinet humidor arrived in between snowstorms. It was packed perfectly to protect my investment. After patiently waiting a week for seasoning of my new humidor, I began slowly introducing my large cigar inventory into this baby. I am very happy with my purchase, but fully acknowledge the responsibility of periodic monitoring and care in order for this to be my primary storage vault for my precious cigar collection. Next venture will be building a walk-in humidor with the assistance of Elegant Bar. No humidor is perfect, but mine is because I realize I can overcome any shortcomings by ingenuity, care, accessories and personal modifications that are needed. I am extremely satisfied and looking forward to having it for my pleasure during this new year! Smoking with BBQ Brad!

Jeremy F.
Not worth the money

The unit is beautiful on the outside but the internal design sucks. There is only one fan at the bottom with an open water resevoir. So the humidty is never even throughout the cabinet. The bottom of the cabinet sits around 70% rh with the open water resevoir and one fan that only turns on when the compressor turns on to cool or when the humidy is low. The top of my cabinet sits around 65% with one internal sensor in the middle of the 7 no matter what you adjust the settings to it's never spot on. There really should be circulating fans in this cabinet in more than one place. I contacted Elegant Bar customer service and was told that "some customer's have added extra fans". So I spent over $3,000 only to have to make my own improvments to this unit and spend even more money??? I am sorry that is crap. Not satisified with this purchase at all for the money I have spent only to be told by customer service that I could add fans. Lastly, god forbid the heater comes on....the top of my cabinet got to 77 degress when it did. Shipping this back would cost me another small fortune since I would have to pay for shipping and a restocking fee per Elegant Bar. I would not recommend this unit. Also was not thrilled with Elegant Bar customer service. I suggested that they quit selling this unit until the design is improved.

Jovica S.
Horrible Control

What a disappointment! If you bought this thing cancel the order!! Otherwise move on...dont waste your money and add to your frustration and stress . This product is not designed by engineers. Here are the facts. (1) After 2 months of ownership, I've had to restart this thing a dozen times because control is so erratic that it over humidifies and then overcools to the point where cigars are at 45F and humidity is above 75% depending on where it is measured. It just keeps cycling, endlessly. (2) there is easily a 10% difference in humidity from top to bottom--temperature is generally OK top to bottom (at around 60-70F) unless it is super cold and the cold air sinks. I have a xicar on every shelf and I shuffle them to make sure they aren't flaky too--The humidor is horrible at establishing an equilibrium. (3) there seems to be no actual recirculation fans moving air around. There are fans but they only turn on to humidify -- and there is a humming somewhere in the back that suggests something blowing but hardly perceptible. (3) The humidity control is some tiny little PCB embedded in the wall on the middle shelf--horrible location--represents nothing fairly and is super slow to adjust either manually (when I'm trying to calibrate) or from a detection point of view - its just garbage. (4) The manual looks to be a google translation from God knows what language. Nothing useful--I tried everything it suggested to no avail. (5) No real direction on how much distilled water to add. The manual says add water--so you add a reasonable amount (100ml) -- about 1/8 inch at bottom of fan tray. Customer support says remove the water and add just a little bit--what does that mean ??--why is there too much water when it shouldn't matter as long as the controller is acting in a controlled way? I cannot be squirting water in (with the hand-dandy included squirt bottle) manually everytime I see humidity dropping --its stupid and defeats the purpose of having automatic control. (6) Even with customer support--I doubt anything they recommended is really going help--its a minor change from what's already in the manual--and removing water from the humidifier tray will certainly lower humidity--but it wont help with running the machine automatically like it is supposed to do. (7) I would return this thing if I could --even the prospect of getting $3000 refund its not worth shipping it back--it'll cost a fortune. . My best bet is to turn it all off and put Boveda packs in it and allow my home aircon to keep it at a good temp...maybe add some fans inside to actual recirculate air (no provision for power so need to find a way to do that). I'm really disappointed--I waited a year for this thing-planned on moving my primo cigars into it and now I'm stuck with an upright coffin--just dead weight in my livingroom. What a piece of junk and a waste of my time anticipating that I'll finally have something nice.

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Ask a Question
  • Is the Remington available with 220v? Do u ship to APO address to the military?

    Unfortunately, Remington does not come in 220V. And we only ship to US & Canada.

  • What does it weigh?

    230 lbs

  • Is there a white glove service? And what does that include?

    White Glove service can only be provided to clients local to Deerfield Beach, FL. Outside of FL it is a standard call to schedule delievry. The delivery is standard door to door service. Carrier will not bring it inside the property.

  • Just installed my Remington 2000 (added distilled water to reservoir and plugged in unit. How long before I am able to place cigars inside the humidor? Also what is the ideal temperature and humidity reading on this unit?

    Make sure you follow the instructions in the manual. Set the temp and humidity at around 68-70 degree and 68% RH. Add water slowly to the reservoir and monitor the change in humidity. When you see the humidity being stable around the set value that is when you are ready to place the cigars in the humidor.

  • Does this humidor have a lock

    Yes, it is included.