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Temperature Controlled Humidor System by Prestige Import Group

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 Applies to  Redford, Remington & Reagan Humidor by Prestige Imports

Climate Controlled Cigar Humidor Cabinet

Instruction Manual



  1. Important Safety Instructions
  2. Product Set Up
  3. Touch Panel Operation
  4. Display and Storage
  5. Routine Maintenance
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Technical Characteristics


  1. Important Safety Instructions


Dear Customer:

Congratulations on the purchase of your Prestige Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet. To get the best performance out your humidor, please carefully review this operating manual.



Please insure the following points are covered before using the humidor:

1)   Read this manual carefully before starting the unit.

2)     Check the voltage to make sure that the cabinet is compatible with your household electricity supply. (Designed to run on 110/120v)

3)     To avoid damage, avoid storing sharp or metal objects inside or on top of the cabinet.

4)     When cleaning or working with water or any other fluids inside or around the cabinet, always ensure the unit is unplugged.

5)     Do not unplug the unit by pulling on the cord. Grasp the plug firmly and pull it out of the wall socket or power receptacle.

6)      This unit is designed to operate indoors and should never be operated in an outdoor environment.

7)   Keep the power cord away from objects that produce heat.

8)      Keep the humidor and power cord away from household heating units or other heat producing objects. Maintain a minimum ventilation space of 2 inches around the cabinet at all times.

9)   Do not put combustible items in the unit at any time.

10)    Never allow children to operate, play with or crawl inside the cigar cabinet.


11)    Refrain from setting water or fluids on top of the unit. 
Accidental spills can saturate and damage the touch screen and control module.

12)    Do not stop and re-start the unit frequently.  To avoid compressor damage, it is best to wait 5 minutes between each re-start.


Always observe basic precautions when using the cabinet.

  1. a) If the power cord does not work or is damaged it should only be replaced by a qualified electrician.
  2. b) Operate in a well ventilated room. Do not obstruct internal components inside the cabinet such as: the humidification system, auxiliary fan or water reservoir.  Insure cabinet has sufficient breathing room (at least 2 inches of space) to allow compressor and heater systems to breathe.
  3. c) Do not store other mechanical or electrical devices in your cabinet.
  4. d) Do not use other mechanical equipment, tools or devices to manipulate temperature or humidity levels.
  5. e) If you need to move the unit, avoid tilting it at an angle more than 45 °.



  1. Product Set Up

Please run through the following steps to insure your cabinet is ready for use:

1)         Always keep cabinet in an upright position on a level surface

2)         Avoid tilting, shaking or jarring the unit.

3)         Check that the electricity supply is compatible with the unit and socket. This unit is designed for use on 110/120v only.
4)         Plug the unit in and turn it on only after reviewing the remainder of this manual.
5)  Water Tank Reservoir: The reservoir is located at bottom of the cabinet’s interior behind the removable tray.  There is a water fill spout at the front of the reservoir.  The reservoir includes cover plates that can be used to cover the left and right sides of the tank. When loading or remove cigars, these covers can stay in place to prevent cigars, debris or other items from falling into the water.  They can also be kept in place to cover the tank to reduce humidity levels as needed.  However, it is recommended that that these covers are removed during normal operation. The water tank holds approximately a 1/2 gallon of water.  Avoid topping off the tank to its maximum fill level from the start.  Instead, it is best to add water in small amounts as you go until you achieve the perfect balance of humidity.  It is recommended that only distilled water be used in the tank for best results.  For your convenience, the tank can be removed for servicing/cleaning.  Simply disconnect the humidification fan wire harness and lift up on the tank to disengage from the inside wall.

6)         Before loading your cigars, leave the cabinet running for at least 2 hours or until your desired temperature and humidity levels are reached.


  1. Touch Panel Operation
  • Unit Power Button (ON/OFF)
  • Interior Accent Light Button (ON/OFF)
  • Press the Button to toggle between °F & °C
  • To Set Temperature: Press the The current temperature display will begin to flash.
  • Press or  to adjust the temperature setting up or down.
  • Pressonce again to save your set temperature. The temperature value will also save itself if no other button action is detected within 5 seconds.
  • After the temperature is set, the value will stop blinking. The panel will then display the actual temperature detected inside cabinet. The cooling and heating systems will then activate to adjust the interior to your set temperature.
  • Temperature Range: 41-71.5 °F (5-22 °C)
  • To Set Humidity: Press the The current humidity display will begin to flash.
  • Press or  to adjust the relative humidity setting up or down.
  • Pressonce again to save your set humidity. The humidity value will also save itself if no other button action is detected within 5 seconds.
  • After the humidity is set, the value will stop blinking. The panel will then display the actual humidity level detected inside cabinet. The humidification system will then activate to adjust the interior to your pre-set humidity.
  • Relative Humidity Range: 56% - 78%

Cooling & Heating Systems: When the inside temperature is 3-4° higher or lower than the pre-set temperature, the heating


or cooling systems will activate to adjust the temperature accordingly. When the cooling system is active the GREEN
LED will illuminate.  When the heating system is active the RED LED will illuminate.


Humidification System: When the cabinet’s relative humidity is 4% higher or lower than the pre-set humidity level, the AMBER LED will illuminate on the display panel and the humidification system will activate to adjust the humidity accordingly.


  • Demist Button (ON/OFF)

Turn this feature ON, if you find the glass door is developing a build-up of condensation. The Demist feature engages a heating element within the glass to match the glass temperature to the outside temperature. This process helps eliminate the mist that may appear on the glass in certain environments.  The Demist LED will illuminate when activated.


  • The ideal temperature for cigars is 63-70°F (18-22°C)
  • The optimum humidity for cigars is 62-72%


Calibrating the Hygrometer/Humidity Sensor: Your cabinet is equipped with a humidity sensor built-in to the left interior side wall about half way up front the base of the unit. The sensor is recessed into a small opening measuring approximately 2.0 x 1.5 inches in size and is intentionally left open for improved accuracy. This sensor is responsible for displaying the relative humidity value on the digital display panel. NOTE: Only calibrate the sensor if the displayed humidity value is incorrect or if it does not match the reading of an accurate 3rd party digital hygrometer.  Calibrating the sensor will NOT ADD moisture or DRY OUT the interior of your cabinet!  This step should only be taken to “program and set” the panel to show your desired humidity value. *If the humidity/moisture level is too high or low within your enclosure, do not proceed with this calibration step and instead refer to Section 6 “Troubleshooting”.


To calibrate, the sensor board will need to be carefully removed from the wall with a Phillips screw driver. Pull the small sensor board toward you for easier access and at the same time exercise care as the sensor is attached by two wires.  These wires will remain attached during the calibration process.  With the cabinet powered on (calibration cannot be done with the unit powered off) hold the board by its edge and locate the small blue box situated on the board (power to the board is only 12 volts and can be handled while the unit is running).  A tiny calibration screw is located on the edge of the box.


With a precision screwdriver and with the screw facing up, turn the screw CLOCKWISE to increase the numeric value and COUNTER CLOCKWISE to decrease the numeric value.   After the adjustment, close the cabinet door and please allow up to 10 minutes for the display to reflect the changes.  Continue to adjust as needed.  You may need to turn the calibration screw multiple rotations across multiple instances to get numbers to move enough to see a change reflected on the display.  Reattach sensor board once desired value reached.


NOTE: Due to the natural moisture given off by your skin, humidity values may surge upward when your hand is close to the sensor board. Levels will stabilize in a minute or two after your hand is pulled away.  Deviations between hygrometer readings are normal and it is very difficult to perfectly match the humidity value from one device to another.  When calibrating or setting your humidity and temperature numbers, the idea is to get the cabinet dialed in to the best balance of temperature, and humidity along with the reservoir water level so that your climate is in acceptable range.  There isn’t a perfect rule.  Although we would like to use the values on the humidity and temperature display as the rule, these numbers are just arbitrary and should only be used as a guide.   Bottom line, it all comes down to how your cigar smokes and feels.  Once you find the settings that keep your cigars the way you want them, those are the settings you should lock in and stay with.


*All electronic cabinets will require some configuration and set up due to variances in environment and personal preferences.



  1. Display and Storage:


  • Keep in mind the humidity tends to be a bit higher in the upper section of the humidor. Lower humidity is more suitable for storing individual cigars or for cigars that are ready to smoke.
  • The lower portions of the cabinet are more suitable for long term cigar storage or for cigars in boxes.
  • In order to facilitate ample air circulation, avoid setting cigar boxes on top of the auxiliary fan unit (humidification system) OR on top of the water tank reservoir.



  1. Routine Maintenance


  • Clean any dust accumulated on the condenser (metal piping grid on the back of the cooler) twice a year.
  • Use a brush, dry cloth or blower to clean. Do not use water.
  • Do not pour water directly on the cedar shelves when cleaning the inside of the cabinet.


  • Remove your cigars, power off the cabinet and unplug it when cleaning the inside of your humidor. Perform this task once per year.


  • Use a damp cloth (not dripping wet) with distilled water to clean the interior walls and cedar shelving. Avoid direct contact with the humidity sensor built into the left inside wall of your cabinet (the sensor is visible through a small 1-2 inch opening on the side wall). Clean carefully around the water tank and

    humidification system components.
  • Again, do not pour the water directly on the shelves when cleaning inside cabinet.


  1. Troubleshooting


Non Refrigeration:

1) Check the power to the unit

2) Make sure that the humidor is plugged in and turned on and that fuses and circuit breakers in the building are all in working condition.

3) If the power is on and system is still not cooling, wait 5 minutes as the compressor may be in sleep mode.


   Noisy Running Conditions:


  • Check that the unit is level and sitting squarely on all 4 feet.
  • Remove all items from the top or against the unit to avoid any vibration.


   Compressor Runs Continuously (Cooling System):

  • Put your hand on the condenser (metal grid on the back of your cigar cabinet). If you feel it cold to the touch, please contact your dealer.


  • If the condenser is hot, adjust the temperature to the warmest

    setting to ensure that the refrigeration dis-engages (snow flake icon should disappear from the screen). If the compressor still runs, power the unit off and remove the plug from the outlet and contact your dealer for assistance.


Cooling Trouble or Inaccuracy:

  • Temperature setting too warm. Lower value to a cooler temp.
  • Environment temp too high or poor air-flow around cabinet.
  • Check if the unit has been opened and shut numerous times.
  • Door seal is damaged.



Excessive or Deficient Humidity or Moisture Level:



  • If Humidity level too high: Lower the humidity value to a drier setting, lower the water level in the tank (or remove the water
    completely), apply water tank cover plates, lower the interior temperature (this activates the compressor which strips moisture from the humidor). You can safely lower temperature into the low 60 degree range without causing damage to your cigars.
  • If Humidity level too low: Raise the humidity value to a higher setting, increase the water level in the tank, remove water tank cover plates, raise the interior temperature. You can increase temperature to as high as 71.5 degrees to help raise moisture levels within your cabinet.


  • Outside room temperature where cabinet is stored is too high/low or poor air-flow around cabinet.
  • Check if the unit has been opened and shut numerous times.
  • Door seal is damaged.


  Your Cabinet should be only repaired by a licensed electrician or refrigeration mechanic. If the unit still fails to run properly, turn it off, unplug the unit and call your dealer for assistance.




  • The surface of the cabinet (especially the glass door) may develop some frost build-up if the unit is operated in a damp room. This is caused by moisture in the room. If this occurs, simply wipe it away with a dry cloth.
  • Sound coming from the compressor (cooling system) when it starts or stops running is normal.
  • A rattling noise may come from the flow of the refrigerant. This is also normal.
  • As each cycle ends, you may hear gurgling sounds caused by the flow of refrigerant in your cigar cabinet.
  • Condensation build-up inside the cabinet: This occurs if the humidity inside the cabinet is high or if the compressor has been running for some time. It can also occur if the door of the humidor has been left open for a long period of time or if it has been opened frequently.  If this occurs, wipe down the door and walls of the cabinet and then close the door for at least 24 hours.




  1. Technical Characteristics





Voltage Rating

Rated Current













































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Good product for the price, would recommend.


This is not the first and will definitely not be the last time I purchase humidors from this grade A company. I love all 3 of my cabinets that I ordered from these guys and I can’t get enough compliments from my customers about how fresh they keep my cigars!!

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