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Air Purifier for Commercial Kitchen - LA2-RC2 -Kitchen

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Air Purifier for Commercial Kitchen -  LA2-RC2 -Kitchen 

LA2-RC2 -Kitchen is an air purifier for commercial kitchens. . This is a great unit for any commercial kitchen. It can take the place of a hood that exhausts to the outside.  It  is 1200 CFM and provides 8 air changes per hour in a 1000 square feet area which makes it perfectly suitable for commercial kitchens i.e., in restaurants and hotels etc. This unit significantly improves the air quality where there is smoke, air-suspended oil droplets and odors.

This commercial kitchen air cleaner has 4 filters of the total 3 of which are washable and can be washed in the dishwasher if the dishwasher is aluminum-safe. All you need is hot soapy water to clean the dirt off of the filters. It recommended to wash the filters every 2-6 weeks. MERV-2 pre-filter may last for 1-2 years, electrostatic filter lasts up to 15 years or may be more and the grease filter should last for years.

The LA2-RC2 -Kitchen commercial kitchen purifier model has four filters: aluminum pre-filter, grease Baffle filter, electrostatic filter and 3-chamber activated charcoal filter.

  • Pre-Filter

The pre-filter is a MERV-2  aluminum mesh filter, is washable and will last more than a year. This filter removes large-sized dirt particles from the air and ensures the final released air will be fresh and clean

MERV-2 Aluminum Pre-filter in LA2-RC2-kitchen commercial kitchen air purifier

  • Grease Baffle Filter

Grease filter catches air-suspended oil droplets and grease from the air efficiently. These filters are washable. If washed regularly and with care then it can last for many years.

Grease Baffle filter in LA2-RC2-kitchen commercial kitchen air purifier

  • Electrostatic Cell

Electrostatic cell removes maximum impurity from the air in a single pass from the commercial kitchen. It is designed to trap up to 97% of dirt and smoke particles to a size of 0.1 micron. When electrostatic cell used in combination with carbon filters there is zero ozone emission. The electrostatic filters are easily removable and are washable.

Electrostatic filter in LA2-RC2-kitchen commercial kitchen air purifier

  • 3-Chamber Activated Charcoal Filter

This is the final filter in Air Purifier for Commercial Kitchen - LA2-RC2 -Kitchen. It contains 2.5 pound of activated charcoal. Air drawn throw activated carbon chamber removes maximum odors. It helps in the absorption/removal of gases and odors.

Carbon Filter in LA2-RC2-kitchen commercial kitchen air purifier

Dual Blower in 1200 CFM Commercial Kitchen Air Purifier

The commercial kitchen air purifier has 2 X 830 CFM high capacity German blowers. Every minute these 2 blowers exhaust out 1200 cubic meter of air out of your commercial kitchen. Which provide 8 air changes in a 800 square feet area in one hour. These blowers have the life of 60,000 hours (approx. 7 years) of non-stop operation.


This unit is eco-friendly. The whole body is made up of steel which makes it a sturdy model. All parts are made in USA. Life expectancy of this unit is up to 15 years.

Blower  Dual 2 x 830 CFM (high capacity)


1200 CFM

Filter 1

MERV-2 Aluminum Pre-Filter (meshed)r

Filter 2

Grease Baffle Filter

Filter 3 Electrostatic Filter 97% Efficient

Filter 4

3-Chamber Carbon Filter

Sound Level

40-69 dB(A) @ 15 feet


7-year Limited

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