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I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT USING THIS COMPANY! I ordered this wine cellar from this company and was told it would be delivered in 5-7 business days. it has been about a month and I had yet to receive the refrigerator. I was given incorrect tracking numbers and had to actually call the distributors myself to get the correct number. While talking with the distributor they informed me that it is 5-7 business days from the time it gets sent to the local distributor. That was very deceiving. I was then given a chance to review the product at the 20 day mark. However is still hadn't received the product yet. I wrote the information above and posted it. They did contact me by email to inform me that it would be delivered in a couple of days. My review of 1 STAR with the explanation was actually removed from their website. My refrigerator finally came this morning and it was broken. The coil elements were falling off the back or the refrigerator and the cord had been "chewed" through, so I refused the product at delivery. When I called them and asked for a full refund for my troubles, I was told he would get them to send another. I informed them I did not want to wait another month and would just like my money and I was told he would get back to me on my options. I am still waiting to here about my options.

Nice addition

I have this one in my office at work. It keeps my daily smokes and few quality ones for special occasions. I open it often and it keeps perfect humidity. It looks nice on my shelf and I get comments on it alot. If you are a novice and want a humidor that requires not alot of upkeep this is perfect.

Great Service

I was on a tight time table and phoned The Elegant Bar directly . They were able to make sure the product was available and had my order expedited . I would definitely recommend and would also purchase again from this company.

Custom Model 1000 - Made in the States!

From custom sizing (we wanted bigger than the standard 1000, but not as big as the 2000), to custom structure, to wood choices, Ben was fantastic. The planing and designing was easy and absolutely no pressure, even though I took weeks of thought. The 5 to 6 week estimate of time to build and deliver was spot on. The crating of the humidor was far beyond what we expected - it arrive perfectly, timely, not a mark on it, and ready to use. Within 20 minutes of removing the massive crate we were putting our collection in the beautiful new Humidor. We are generally leary of ordering something of this nature (size, custom built, spending) especially over the phone/internet - without touching and seeing it first, and visiting with the seller - Ben has changed our view - over the phone worked perfectly. We thank you for all your efforts and we look forward to years of enjoyment. Thanks, Kelly and Mike

As expected and better

After searching the web and online stores, I found The Elegant Bar to have the best price and accessory additions too.
I was worried it wasn't sealed well based on the other comments and found that the door and frame are recessed and all is good!
So, it seems to seal perfectly on its own and hold the humidity just fine. If its not a perfect seal, you can read how easy it is to remedy that based on the way it's built.
I bought the Humidi-Fresh Electronic Humidifier as part of my purchase.
It works great although a bit noisier than I expected. Since it's designed for much bigger humidors, it has zero problem
keeping this humidor at the temperature and humidity I want it at.
I bought the HygroSet - Rectangle Digital Hygrometer too, but I felt I needed one on the top shelf as well as the bottom... so I bought another to cover both. That way if they are different for any length of time, I can rotate shelves on occasion to compensate.
The Tower itself does hold a lot of cigars, but you have to pile a lot on top of each other to get any significant number of them in there.
I personally had way more cigars than I thought and realized I needed another shelf which I bought online and added. I am a cigar hoarder and can't stop buying! lol I still haver several boxes unopened!
My suggestion is to buy the humidor, follow the set up and humidification preparations for your cigars, add your cigars and then decide if you need another self.
Would I suggest this humidor? Yes.
It is a big piece of furniture, very heavy and built well. Be sure to measure and make sure you have a place for it!
The humidor is packed very well, it's very heavy and don't expect the delivery truck driver to help you from the street. I had my own dolly and luckily the driver helped me get it inside my front door!
Also, I put the humidor together by myself which might not have been the smartest thing to do, but I did it and luckily nothing bad happened! lol I wouldn't suggest doing that!...